3 simple rules as of now:

1. No Hotlinking.
I'm very insistent on this rule. Its the MOST IMPORTANT Rule of DBSKer and must be taken seriously. My contributors and I use loads of our limited internet time just to upload these files for you. It would really be nasty of you to just post our links elsewhere. I will be very upset if you do so.

2. Taking out stuff out of DBSKer.
I don't have a rule against taking any clips/songs/videos/lyrics out of DBSKer. If you wanna upload/post them anywhere, etc., feel free to do so. But try not to misuse this freedom by causing trouble for us. One more thing is, please don't take out tags like [badstar] or [tvfxqforever] or [GOE;SS] because that would amount to stealing. Also, please CREDIT FULLY if you take out lyrics. If it says you need to ask permission, please do. Don't get me in trouble.

3. A word of thanks + credit.
Downloads and lyrics taken out should credit DBSKer. Same reason as in Rule 1, a lot of time was spent doing it. So we would really appreciate some credit or a word of thanks. Also don't forget to check the credits post to see who provided the files and thank them appropriately too.

ADDITIONAL RULES by GOE;SS (Applicable to GOE;SS Files)
1. English hardsubbed videos SHOULD NOT be redistributed on other Clubbox, YouTube, Veoh, Dailymotion, Crunchyroll, Mazooki, etc.
Only the STAFF have the right to do this.
2. English softsubs can only be used for your own hardsubbing and when it will be translated to another language (Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Viet, etc.) provided that you will give FULL and PROPER credits to the GOE;SS and you have asked the permissions of the administrators Sanbi and badstar (PM them on soompi).
3. All files should not be renamed in any way.

Note: for Lyrics by Krissy/system_chaos/kroongho @ LJ. The note below applies.


Click HERE to ask Krissy.


Q: Megaupload links that display "All download slots assigned to your country ( __ ) are in use".
The easiest solution for this is to download the Megaupload Toolbar as recommended by the site. With the toolbar, you're assured of a download slot.

Q: "Download limit exceeded" message for Megaupload links.
Megaupload only allows one download at a time if you don't have a Premium Account. I just stumbled on this website from one of the forums that helps you generate a premium link. Just register an account first. Then you can copy the URL and paste it in the box given. Then it'll generate a code for you to download. It also works if you don't have the Megaupload Toolbar. This I hope will solve all your MU download queries.

Q: Filefront links just bring me to the main page on
This means the upload has been deleted by filefront. ARGH. Just let me know which file either by emailing or drop a comment in the download post. I'll re-upload the file if I still have it.

Q: What are those files that are named .001, .002, etc and how can they be played? OR; Why can my player only play Part 1 of the clip but not Part 2?
These are files split with HJSplit as they were too large to upload because the filehost does not support such huge files. Just download HJSplit, open the program, select "Join" and then browse for the input file which should be the file that ends with .001. HJSplit will automatically seach for the other files in sequence and join them together. The result will be a full and complete file without any .001 at the end. You may delete the unjoined files and keep the new joined file.

Q: When I play a file there's no visual or no audio. Why does this happen?
Okay.. My guess is you're either not using the appropriate program to play the media files or you don't have the codec to play the files. I'm using Storm Codec or K-Lite Codec Pack (Standard) which should take care of all possible media file types. I recommend you use Media Player Classic (included with the above download pack) that plays your file. You can right click on the video and select "Play with Media Player Classic" or "Open With..", then select Media Player Classic. If this doesn't solve your problem. Then it is beyond me to help you further. Maybe you should try the Tech Discussion Threads at various forums.

If anyone wants to correct me on anything here, do feel free to drop a comment. I'm not exactly an expert in these stuffs. But that's what I know of it from my limited knowledge. With that said, Happy viewing!

