Hug (International Version)

Once I say I love you I think you would be gone, oh baby~
Cuz we are too young to love so I can say little long~
Hold you in my arms

But I will be waiting for you
To say you want me to be with you
I'll live in your love and your dreams forever and ever

Whenever you look in my eyes
There are so many smiles and tears
I was born to love, feel so deep inside
If you need me I'll be your man
(I'll be your man)

Whenever you look in my eyes,
I do want to show you my love
I make up my mind, make your dreams come true
Nobody can stop me to say I love you.

How can I ask who you're still looking for, I'm the one
Since love seems to make me blind
I try to find all day long
But I cannot hold

We talk on the phone every night
And so came closer day by day
I touch you and kiss you and hold you to feel but in dreams

[Micky] Whenever you look in my eyes
[Xiah] There are so many smiles and tears
[Micky] I was born to love feel so deep inside
[Xiah] If you need me I'll be your man
(I'll be your man)

Whenever you look in my eyes
I do want to show you my love
I make up my mind make your
dreams come true
[Max] Nobody can stop me to say
[Xiah] I love you~

In my arms, in my soul I want to hold you baby
You don't know how much I love you
Do you baby?

Like the sun rising up,
I can't stop loving you.
Can't hold back anymore~

Whenever you look in my eyes
There are so many smiles and tears
I was born to love feel so deep inside
If you need me, I'll be your man
(I'll be your man)

Whenever you look in my eyes ([Xiah] In my eyes)
I do want to show you my love
[All] I make up my mind make your dreams come true
[Hero] nobody can stop me to say, I love you.

p/s: The lyrics are a little weird. But..*shrugs* its still a nice song.

My Little Princess

Acappella Version


Composer: 황성재(Hwang Seong-jae)
Lyricist: 배화영 (Bae Hwa-yeong)
Arranger: 황성재(Hwang Seong-jae)

Baby baby baby baby
Ne gyothe baby

Sarangi gaetwo iron nae maumur
Sumgiryo haedo kumsae ibkaui misoman

Haruto andwae tto bogoshipojyo
Onjjoju nae mamun gipeun byongie goringor

Gaeinrun nae mujub ijun obsur koyeyo
Jwohan koman boyojugo shipungoryo

Jogi nupeun hanurro naraga
Saranghandago sesangi marharlae
Gipeun bamhanuro kyojiji annun girl
Nomanur jikinun nanungor twekeyo You're my love

Hyeyo jijan mar, haengbokharan gu mar
Yongwonhee yuri jurtae hajiangirohae

Jigumchoroman nae kyothe issojyo
Bujukhan naingor ihaehaejukir barae

Orunsurun nae mosibur kitaehaejwoyo
Nege gajang uurrinun namjaga twegoshipungor

Onjaeggajina gutae mansogae naega turogar su isstorog hurakhaejwo
Manir kutaeto nawa kattamyun

[yunho]apumun opjwo [JJ]ijin gutaer [Xiah]na jikirke [max]for you

My little princess ijekko sumkyowon namanae sarang nir boyojirkkoya
Yonghwantorok bunji annun mamiro girl
Naejasinbota tu tu saranghaejir korago
You're my love


I suppose this feeling in my heart would be love.
Although I try to hide it, a smile appears on my lips.

It hasn't been even a day but I begin to miss you again.
What should I do? My heart has caught a deep illness.

Now I will not have a lazy appearance anymore.
I want to show you just my good points.

Up there, high in the sky, I want to fly
To tell the world that I love you.

Deep in the night sky, girl
I will become a star to protect you. You're my love.

Those words "lets break up", those words "be happy",
Lets never say those to each other..

Like now, please be by my side.
I pray that you understand my lacking heart.

Lean against my manly appearance..
I want to become a man that best suits me.

Please give me approval to go be inside your
heart always.

If you are like me, than there won't be any pain,
[Yunho,Hero,Xiah] Because now I will protect you
[Max]For you.

My little princess everyday I'm going to show you love that
I've hid until now.

For forever, without a changing heart girl
I'm going to love you more than myself
You're my love.


