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Ever wanted to play a DBSK tune on piano? Lina has transcribed music sheets to share the love for both music and the boys, so that now you can play the song on your piano. Please thank her for her hard work in making and uploading these.

Please provide FULL credits to Lina26435 at TVXQ Piano if taking out
Tutorials are also provided at TVXQ Piano


.:Edit:. 東方神起 Piano Album 2009
In conjunction with 東方神起 and Cassiopeia 6th Anniversary Celebration

Track List:

01. どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?
02. 노을..바라보다 [Picture of You]
03. Wish
04. 사랑아 울지마 [Don't Cry Lover]
05. Insa [2009 Version]
06. Share the World
07. Love in the Ice [2009 Version]
08. Wrong Number [MuBox Version]

Download Album
[MF] [4Shared]

Click on song title for single tracks.
Dec 26th, 2009

Piano Scores

I am using linkbucks to connect to the download links. Don't panic. When you click, it will be a linkbucks site. You can either let it load for 15 seconds for it to bring you to the server, or at the top right corner, you can "skip this ad". If there are any broken/dead links, PLEASE NOTIFY ME HERE. Thank You.


1st Album: Tri-Angle

2nd Album: Rising Sun

3rd Album: O 正.反.合

4th Album: MIROTIC

  • Mirotic - Ballad Version
    credits to overwritten@bww2 [Heavnchu+keudae]
    [MF] [4shared] [MU]

  • Mirotic - Normal Version
    [MF] [4shared] [MU]

  • Don't Say Goodbye credits to Wendy
    [MF] [4shared] [MU]

  • 노을..바라보다 Picture of You credits to KT
    [MF] [4shared]

SM Collaborations & OSTs

Concert & Showcase Releases


1st Album: Heart,Mind & Soul

Please check out the KOREAN Section for the following songs:
  • Hug
  • One
  • Rising Sun

2nd Album: Five in the Black

Please check out the KOREAN Section for the following songs:
  • O 正.反.合
  • I'll Be There

3rd Album: T

T.R.I.C.K. / Premium LIVE Solo 2007

4th Album: Secret Code

Japanese Singles 2009
  • Stand by U credits to Wendy + as tagged
    [MF] [4shared]

  • Stand by U [tvxqpiano version: New Format!]
    [MF] [4shared]

## credits to friends@pianofiles.com

Piano MP3 Versions

Here are the piano versions of TVXQ songs, in mp3 format
Hope it makes up for the statics that you hear in my videos. ^_^

PLEASE CREDIT Lina26435@tvxqpiano

Last updated : April 30, 2009
If there are problems with the downloading, please notify me. TQ.

I am using linkbucks to connect to the download links. Don't panic. When you click, it will be a linkbucks site. You can either let it load for 15 seconds for it to bring you to the server, or at the top right corner, you can "skip this ad". I have categorized the mp3s into respective albums. Hopefully, it is easier to find what you are looking for. All songs are full-length songs. Feedbacks and comments are appreciated.

Piano Medleys

Piano Medleys

  • Dance Medley
    [MF] [4shared]

  • Korean

    1st Album: Tri-Angle

    2nd Album: Rising Sun

    3rd Album: O-Jung.Ban.Hap

    4th Album: Mirotic
    SM Collaborations & OSTs

    Concert and Showcase Releases


    1st Album: Heart, Mind & Soul

    2nd Album: Five in the Black

    3rd Album: T

    4th Album: The Secret Code

    T.R.I.C.K. Singles /T.R.I.C.K. Singles

    In case you didnt know, there are Piano Scores available for purchase at Yesasia as well. Click the links below to check them out. I can't vouch as to how detailed they are. Lina is of course the best ^_^ *wink*

    Dong Bang Shin Ki Best Piano Music Score
    Dong Bang Shin Ki Best Piano Music Score Vol. 2


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    Also, its sad to see when people take things out and host it on different sites WITHOUT credits too...>< I am actually very mad about it (since you spend so much time and effort doing these). Did you try telling them to credit you? GAHH let me do it if you haven't, I will give them a piece of my mind X(

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    Thanks for Bolero & Wasurenaide too ^__^
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    But there is this website called synthesia.com. it shows how to play certain songs through graphic demonstrations and sometimes videos. if you could imitate that for dbsk songs, it will be a huge trmendous help for us who wish-but-don't-know-how-to-play-piano!

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    gracias a ti podrè cantarlas en mis clases de canto

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