Q: What's the difference between softsubs and hardsubs? How do I used them?
Hardsubbed videos have the subtitles attached to the video itself. Therefore, the subtitles comes with the video itself. Softsubs on the other hand are separate subtitle files that operate together with the unsubbed/raw video file. The softsubs usually have the extensions .srt, .ssa, etc. (E.g Offshot

To play the softsubs, you will need the unsubbed/raw video. Firstly, put both the subtitle file and the video file in the same folder. Rename both files so that they have the same name.

Offshot movie.avi
Once this is done. Just double click on the video file. Media player classic would automatically play the softsubs together with the video. If it doesn't work, it might be a codec problem. I can't warrant for that. But I use Storm Codec. It should support any type of video format you may want to play.

Q: "This video is no longer available" message for embedded videos and "This user/account has been suspended" when clicking links.
This means that youtube has probably suspended the user that uploaded the video. Similarly, email or drop a comment in the post itself and if I can find an alternative, I will replace it.

Additional Info:
When POSTING COMMENTS, do select the "Other" option and enter your name. Although there is a column that requires you to fill in you Webpage URL, this is optional and not necessary. You may leave this column blank. This is because I noticed many of you posted your comments using the "Anonymous" option and left your name at the end instead. So do use the "Other" option unless you intend to remain anonymous. Other than that, thanks for your comments! They are totally appreciated.

That's all for now. Will add on later when I think of more or as questions pop up.


nicke~ said...

hai.thanks ,, it helps

Anonymous said...

Hi..about the megaupload links, i did what you said but in the end it didnt work even if i waited or if i did it later or if i used another computer it would say "Internet Explorer was not able to open this Internet site. The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found. Please try again later." What would that mean? Or what can i do?

Other than that the rest are great, thanks it really is a great help =)

DBSKer said...

Hmm...Then I really dunno what the problem is.. I'm not that techy myself. So maybe some tech sites may be able to help. Sorry >.<

winx said...

thanx for helping me ^.^
dat was fast and its really work.
neway, dis blog is really COOL.


Vickie said...

Hello, I just want to say up front that I thank you for all your hard work.

I just have one problem...some files are saved as a .001, .002. or .003 file. Not .avi. So I cant play them on any of my players. I tried changing the name to .avi but it still read it as an unknown file. What should I do?

Again, thank you for uploading the clips.

DBSKer said...

Oh yeah.. I haven't posted a tut for that. You need to join those files with HJ Split. You can get HJ Split here:

I'll try to post a tut in this post later if you're still having problems using the program.

Kelley said...

i'm kind of computer illiterate so can ou help? xD
ok the problem is i can't find the music video i just downloaded i know i downloaded it into windows media player but i can't find it, i just want to take the file and put it in my ipod but i cant even find the file! xP sorry thanks for the help

Anonymous said...

thanx so much for the files,
but for some reason when i tried to watch he dbsk jiwhaza there was no sound.

DBSKer said...

I use Media Player Classic that comes with Storm codec. I've given a link where you can download this codec in the Download post. So do use this codec and your problem should be solved.

Try using the "search" function that comes with windows. Type in the filename/keyword and it should locate the file for you. In future, try choosing the location of the file before saving to common places such at My Documents or Desktop so that you can locate them after you download.

Kelley said...

ohhh thankss! ^_^

Anonymous said...

hey lynn!!! love the banner... haven visited here in about 5-7 days.. so when im back to read the updates.. i was swamped wif good feelings... thank u so much!! LOVE DBSK! LOVE YA!

Maura^^ said...

great job...!
thank's a bunch for all that u've given us from your site..

but, unfortunately,
i have many troubles bout downloading big files(for dramas actually)

could u please upload it somewhere else where we can get it more easier?

please, n thx b4^^

Anonymous said...

Hello, what do you use to play your GOESS files with? Like if it is one video, but it is splitted into 3 parts. I can only play the first one and not the other 2. why is that?

DBSKer said...

I've provided the tutorial above. Its under files that are named .001, .002. You need HJ Split to join those files. The link is provided above as well.

Anonymous said...