사랑이겠죠 이런내마음은
숨기려해도 그새 입가에 미소만

하루도 안되 또 보고싶어져
어쩌죠 내맘은 깊은 병에 걸린걸

게으른 내 모습 이젠 없을거에요
좋은것만 보여주고 싶은걸요

저기높은 하늘로 날아가
사랑한다고 세상에 말할래

깊은 밤하늘에 꺼지지않는 girl
너만을 지키는 빛나는 별이 될께요 You're my love

헤어지잔 말 행복하란 그말
영원히 우리 절대 하지않기로해

지금처럼만 내곁에 있어줘
부족한 나인걸 이해해주길바래

어른스런 내 모습을 기대해줘요
네게 가장어울리는 남자가 되고싶은걸

언제까지나 그대 맘속에 내가
들어갈수있도록 허락해줘

만일 그대도 나와 같다면
아픔은 없죠 이젠 그댈 나 지킬께 for you

My little princess 이제껏 숨겨온
나만의 사랑 늘 보여줄꺼야

영원토록 변치않는 맘으로 girl
내 자신보다 더 더 사랑해줄거라고 You're my love

Rising Sun (Korean)

Composer: 유영진 ( Yoo Yeong-jin)
Lyricist: 유영진 ( Yoo Yeong-jin)
Arranger: 유영진 ( Yoo Yeong-jin)

Now I cry under my skin
Hanurul hyanghe gan naui nunmullo mandun biga
Dejie neryodo sero baghin ne aphumul shisogago

[Max] No!
[U-Know] Yongso negen jolde jogin sachi
[Max] No!
[U-Know] Pyojogobshi naragan girul irhun bunno
[Max] No!
[U-Know] Na miryon gathun mallo gidohanun sogjoe
[Max] No!
[U-Know] Here I go come back

Himul irhoborin nalge
Jega doeo boril godman gathun naldul
Bisanghariran kume papyondullo majun naui achimen
Banchagimi obnunde

Jinshirun nugurado gadgo inun god
Hajiman boyojun olguren gojidpuningol
Yongwone namgyojin narul chadnunga

Chorus: [All]
Narul dalma gasumane gadugcha kojyoganun innocent
Bulkochun balge taoruge majimagi chanranhan noulchorom
(I'm) waiting for rising sun

Now burn my eyes sun comes up blowing the fog
Never lies to be your mind, got to be true

Ne gal giri 101 kedarume kedarume
Dudarhal suga obnunge hyonshiringol
Naui teyangaphe bukkurobji anhge
I just try me and now

*[Max] Jongmal hondone kuthun odilka
[Hero,Xiah] Somebody talks meil gathun dabun anya
[Max] Jolmang hengboge mitgurim ilka
[Hero,Xiah] Somebody talks shiganmani anun hedab

Insengun machi kuthobnun kweodurul dallinun byol gatha
Machi sumanhun jilmungwa hedabul chajga
Miwansonge gurimul guryoganun god
You know why~

Shiganun onjena hulloga
Doraoji anundanun gosul jarara
Haruharu huhoerul namgyo dujima
Godogi nahun bunnomajo samkyobwa

Godanhejin sulphume nunmureso
Shirhyondoenun hengboge gachirul midobwa

Shiryonduri nemin sone jagun ibmachum
Gonane ture pin naui sunsuham
Amugodo jonghangon obgejiman
Meil seroun nari gyesog doel tenikka


Rise up! Rise up!


Now. I cry under my skin..
My tears have gone to the skies and made the rain
That falls onto the earth and washes my newly imprinted pain

[Max] No!
[U-Know] Forgivness is an endless luxury of mine
[Max] No!
[U-Know] My anger has flown off without target and lost its way
[Max] No!
[U-Know] I pray for atonement with words of attachment
[Max] No!
[U-Know] Here I go come back

My wings have lost their strength
And the days only seem to be filled with sin
I'm greeted with fragments of my poisonous dreams in the morning
There's no sparkle

Truth is what everyone wants
But they only show lies on their faces
I've been abandoned in eternity, are they looking for me?

Chorus: [All]
Be like me
My heart is filled with a growing Innocence
Like a flame burning brightly,
Like the last radiant sunset
(I'm) waiting for Rising Sun

Now, burn my eyes,
Sun comes up, blowing the fog
Never lies, to be your mind
Got to be a true

Realizing that my path is 101,
I can't reach reality.
So that I won't be shy next to the Sun,
I just try to be me, and now

[Max] Where's the end to this chaos?
[Hero, Xiah] Somebody talks.. its not the same answer everyday
[Max] Desire, Is it the sketch of happiness?
[Hero, Xiah] Somebody talks.. but it's not the solution to the moment

Life's like star trailing after an endless orbit
You go looking for questions and solutions,
Drawing an incomplete picture
(Do) you know why?