OMG. THANK YOU!! because i have HJsplit i just didnt know you had to rename the GOE files. thanks again!!<3

Anonymous said...

hello there, its nice of you to post up songs for people to download. but the songs are copyright. its not very wise of you to allow people to download it. its consider piracy. its like not helping TVXQ to sell their albums,i mean if you really want to help, i would rather you post their songs up just for listening, and not downloading.

I hope you will take this matter seriously, its very wrong to allow people to do this, if you love our Dong Bang boys, then please stop this asap. instead, post songs up just to allow readers to listen and if they like it, they will buy it.

thank you.

i'm too a die hard fans of theirs.

gd day.

Issa said...

Hi DBSKer!!!

I am having a problem with megaupload...

I CAN'T DOWNLOAD THE TOOL BAR... I am a mac user... >_<,

Is there another way I can download your files?? TT-TT

Ajay said...

Hey DBSKer.

Fisrt off, thank you so much, your site is the BEST!

Here's the thing. I'm having trouble getting the file dangerous love 001.
When i click it, it goes to mediafire but when i try to download it, it says - Cannot find " - Dangerous Love.avi.001"
I've already downloaded 002 and 003 and they were fine.
I tried Megaupload but it goes extremely slow!

What can be done? Please Help!
Again thank you SO much!!

DBSKer said...

I checked the link. It seems fine.. But anyway, you could try to copy paste this link. Don't know if it'll work.

DBSKer said...

I checked the link. It seems fine.. But anyway, you could try to copy paste this link. Don't know if it'll work.

Ajay said...

yeah, i tried again, turns out it was fine. haha. so sorry for the trouble!

i was wondering. is there any other way to download the files other than using megaupload.
i've installed it and everything, but the downloads always stop at a certain point and it wont continue.

thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Can the videos be put on an ipod nano or ipod touch??

jecca said...

hi there :) I'm trying to download mp3s, but a pop up window comes out and says i can't download, "no such interface supported."


sleepy said...

great collection for someone who just started liking dbsk in 2006...aha, ummm, i was downloading the vacation drama an' the link for chapter2 beautiful life doesn't work. when i click the ready for download link, it won't let me download...the screen to play it pops up, but no download thing...sorry, it's confusing...

Anonymous said...

Hii.. do u kno HJSpilt is it trustworthy?

zurui chibi said...

Hi, I have a teeny tiny problem XD

THose HJSplit files. THe first file seems to be .avi or some other NORMAL file.. xD ANd the next ones are suddenly 002 and 003 and so on. But for me to join the files with HJSplit I need the first part that should end with 001 But it doesn't end with 001. >.<

Am I doing something wrong? XD

Thank you in advance!


Daisuke4288 said...

so i'm guessing the "exceeded" stuff for Megaupload works with 4shared too? i posted the link to the song "All in Vain" for someone while referencing this site and she says it's exceeded or something..?

Anonymous said...

Noo!!! haha i downloaded the file with soft subs, without the "RAW" one. i tried to play it but it cant.. so i delete it TT.TT Then!! i found the way to make it work here..haha xD Now i need to wait again..^^

No biggie xD great job!!

Anonymous said...

hi..sorry to cause any trouble, but to play the soft subs with the raw file must you need the media player classic? cause i downloaded the storm codec thing but it does not seem to be working...

whe you said rename the file do you mean one file must be:Offshot movie.avi and the other:Offshot both must be the same e.g offshot movie.avi?


Anonymous said...

thank you so much for your songs
i know it might be easy for us to download these files but i know its hard to upload it for you guys
so.. thanx (>.<)

if you guys didnt make this site i have no idea how to get these cool songs

thank you

~*~ Gem ~*~ said...

thank you soooo much for all your efforts!! you are such a great person!

I have been coming here 2 check up on the latest on my boys and downloading thier stuff for months now ^^. Love this site!!

I recently downloaded the storm codec and what ended up happening is that a few MV's were flipped upside down and it's the mirror image. Is there a way to fix this??


Jel said...