Time is always passing by
And I know that it can't ever come back
Don't leave regrets day after day...
Try to swallow the anger spawn from poison

Try to believe the worth of happiness
That you realize in the tears of your worn out sadness

A kiss on the hand of trials,
My innonence has bloomed in the garden of suffering
There's nothing set in stone because a new day will keep coming

Chorus, *

Rise up! Rise up!

Credits: ^cute_steph^ @ Asianfanatics forum

Comment: What an amazing, powerful, asgsty song. Kudos to the translator for doing such an amazing job at the english translation! <3


Rising Sun (순수)

[믹키] Now, I cry under my skin.. 하늘을 향해 간 나의 눈물로 만든 비가
대지에 내려도 세월에 박힌 내 아픔을 씻어가도

[최강] No! [유노] 용서, 내겐 절대적인 사치
[최강] No! [유노] 표적 없이 날아간 길을 잃은 분노
[최강] No! [유노] 나, 미련 같은 말로 기도하는 속죄
[최강] No! [유노] Here I go, Come back!

[시아] 힘을 잃어버린 날개, 재가 되어 버릴 것만 같은 날들
비상하리란 꿈의 파편들로 맞은 나의 아침엔 반짝임이 없는데

[영웅] 진실은 누구라도 갖고 있는 것 하지만 보여준 얼굴엔 거짓뿐인걸
영원에 남겨진 나를 찾는가?

*[All] 나를 닮아 가슴 안에 가득 차 커져가는 Innocent
불꽃은 밝게 타오르게, 마지막이 찬란한 노을처럼 (I'm) waiting for Rising sun...

[믹키] Now, burn my eyes. Sun comes up, blowing the fog
Never lies, to be your mind. Got to be a true

[유노] 내 갈 길이 101 깨달음에 깨달음에 도달할 수가 없는 게 현실인걸
나의 태양 앞에 부끄럽지 않게, I just try me..and now

**[최강] 정말, 혼돈에 끝은 어딜까? [영웅,시아] Somebody talks 매일 같은 답은 아냐
[최강] 절망, 행복의 밑그림 일까? [영웅,시아] Somebody talks 시간만이 아는 해답

[시아] 인생은 마치 끝없는 궤도를 달리는 별 같아
[영웅] 마치 수많은 질문과 해답을 찾아가, 미완성의 그림을 그려가는 것
[최강] (Do) you know why?

[믹키] 이 시간은 언제나 흘러가, 돌아오지 않는다는 것을 잘 알아
하루하루 후회를 남겨 두지마..고독이 낳은 분노마저 삼켜봐
[최강] 고단해진 슬픔의 눈물에서 실현되는 행복의 가치를 믿어봐

[유노] 시련들이 내민 손에 작은 입맞춤, 고난의 뜰에 핀 나의 순수함
아무것도 정한 건 없겠지만, 매일 새로운 날이 계속 될 테니까

* Repeat

** Repeat

[유노] Rise up! Rise up!

"O" - 正.反.合 (Korean)

Composer:유영진 ( Yoo Yeong-jin)
Lyricist: 유영진 ( Yoo Yeong-jin)
Arranger:유영진 ( Yoo Yeong-jin)


[Micky] Yo! U-Know Let's try some noisy beat.

[U-know] "O"-"O"-"O" let's do this.

[Hero] hangeoreum murreosuh jigeum ee shidereul dorabondamyeon
[Micky] wonrido, wonchigdo, jeorde jinrido obneun geot
[Hero] shide an eui geode moseubeun eonjena ban ee eotna
[Micky] hyeonshileh obneun isangeun isanghyeongil bbun “O”
([Max] So Why you diggin')

[Xiah] "O"-----
[Max] ije nan duryeowo, bandemaneul wihan bande
[Xiah] "O"-----
[Max] ggeutdo obshi pyoryuhage dwineun geol

*[All] na ije chatneun geon,
habuel wihan noryeogil bbun nawa gateun soneul han wichimeul
ggumi shilhyeon dwineun geol garmanghaneun jayeo
geode gyeote jeon eui raneun moseub eui yonggireul

[U-know] You Know, jeorde jeormyeong, geudedeul eui nonjeng en nonriga obseo
nugudo, dudji mothanmyeon, yeorji mothanmyeon, jeorde hedabeul chajeul su obseo
[Micky] nan gaya dwe, gayadwe naui ban ee jeong baro jeong
barojabeul ddeggaji
jeong ban hab eui noryeoki eonjenga ee ddang eh, ggumeul piwo nelggeoya

[Xiah] jageun ggumira hedo modu gateun goteul barabondamyeon,
[Max] ggeutdo obshi serowojyeo, obdeon girdo mandeureoga
[Xiah] naui ban eui mugero heureumdeureul magaseoneun andweji
[Max] eonjena gongjonhal su itneun geol

[Hero] "O"-----
[Micky] modeun ge duryeowo, naui gireun matneun geogga
[Hero] "O"-----
[U-know] mokjeog obneun ssaumdeureun aninga

[Xiah] areumdaun johwareul, byeonhamobneun mideumeul mandeul suga itdamyeon
[Hero] han geuru eui namuga dweyeo, deo keun subeul iruneun ge gachi isseurggeoya

[U-know] urin keun shiryeondeureum gyeongheom hesseotji machi ameugsoge itneun geot
[Micky] jarmotdwen seontegira hoohihanda hedo, jeorde
[All] meomchujineun ma meomchujineun ma

[Max] "O"-----
[Xiah] duryeowohajima, sarmeum gyesog dwego isseo
[Max] "O"-----
[Xiah] ije modeun geon, jejarireul chatneun geot

*[All] na ije chatneun geon,
habuel wihan noryeogil bbun nawa gateun soneul han wichimeul
ggumi shilhyeon dwineun geol garmanghaneun jayeo
geode gyeote jeon eui raneun moseub eui yonggireul

[U-know] niga soghan sahineun modu jeong, ban, hab eui heureum sogeseo
[Micky] ggeutdo obshi serowojyeo, obdeon girdo mandeureoga
[Hero, Max] naui ban eui mugero heureumdeureul magaseoneun an dweji
[Max] Ah--

[All] "O"-----


"O"-Thesis.Antithesis.Synthesis (aka "O"-Union)

[Micky] Yo! U-Know Let's try some noisy beat

[U-Know] "O"-"O"-"O" let's do this.

[Hero] If we took a step back and looked at the world today
[Micky] There's no pricipals, governing principals, no absolute truths
[Hero] Was your appearance in this world always turned around..
[Micky] The only ideal that isn't in the real world is 'ideal type' "O" " <-- as in 'ideal girl type', etc.
[Max] So Why you diggin'"

[Xiah] "O"------
[Max] Now I'm scared. Objection made only for objection
[Xiah] "O"------
[Max] Drifting without any ends

What I'm looking for now is only effort for unity,
The same hand as mine, one shout, dream is becoming reality
Those who are eager, courage in the appearance of love..

You, Know, *????, there is no logic in your arguments,
if one doesn't listen, doesn't open up, we can't find the answer
I have to go, I have to go.
My 'turning things around' is righteousness.
Righteousness. Until it is set right, Righteousness.
Turning things around.
Unity's effort will one day make dreams bloom on this earth

Even if the dream is small, if everyone looks in the same direction
It becomes new without an end, we can make roads that weren't there before

[Hero] "O"------
[Micky] Everything is scary. Is the road I'm walking right?
[Hero] "O"------
[U-Know] Is it not fights without any reasons?

If we can make beautiful miracles, never-ending trusts..
I'll be a tree, making a bigger forest would be worth it

We experience big difficulties.
Feels just like we're in darkness
Even if we regret, thinking it was the wrong choice, don't ever
[All] Stop.. stop

[Max] "O"-----
[Xiah] Don't be afraid, life is still going on
[Max] "O"-----
[Xiah] Now everything is finding it's right place

What I'm looking for now is only effort for unity,
The same hand as mine, one shout, dream is becoming reality
Those who are eager.. courage in the appearance of love..

The society which you are in are in the flow of Righteousness.
Turning things around. Unity
Becoming new without an end, we're making roads that weren't there before
I shouldn't stop the flows without my 'turning things around'
[Xiah] Ah-


[믹키] Yo! U-Know Let's try some noisy beat.

[유노] "O"-"O"-"O" let's do this.