The file O Jung Ban Hap - Version D [DVD]
3rd Album Showcase Uncut Version {GOE-SS} with an MU link of:

shows an error msg which says:

The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable.

If you have the time, kindly re-upload :):):)

- jelmin <3

Anonymous said...

hi!!!i wanna ask something...urrmmm...what is hotlink??i don't understand...

reverie said...

first of all....thank you for your hard effort
Me and my friends were tracking down DBSK files when we found your sites.
We were very grateful to you.

My question for your is, how do we download from filefront?
Already joined but could figure out how to locate the files in your list


danielle said...

hi there!

firstly.. thank you SO much for everything. i mean this website is my LIFE. haha. i've always downloaded my songs from here... and thank goodness for you guys.

secondly... i'm just wondering if it's possible for you to put up mvs on 4shared? because i've got a mac... and i can't download from megaupload. (also because i have no idea how to use megaupload) haha.

well that's all. haha. thanks again! (x

Anonymous said...

i did what u said and downloaded HJSplit, joined the 001 n 002 file why won't play? =(

PS I am forever grateful that there is awesome site like yours
you're Malaysian?? What? WOW!!!! now i love u even more XD

Anonymous said...

help pls...HELP
i downloaded Jiwhaza Episode 3 but the softsubs won't work...i alrdy renamed them like u said...=(=(

yani said...

hi Lynn...thanks so much for all these downloads. i have one question regarding the softsubs. i'm trying to save the videos i downloaded onto blank dvds since my computer is running outta space. now if i put the softsubs with the video in a dvd, will the subs work when i play the video on the dvd player? Please let me know..thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi, thank you so much for all the downloads you posted! They're great! I really appreciate that you spent your time sharing videos with everyone.

I just have a problem with the XMan Special DBSK epi152. I've downloaded all the parts and joined together pt .001 and .002 with HJSplit. But HJSplit won't let me join together pt .003 and pt .004. I've looked through past comments and the rules and FAQ and I haven't been able to figure out how to connect the remaining parts. I'm also unable to watch pt .003 and .004 of XMan ep52 though I downloaded Storm Codec.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have a question/something to inform you. The softsubs for the Doushite Drama Ver PV by {checkerzelda} isn't subbed right. For some reason, it sometimes repeats the previous line again in the next line >.< I opened the .srt and that's what I see. Can you guys please fix this? And let me know as soon as you did @ my LJ? Thank you!

Mikomi said...

I have similar problem like the others especially the softsubs.I've look through what you've recomend but its not working even with storm codec.

Anonymous said...

hello..thanks for all ur hardwork. ur site is really cool..
i hav a problem..
i know that megaupload only allowto donwnload one file at once if u only hav common account..

and u suggest about the getright download manager..

my question is..
is it means that,eventhough i hav common account i still can download more than one and much faster?


how does it work coz i hav tried and it didn't work..

Anonymous said...

Hey there, I love this site to pieces!! Thank you for all your hard work.

If it's alright, I'd like to post the lyrics to my LJ comm.
I will definately credit.

Anonymous said...

first i want to thank you for uploading these links for us to download
but i have some problem downloading some video
like the
*rising sun [korean]
*my little princess
*doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattan darou?
*lovin' you
*anyband cf
*loveletter cuts
*070801 MNet No Cut Story - KM Idol World (TVXQ Cuts)
and a lot more won't work for me
it keep saving it as a video clip instead of window media player
is something wrong with the link or is it my computer?

Christine said...

hello..thanks for the download links :)))
but i have one problem..
i'm downloading [DVD] 3rd Live Tour ~ T but i seem to have problem dl the 003 part...cos after finishing downloading it, it appears as a Windows Media Player file and it can't be joined with the other parts using the HJjoin thing and hence it can only be played until 002 after joining all together :S how can i make the HJjoin thing to read the file so as it could be joined???

caritosup said...

thank you very much for everything really i love your blog
i have a problem with the 2nd asia tour... i joined the first's part .001 and .002 but windows media player doesnt open them..
could you tell me if it is a problem with my wmp or is it anything else?