[영웅] 한걸음 물러서 지금 이 시대를 돌아본다면
[믹키] 원리도, 원칙도, 절대 진리도 없는 것
[영웅] 시대 안의 그대 모습은 언제나 반(反) 이었나
[믹키] 현실에 없는 이상(理想)은 이상형일 뿐 "O"
([최강]So Why you diggin')

[시아] "O"-----
[최강] 이제 난 두려워, 반대만을 위한 반대
[시아] "O"-----
[최강] 끝도 없이 표류하게 되는 걸

*[All] 나 이제 찾는 건, 합(合)을 위한 노력일 뿐 나와 같은 손을,
한 외침을 꿈이 실현 되는 걸 갈망하는 자여..
그대 곁에 정의라는 모습의 용기를

[유노] You, Know, 절대 절명, 그대들의 논쟁엔 논리가 없어
누구도, 듣지 못하면, 열지 못하면, 절대 해답을 찾을 수 없어
[믹키] 난 가야 돼, 가야 돼. 나의 반(反)이 정(正). 바로 정(正).
바로잡을 때까지,
정.반.합 의 노력이, 언젠가 이 땅에, 꿈을 피워 낼꺼야

[시아] 작은 꿈이라 해도 모두 같은 곳을 바라본다면,
[최강] 끝도 없이 새로워져, 없던 길도 만들어가
[시아] 나의 반(反)의 무게로 흐름들을 막아서는 안 되지
[최강] 언제나 공존할 수 있는 걸

[영웅] "O"-----
[믹키] 모든 게 두려워, 나의 길은 맞는 걸까
[영웅] "O"-----
[유노] 목적 없는 싸움들은 아닌가

[시아] 아름다운 조화를, 변함없는 믿음을 만들 수가 있다면
[영웅] 한 그루의 나무가 되어, 더 큰 숲을 이루는 게 가치 있을꺼야

[유노] 우린 큰 시련들을 경험했었지. 마치 암흑 속에 있는 것
[믹키] 잘못된 선택이라 후회한다 해도, 절대
[All] 멈추지는 마.. 멈추지는 마

[최강] "O"-----
[시아] 두려워하지마, 삶은 계속 되고 있어
[최강] "O"-----
[시아] 이제 모든 건, 제자리를 찾는 것

*[All] 나 이제 찾는 건, 합(合)을 위한 노력일 뿐 나와 같은 손을, 한 외침을
꿈이 실현 되는 걸 갈망하는 자여.. 그대 곁에 정의라는 모습의 용기를

[유노] 네가 속한 사회는 모두 정,반,합(正.反.合)의 흐름 속에서
[믹키] 끝도 없이 새로워져, 없던 길도 만들어가
[영웅,최강] 나의 반(反)의 무게로 흐름들을 막아서는 안 되지
[최강] Ah--

[All] "O"-----


BEXCO/Bridge/Coke Version

House/Pool Version


Composer: 박창현 (Park Chang-hyeon)
Lyricist: 박창현 (Park Chang-hyeon)
Arranger: 박창현 (Park Chang-hyeon)

Girl, Let me prove that my love is real
I'll give all my love to you, Please Trust me

Midoyo chonnune banhandanun marur midoyo
Gudaeyegen anirago marhaejiman
Narur gyongsorhage baraburggabwa gamchwowassur bbunijyo

Sashir nan gutaerur choum bwaton gu sunganbutho
Onjongir gutae saenggake sarassojyo
Achime nunddugo jamdur ddaeggaji han saenggakbbuniojyo

I believe in you gutaer barabonun i shison gadur
Naega gago inun gutaer hyanghan maum modu dama bonaeri
Nomu swibge durgigo shipji anhun nae maum argo inayo
Gutae narur hurjjok ttonaborir goman gathun turyourggaji

[Hero] Gudae

Sarangun gasumi meir tuthan solleimchorom
gurohge sum makhinun guriumchorom

[U Know]
Hangsang byonhamobnun shisonur jwoyo
Onjena shigumchorom

Jogumman naega maumur nohur su issur mangumman
Gidaerur barabon su issur mangumman
Naui gaggaiye momurundamyon hanobshi gibbugejyo


[Xiah] gudae

Irohge gutae gyothe inun damyon
Gyorgoken amugodo morundamyon
Ormana naega gutaen saranghaenunji


I can't let you go...
You are the only one in my life


Girl, Let me prove that my love is real
I'll give all my love to you, Please Trust me

I believe...I believe that one can fall in love at first sight
Though I told you that it wasn't possible
I only hid this thought from you because I was afraid
That you would look at me as if I was careless and hasty.

To tell the truth, ever since I met you
I only lived with thoughts of you.
There was only one thing on my mind
From when I woke up in the morning
Till when I went to bed at night.

I believe in you...
I will send all my feelings for you through the the way I look at you.
Do you know how my heart feels?
How I want to keep the feelings I have for you hidden?
Even the fearful feelings for when you might leave me one day.

[Hero] You...