JacquelineN6 said...

hi for some reason the storm codec package that you uploaded doesn't work any more...i just wanted to inform you of that ^_^

Anonymous said...


I love this site it got all DBSK stuff all in one place. ^^!

Anyway I was trying to download the links from here using the program GetRight6.3e. But no matter what file it is it always says that the connection is busy. But I can download them normally though. I was wondering if there is something wrong the program or if i have to change the setup or something.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I just found this web & i think its awesome!!! But i've some problem with the megadownload thingy. No matter which file i'm dling, the megadownload just appear this "ERROR 503" keeps appearing & thus the downloading just stop without even starting..... Pls help!!!!

WmnRulz said...

I kept wondering why I cant extract the 002 File.
ANd today I just found out I need HjSplit. *stupid me* Just read your FAQs. =.=||
Thanks u so much for the d.l link. Take care~

djbsamuels said...

hey thanks for uploading all these music and videos by DBSK!!!

but there's something wrong with your dangerous love (haha so funny) part 3 download... i think its gone already... mediafire wont allow me to start my download... it takes me to a page not found error page. pls mirror it somewhere, like megaupload or filefactory, even rapidshare.. tnx for your efforts!!!

Vessa said...

First of all, thanks to everyone that's part of this community. Your links and info are very useful and I appreciate it very much ^^

I have a problem with a Megaupload link. I'm trying to download the 001 file of the 2nd part of the 3rd Album Showcase - "O", the cut version (I mean, not the DVD special XD). When I click there's an advice that the file is temporarily inaccessible, but the 002 and 003 file work fine.. so I'm wondering if this is a trouble with the file.. or link or whatever?
Please help D: I need that 001 file so badly!

And thanks again for everything you're doing for the DBSK's fans ^^ Take care everyone! :D

ageha said...

Hi DBSKer,
I have a problem with Bonjour Paris.004, MU says there is no access to the dl momentarily, just at the beginning (not "Download limit exceeded").
What's the problem?

Thank you very much and greetings.

Anonymous said...

Hi i'm having a problem with using HJsplit
i've gotten 001, 002, 003 files of the 2nd asia tour and i've joined them with HJsplit but only the first fifteen minutes of the file actually plays on media player classic.
Do you know what the problem maybe?
Thanks~ m(-_____-)m

yufen said...

hai can you teach me how to use GetRight Download Manager thank's

betsy said...


really thanks a lot..
to all of the administrator of this site..!!!

Anonymous said...

SBS Xman Episode 94 :

this link cant be downloaded... u can do anything about it ? thanks alot ((:


Anonymous said...

Hello! Thank you so much for all your hard work! I have a quick question. I downloaded Xman episode 151, which is hardsubbed, right? But the subs don't show when I play it. I've tried VLC Player and Windows Media Player. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?


Anonymous said...

thanks (: i can download it now (: but ....... theres only sub at the last 10mins of the video... you know anyone who can help me ? if possible, do email me (:


Anonymous said...

Why is that I can never go beyond 004? I can dl 001, 002, 003 but every time I get too 004 and on it never works and it is for most files that are 004 and on. I know that I have to use HJ Split and I do but since every time I dl it the file is useless.
Do I have to use Getright to dl the rest? If so can someone please tell me how because I just don't get it.

Anonymous said...

I downloaded the HJSPLIT works but it was only able to only about 3 parts how come it didn't work for the other 12 parts of video. I downloaded all the avi. but only 2(297MB) or 3 were able to join

Lai Sze said...

I just wanna ask..
Why I can join the 2nd,3rd and 4th part for Vacation?
I tried a few times but it still not working?
Can you help me?

P/s:-These 3 parts can't watched but the first part can watch! =.="

Anonymous said...