Love is a nervous feeling that flutters your heart...
It is like a breathtaking loneliness...

Please keep looking at me with the same eyes...
Always and forever like this.

If only you could stay close enough to me so that my heart can relax...
Just so that I could see you...I would be very happy.


[Xiah] You...

If I could stay by your side like this...
If, in the end, it is that I don't know anything about how much I love you.


I can't let you go
You are the only one in my life


작사 : 박창현
작곡 : 박창현
편곡 : 박창현

[믹키] Girl, Let me prove that my love is real I'll give all my love to you, Please Trust me

[시아] 믿어요 첫눈에 반한다는 말을 믿어요 그대에겐 아니라고 말했지만
나를 경솔하게 바라볼까봐 감춰왔을 뿐이죠

[최강] 사실 난 그대를 처음 봤던 그 순간부터
온종일 그대 생각에 살았었죠 아침에 눈뜨고 잠들 때까지 한 생각뿐이었죠

*[All] I believe in you 그댈 바라보는 이 시선 가득
내가 갖고 있는 그댈 향한 마음 모두 담아 보내리
너무 쉽게 들키고 싶지 않은 내 마음 알고 있나요
그대 나를 훌쩍 떠나버릴 것만 같은 두려움까지

[영웅] 그대

[믹키] 사랑은 가슴이 메일 듯한 설레임처럼
그렇게 숨 막히는 그리움처럼

[유노] 항상 변함없는 시선을 줘요 언제나 지금처럼

[시아] 조금만 내가 마음을 놓을 수 있을 만큼만
그대를 바라볼 수 있을 만큼만 나의 가까이에 머무른다면 한없이 기쁘겠죠

*Repeat [시아] 그대

[영웅] 이렇게 그대 곁에 있는 다면
결국엔 아무것도 모른다면 얼마나 내가 그댈 사랑했는지


[믹키] I can't let you go You are the only one in my life

Tri-Angle (feat. Boa & The Trax)


Composer:유영진 ( Yoo Yeong-jin), GROOVE K
Lyricist: 유영진 ( Yoo Yeong-jin)
Arranger: 유영진 ( Yoo Yeong-jin)

Meil bonun sagon gunimopshi jugumdulul manduro nenun go
Shi ddangen jabiran ge sarajin golgga?
Nan ije boji angeso dutji angetso churakanun hyonshil
Kachiroman kyesan hajima
Inganeui jonjenun sojoonghajana

Mudyojin kasume pi nunmuri ddo hullo
Ijen oddon gollo narul jagukharyo hanunga
Arumtapge sesangul che wojudon jonjemankum
Oori ane mirerul hyanghan gumdo jugoboryoso

**[Micky, Max]
Modu gamtang hal suga opnungol
Hulloneril nunmulggajido opnungol
Bbyotsokggaji pagodun apun sangshilgam
Ije donun chamul su opnunde

You got the Power! Barojabul suga itnun himulnon
Hobihaji malgo jom do inganjogin yegidulul bichwoya dwe
I don't know, why hate this moment.
Saramdulun chemioptago haji anunde
Why you tell me Lies..

Saranghanun saramduleui nunul barabwa
Ku gibbumdo boiji ani?

Ee sesangi kachi itnun gotdullo
Kadukadangol malhejwo

Nan oddoke boryojin jonjedul ape
Amuron malopshi soiso igon andwechana
Nan oddoke byongi duroganunde
Bogoman itanunkon kyondil su opso

(Rap) [The TRAX]
Someday, one day.
Niga ddo boryoborin munjedure kyoten,
Nodo namatgo nado namatji
Nameui sangchodulul julgyo bojido ma!
Pumerangi dwenta
One Flow, we want the flow
We got the flow, we want the flow

I got the flow, Show Now I growling on earth
Ooriegeh mweol boyojugo shipna
It's so funny I say no

[U-Know, Micky]
Ijen urin weonhaji anunde
Nonun baggul soga itago midnunde
Odumsogul hemenun kalggutggajido

**[U-Know, Max] Repeat

Munojin kasume apumdulul poyojwo
Nega dowajul su itge niga gilul boyojwo
Arumtapge sesangul chewojunun jonjemankum
Sojoonghage jikyojul su itge manduroya dwae


It's the same cases everyday...
A place that produces an endless amount of deaths...
Did compassion disappear from this land?

I won't see it anymore
I won't hear of the crashing reality
Don't calculate everything by its worth...
People are an important existence.