Firstly i wanna say that this is da best download site ever!! Thank you so much for sharing DBSK with us. <3 <3 <3

Sorry to trouble you, but I'm having problen with SBS Xman #69 Episode 152. I've already joint them using HJSplit. But it says that the file was 'not prepared for sequential reading, and it strongly recommend the complete reinterleaing of the file'. I don't understand what that means, I've already tried re-downloading all the files 3 times and each time it says the same thing.


Thank you for your time ^_^!!

Anonymous said...

hey! i have a question. wat program do u use to watch files with .001, .002 after joining them with hjsplit? coz i downloaded 'over the mountains across the sea' n i joined it, but i can't watch it. thnx =]

Anonymous said...

i know this has been asked one too many times but, i downloaded come to play and the hjsplit file and i tried joining them but it doesnt work. the output will be the first part still..please help^^;;

faded said...

Hey there! I want to add on to what ame-tokaze said on January 15th. I have the same problem as her. All the individual files have been downloaded and joined together, but the file does not play and has an error. If you don't mind, could you reupload those files? I think it might have been corrupted somewhere. ^^

To those having trouble joining files or watching joined files: make sure they all have the same name (apart from the .001 etc extension at the end) and they are all in the same folder. That'll solve any basic problems... sorry if I can't help with anything else.

sparkling garnet said...

now i downloading "070421 SBS Jihwaza - Episode 2"
when i finish downloading part 1, the file doesn't come with "{GOE;SS} 07.04.21 - Jiwhaza Epis..001" but just "{GOE"
it doesn't have ".001" code for split file
so the 2nd part that i downloading is the same.

the size is 225mb, so what is the problem?

Dwee said...

This is a very random question but how to you find all these translators? I really want to talk to them because I am so jealous that they can speak Korean/Japanese and english so well. I am only able to speak Chinese. I so want to learn Jap and Korean!!

sshutingg said...

hi.. 1st of all thx for everything..

just a qn.. can i have the link to which website that i can convert to megaupload premium acct? thanks!

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry if i bother u...
but i must tell u this....
SBS Xman Episode 94 (English Subbed - certain parts)
[.001][.002][.003][.004][.005] and.....
SBS Xman Episode 95 (English Subbed - certain parts)
they dont have any sub....
can u plz tell me why...
i'm sorry again...
if i bother u..

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry If I ask you this but is there a chance that you could upload in another uploading site because I can't seem to downoad anything from megaupload.

xyrsh said...

Hi.. I just downloaded a file named [07.11.29 M.Net Anyband Concert (Xiah Junsu - Beautiful Thing)] in video section since i don't recall junsu sang that song in the concert...

and I'm right.. the title is misleading..
the concert is right, but the song he sang is [Memories] not [Beautiful Thing}

just to inform you^^

arepepa said...

hello there...
i hv trouble downloading "dangerous love 002" using mf link. it say something about invalid link and file been removed.please help will a great help.thank u! (^_^)

enahh said...

hello! ^^

thanks for the FAQs...they're really helpful^^
as for the rules, don't you worry coz i now know them by heart^^

i know the effort you and all the dbskers have put onto this site, that's why i'm thanking all of you from the bottom of my heart^^ *hugs*

btw, just to let you know, i also encountered the same problem as with ame-tokaze and faded regarding "SBS Xman #69 Episode 152"...the joint files wouldn't play...i tried joining .001 up to .003 only, excluding the last file (.004) and the video worked just fine...but of course, the video's not complete :( ...
so i'm guessing that there's something wrong on that .004 file...

@sparkling garnet

hi there!
i know what you mean...
try to rename your downloaded "{GOE" file with its original name "{GOE;SS} 07.04.21 - Jiwhaza Epis..001" (don't forget the .001 extension) you'll see that it'll now work for hj split^^
don't panic if you've downloaded a file without the .001 or .01 extension, just rename the file (with its proper file name, of course^^) after you downloaded everything...hope this will help^^

Anonymous said...

ur site is awsome!!
:) :)

cookie said...

thanks for all the shared vids..very much appreciated :)i was just having problem with the one with yoosumin show it doesnt play...

Maelin said...

Why is it that videos with any extensions past .004 doesn't work? I dowload them but they just don't work and I use HJ split but it doesn't do it for the whole video only half. It is the same for ALL of them. I don't know why but I can't watch all of the videos because of it.

Gabriella said...

Hey...Can you tell me how to use HJ split?I tried to...but I can't..

Gabriella said...

Emm..if you want to join files..does all of the files has to be .001?

enahh said...

for HJ Split, refer to FAQ above^^

make sure that files with .001,.002,etc are in one location/folder before you join them...
uhm, files to be joined should have .001 i think, otherwise, you won't be able to do so

hope this post helps^^


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for uploading all of these!

Anonymous said...

Hii, I have a question!
I put TVXQ's Mirotic in Seoul tour on a dvd and it cuts off like 10 minutes into the show. It's not the disks so is it that I should convert the files? Thanks for helping.. ^^

Anonymous said...

I think something might be wrong with the Live TBS Mirotic Tour in Seoul downloads. When I join the files together it's only like 7 minutes long on a disc. Don't know what I'm doing wrong. D:

Eevee Kyong said...

How come when I join the files of the Mirotic in Seoul concert it is only 7 minutes and 53 seconds long? >.<

Thanks for the help in advance and thanks for putting these great downloads up.

fadya said...

i tried to join the files.
suddenly, 'avi chunk viewer' pop up.
it didnt happen before. so,do u have any idea how can i can fix it??

Anonymous said...

hi 1st of all a bunch of thx to you for compelling all the dbsk stuff in one place^^

but may i ask what is the website that can generate the code to get the premium account in megaupload?thx~

juliaa said...

Whats the site that does the premium account thing?

Anonymous said...

can you upload the 3rd live tour concer in other format such as avi or wmv?

Anonymous said...

from chi:)

hi! i downloaded a nation special dvd but i noticed there was no subtitle. does these come with subs?

Anonymous said...

hi! first of all, bravo for putting those dbsk's amazing vids =) but i often encounters probs when downloading some of the vids. after i completed the downloading, it seemed that my media plyer classic appears to "cannot render the file" eg: xman 152 part 002. how can this happened? i wud luv to see the vids after spending hours downloading them..please,could you help me? again,thanks alot! =)

Anonymous said...

hey, i downloaded x-man 152 and somehow at somepoint the sound stops but the vid is still playing. it stop and the same point. and i use MPC, i have no problems with others vid

Anonymous said...

hey, i have problems with x-man 152 at somepoint the sound just stops but the vid keeps playing its always at the same point and i have no problems with ur other vids, By the way iäm usin MPC

Anonymous said...

i downloaded SBS Star Show (Dong_Bang_Shin_Gi).avi.001 but it shows as a avi not a .001 file

mira said...

thank you for your tip about using hjsplit ^^

Anonymous said...

hi, sorry to bother you, thank you very much for all your effort in maintaining the blog!! it's the best.. i wonder if u can give me the website u mention on FAQ about download limit exceeded.. becoz i'm not downloading anything n it still say i exceed the limit.. please help me!! thank

Anonymous said...

hey, thanks for all the uploads.
but im kinda wondering how am i supposed to join the files together when the file is avi. when its supposed to be .001 file. im kinda confused.
sori, if i was bothering u when ur busy.

Anonymous said...


hmm~~~~ lately i'm looking for TVXQ video performance which i'm not yet watch it.
and i found it in this blog. ^.^
video is M-on Premium Live 2006.
but when i try to DL it. for Part. 001 isn't working.
so may i ask for your kindness to re-uploading or give me mirror link such as multiupload or mediafire?

sorry for my request and make u busy.

thank you.

Anonymous said...

How will i use GetRight Download Manager?

I really love DBSK!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, thank you sooo much. Your site is VERY amazing ~^_^~. I like, come on here everyday!
I do have a question though. I downloaded hjsplit, and joined 2 files together for bonjour paris, but i still can't play it on media player. Can u help me?