Tears of blood are falling again because of our dulled hearts
What will motivate me now?
Like the things that once filled our worlds with beauty,
The dreams we had for the future died.

**[Micky, Max]
No one can take it
There are no tears to shed
I can't take the pain that is penetrating deeply through my bones.

You got the Power!
You have the power to make things right
Don't waste, and light the talks that concern humanity

I don't know, why hate this moment?
People are not saying it's boring...
Why you tell me Lies..


Look at the eyes of the ones you love
Don't you see their happiness?
Tell them that this world is full of valuable things.

What do I do?
I am standing silently in front of the things that people have thrown away.
This is not right.
What do I do? I'm diseased...
I can't bare to just stand still and watch this happen.

(Rap)[The TRAX]
Someday, oneday
Next to the problems that you have thrown away,
You were left behind and I was left behind
Don't observe other people's pains with joy!
It will become a boomerang
One Flow we want the flow we got the flow we want the flow

[All] I got the flow, Show Now I growling on earth
What do you want to show us? It's so funny I say no

[U-Know, Micky]
We don't want it anymore...
I believe that you can change it, even in the darkness,
All the way to the end of the sword

**[U-Know, Choikang] Repeat

Show us the pain of your broken hearts
So that I can help you...
Show me the road
Like the things that fill this world with beauty
We have to make it so that we will treasure this place.


[믹키] 매일 보는 사건 끊임없이 죽음들을 만들어 내는 곳 이 땅엔 자비란 게 사라진 걸까?
[영웅] 난 이제 보지 않겠어 듣지 않겠어 추락하는 현실
가치로만 계산 하지마 인간의 존재는 소중하잖아

*[All] 무뎌진 가슴에 피 눈물이 또 흘러 이젠 어떤 걸로 나를 자극하려 하는가
아름답게 세상을 채워주던 존재만큼 우리 안에 미래를 향한 꿈도 죽어버렸어

**[믹키,최강] 모두 감당 할 수가 없는걸 흘러내릴 눈물까지도 없는걸
뼛속까지 파고든 아픈 상실감 이제 더는 참을 수 없는데

[최강] You! got the Power! 바로잡을 수가 있는 힘을
넌 허비하지 말고 좀 더 인간적인 얘기들을 비춰야 돼
[시아] I don't know, why hate this moment.
사람들은 재미없다고 하지 않는데 Why you tell me Lies..


[시아] 사랑하는 사람들의 눈을 바라봐 그 기쁨도 보이지 않니?
[영웅] 이 세상이 가치 있는 것들로 가득하단걸 말해줘

[BoA] 난 어떡해 버려진 존재들 앞에 아무런 말없이 서있어 이건 안되잖아
난 어떡해 병이 들어가는데 보고만 있다는건 견딜 수 없어

[The TRAX] Someday, oneday.
니가 또 버려버린 문제들에 곁엔, 너도 남았고 나도 남았지
남의 상처들을 즐겨 보지도 마! 부메랑이 된다
One Flow we want the flow we got the flow we want the flow
[All] I got the flow, Show Now I growling on earth
우리에게 뭘 보여주고 싶나 It's so funny I say no

[유노,믹키] 이젠 우린 원하지 않는데 너는 바꿀 수가 있다고 믿는데
어둠속을 헤매는 칼끝까지도
**[유노,최강] Repeat

[All] 무너진 가슴에 아픔들을 보여줘 내가 도와줄 수 있게 니가 길을 보여줘
아름답게 세상을 채워주는 존재만큼 소중하게 지켜줄 수 있게 만들어야 돼


Composer: 박창현(Park Chang-hyeon)
Lyricist: 유정(Yun-jeong) , 박창현(Park Chang-hyeon)
Arranger: 박창현(Park Chang-hyeon), 염철희(Yeom Cheol-hui)

[Jae Joong]
Harumahn nibahng eui chim nae gah dwei goh shipuh (oh baby)
Duh ddah seu hee poh geun hee nae poom eh gahm ssah ahn goh
Jae oo goh shipuh

Ah joo jahk eun dwei chuhk eem doh
Nuh eui choh geu mahn sohk sahk eem eh
Nahn ggoom sohk eui gwei mool doh ee gyuh nae buh reel tehn deh

[Jae Joong]
Nae gah uhp neun nuh eui hahroon
Uh duh geh heul ruh gah neun guhn jee
Nah reul uhl mah nah sarang hah neun jee
Nahn nuh moo nah goong geum hahn deh (goong geumhae~)

Nuh eui jahk eun suh rahm sohk eui
Eel gee jahng ee dwei goh shipuh
Ahl soo uhp neun nuh eui geu bee meel doh
Nae mahm sohk eh dahm ah dool rae nuh mohl rae

Hah roo mahn nuh eui goh yahng ee gah dwei goh shipuh
Nee gah joo neun mahd eet neun oo yoo wahboo deu ruh oon
Nee poom ahn eh suh

Oom jeek ee neun jahng nahn eh doh
Nuh eui gwei yuh oon eem maht choom eh
Nah doh ool rae jeel too reulneu ggee doh ee suh nah bwah

Nae mah eum ee ee ruhn guh yah
Nuh bahk gehn bohl soo uhp neun guh jee
Noogoo reul bwah doh uh dee ee suh doh
Nahn nuh mahn bah rah boh jahn hah

Dahn ha roo mahn ah joo chin hahn
Nuh eui ae een ee dwei goh shipuh
Nuh eui jah rahng doh ddae rohn too juhng doh

[yunho]dah deul eul soo ee seul tehn deh
[junsu]Nuhl wee hae

In my heart in my soul
Nah eh geh sarang ee rahn
Ah jeek uh saek hajimahn
Ee seh sahng moh deun guhl nuh eh geh joo goh shipuh

[jaejoong]ggoom eh suh rah doh

Nae mah eum ee ee ruhn guh ya
Jjee kyuh bohl soo mahn ee suh doh
Nuh moo kamsa hae mahn hee hengbok hae

[junsu]nah joh geum eun boo johk hae doh

Uhn jeh ggah jee nuh eui gyuh teh
yuhn een eu roh eet goh shipuh
Nuh reul nae poom eh ([junsu]nee gah nae poom eh)
gah deuk ahn eun chae
geud uh buh ryuh seu myuhn shipuh
Young wohn hee


I want to be your bed in your room for just a day
I want to make you go to sleep, comfortably, warmly in my arms

For you, I'd win over all your problems and all your busy errands,
Even the monster in your dream

I wonder how a day without me passes by for you
Im so curious to how much you really love me

I want to be your diary in your little drawer
I want to put all your secrets in my heart, without you knowing

I want to be your kitty for just a day
You feed it warm milk and softly embrace it

Seeing your playfulness with the cat and your cute kisses to it
I guess I even felt a little jealous

(Micky) My heart is like this...
(Xiah) You're the only person who can see it
(Micky) No matter who I see, or where I am,
(Xiah)I only look at you

I want to be your close lover just for a day
I'd be able to listen to your accomplishments and even your complaints
(Xiah)Just for you

In my heart, in my soul
Love is still something thats awkward to me but
I want to you give you everything in this world
Even if it would only be in my dreams

My heart is like this
Just the fact that I can watch over you,
Makes me so grateful, Im so happy, even if I lack a lot

I want to be your lover forever
When you are in my arms, I want to become stone
So we can stay this way forever


하루만 네 방의 침대가 되고싶어 oh baby

더 따스히 포근히 내품에 감싸 안고재우고싶어

아주 작은 뒤척임도
너의 조그만 속삭임에
난 꿈속의 괴물도 이겨내버릴텐데

내가 없는 너의 하루
어떻게 흘러가는 건지
나를 얼마나 사랑하는지
난 너무나 궁금한데
너의 작은 서랍속에
일기장이 되고싶어
알수 없는 너의 그 비밀도
내 맘속에 담아둘래
넣어 볼래

간주중 ♬


하루만 너의 고양이가 되고 싶어 oh baby
네가 주는 맛있는 우유와
부드러운 니품안에서

움직이는 척만해도너의 귀여운 입맞춤에
나도 몰래 질투를
느끼고 있었나봐

내마음 이런거야
너밖에 볼 수 없는거지
누구를 봐도 어디있어도 난 너만 바라 보잖아

단하루만 마주치나 너의 애인이 되고 싶어

너의 사랑도 때론 투정도 다 들을 수 있을텐데 널위해

In my heart , in my soul
나에게 사랑이란 아직 어색하지만 oh babe
이세상 모든걸 너에게 주고싶어 꿈에서라도 워우우~

내 마음은 이런거야 지켜볼 수만 있어도
너무 감사해 많이 행복해 나조금은 부족해도

언제까지 너의곁에
연인으로 있고싶어
너를 내품에(니가 내품에)
가득 안은채 굳어버렸으면 싶어 영원히

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