Anonymous said...

I was trying to download MNet PD's No Cut Version - 2nd Asia Tour 'O' Concert Secrets. It says its an avi but it seems to be downloading as some weird file that i cant play.. doesnt seem like a media file at all =[ please help!

Anonymous said...

Just letting you know that Noh Hang Chul's Joyful Radio links are broken except for Part 3. I didn't see any alternate links while googling for it, but please try if you have time.

Otherwise, this archive is amazing! Thank you.

ILEE said...

i don't understand what you're saying about how to get a premium link on MU?

jessica said...

i downloaded the happy together 20080228 video, i joined it with HJsplit and i downloaded the softsubs, but i can't see the subs :-( how can i see the subs?

Anonymous said...

hi~ i've trying to dwload since forever..but when i click the always says error.. it just only me or other people too? or did u guys remove the vid already?
oor we need to register anything?
please help me~

thanks in advance^^

Anonymous said...

The link of the radio show named "Noh Hongchul joyful radio" had died.

Could you please reupload it?

Anonymous said...

Um... i'm having trouble with HJ-split.
i've downloaded it and the videos .001, .002, .003 join but there's no visual and the audio is really bad.
please help?
sorry to bother you and thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

How do i bypass the download limit? You mentioned a website on your FAQ but there isn't any link to the website 0.o

Other than that, your site is awesome :D

Anonymous said...

hi.. thanks for all you have done..
i want to ask something about downloading..
when i download from MU the files cannot be play
i don't know what to do..
please help me..
thanks for all your hard work!!

Anonymous said...

i have download sbs come to play and i don't know how to popped out the subs
i know i have to change the name like .avi and .srt
but i don't understand, am i have to copy all the files into two files and rename the copy?

luvxiah said...

Hi there,
Thank you so much for sharing all of these videos ^^ and the arrangement are in a very good order too ;)

Reading the comments here, it seems that like everyone here have the same prob w/ Hjsplit...same as me T.T

So would you please kindly let us know how to join those files? or is that possible for us to change the name of all files into .001 before we save it? and then we can have all .001 file name to be joint using hjsplit?

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

just want to say a big thank you for all the links ^0^. I have a question though. Just finished downloading the Jihwaza links but i can't join the files with Hjsplit. The files doesn't show as avi or even rar files, it just says type: file. Please help me, thank you :)

Anonymous said...

For the video file "SBS Xman #69 Episode 151 - DBSK Special (All members) HQ (Eng HardSubbed)" do you have the original video of it that's not converted?

Anonymous said...

hi ! thanks alot for uploading all the vids. but i have a problem.i wanted to download tokyo holiday. but there's a problem to download the MF.001 . it,s said that the file had been removed. can you fix that? thanks again !

Anonymous said...

hi.... i can't download from megaupload because of SOPA... can u change the link??? i m a fan of TVXQ... i really want to download it so badly... hope u can find the solution... thanks..T__T

Cocco said...

Hi, Thank you so much for uploading all the video here. I get to see and collected so many DBSK vid because of you.
All of your Video are being upload on Megaupload and since it's closing down do you have plan to upload all your data somewhere else?
Please let me know, since there are many vid that i have seen yet on your list of collection.

Anonymous said...

none of the megaupload links work as everyone know they've been closed. I can't download any live performances. If you guys have the time, please revive those videos. I would really appreciate it if you do. Many thanks to all of you for your dedication over the past years.

Anonymous said...

Megaupload is no longer available. Can I get the files somewhere else?

fitrijeje said...

how to download ??? i can't T__T pleasee someone tell me~~

fitrijeje said...

how to download that videos ??? i can't T__T pleasee someone tell me~~ :")

Anonymous said...

Hi! I was watching Dangerous love in youtube and i had trouble finding the others parts...I was finally able to download it here! Thanks so much!I LOVE YOU! ^_^
PS: I cant download the NGs, seems like the link is not available..hope you can help me ^_^

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