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2. Boajjang Forums
4. Cyxion Forums
5. TVfXQ Forever Forums
6. DBSK Exclusive Forums
7. DBSG Comm @ LJ
8. system_chaos @ LJ a.k.a Krissy/Kroongho

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DBSK/TVXQ Threads at
1. Asian Fanatics (including the DBSK gallery)
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Downloads/Subtitle Credits:

1. Cyxion's Clubbox for the following:
061027 MBC Golden Fishery (Jaejoong + Yoochun) (Eng Subbed)
BARKS - O-Sei.Han.Gou PV BTS (Part 1)
BARKS - O-Sei.Han.Gou PV BTS (Part 2)
Barks Choosey Lover PV BTS (Part 1)
Barks Choosey Lover PV BTS (Part 2)
Miscellaneous Performances

2. tvfxqers clubbox for the following:
Prince In Prague DVD Clip (Eng Subbed)
061203 Heroine6 - Micky and Junsu Cut (Eng Subbed)
Ittda Eopda!! (True or False) (Eng Subbed)
MTV Ask (Eng Subbed)
MNet Starwatch Part 1 (Eng Subbed)
MNet Starwatch Part 2 (Eng Subbed)
MNet School Of Rock Episode 1 (Eng Subbed)
MNet School Of Rock Episode 2 (Eng Subbed)
MNet School Of Rock Special Edition (Eng Subbed)
Channel-A with Tohoshinki Part 1 (Eng Subbed)
Channel-A with Tohoshinki Part 2 (Eng Subbed)
070201 ARTIST SP (Eng Subbed)
070205 HEY!HEY!HEY! Tohoshinki (Eng Subbed)
TNC Peace (Food Tasting) (Eng Subbed)
Interview on TVK Shinkaigyo [Part One - Five]
070301 Gyao Interview (Full) (Eng Subbed)
070302 CHICHIN PUIPUI Tohoshinki (Eng Subbed)
070314 BARKS Interview #39 (Eng Subbed)
070315 Yahoo! Live Talk (Eng Subbed)
070316 Showtime Special Interview
070323 Tetsuko's Room (Eng Subbed)
070329 Channel A Sports Battle (Basketball) (Eng Subbed)
070405 Channel A Sports Battle (Soccer + Telematch) (Eng Subbed)
070305 MTV M-Size Monthly Face (Eng Subbed)
070319 MTV M-Size MONTHLY FACE Talk + Choosey Lover PV (Eng Subbed)
070326 MTV M-Size MONTHLY FACE Talk (Eng Subbed)

3. ginaya's clubbox for the following:
Junsu's Super Viking Cut (Round 2) (Eng Subbed)
TVN Press Conference
TVN E-News 2nd Asia Tour Concert "O"
(Opening + Phantom + Million Men + The Way U Are) Backstage Before & After Concert
Concert Secrets 1
Concert Secrets 2 [Part 1] [Part 2]

4. Badstar's Clubbox for the following:
Choosey Lover DVD Part 1 (Eng Subbed)
Choosey Lover DVD Part 2 (Eng Subbed)
2nd Asia Tour Concert "O" Documentary Book Interview (Eng Subbed)

5. Kayem7289 @ boajjang forums for the following:
MTV School Attack (Behind the Scenes) (Eng Subbed)
Noh HongChul's Joyful Radio (Eng Subbed)
Junsu's Musical @ Gayo Festival (Eng Subbed)
060916 KBS DBSK in Thailand Concert (Eng Subbed)
061210 Junsu's Laser Dance in Happy Sunday Heroine 6
070414 SBS Star King 1 (Eng Subbed)
070423 SBS Star King 2 (Eng Subbed)
Xman Ep. 112 + 113
Love Letter Ep. 32, 33
OMAR Ep. 1-4

6. Fearless_123 @ dbsk_library
Various Performances + TV Shows + GOE Productions

7. hoony @ bww2 forums for:
Banjun Dramas + Miscellaneous Performances

8. finay @ bww2 forums for:
Banjun Dramas + Miscellaneous Performances

9. DBSJ Productions for:
SBS Real Sunday, Xman #69 Episode 152 Softsubs
MNet Making of Starwatch Ep 1-3
MNet No Cut Story - Making of Snow Dream MV
MTV M-Size Episodes

10. Gods Of The East Subbing Squad for:
Please leave the tags intact and do not rename your files in any way. Not everything is listed because, there are just TOO many files (SORRY @_@). That's how WONDERFUL they are. Therefore, HUGE credit goes to them. ^_^
TNC Peace Episodes
Lovin' You Offshot Movie
Summer Dream Offshot Movie
Barks 43, 44, 45
MNet 21c Artist (Interview Cut) + No Cut Version
TNC Chikappa (DBSK Cut)
History in Japan Vol. 2
Channel A #449
Jihwaza Episode 2 & 3
Sportswear On Sale Special Comment
No Cut TV - The South Korea E-Ambassador (Eng Subbed)
Iple Music Town Congratulation Message (Eng Subbed)
SM Town Summer Concert Interview 2007 (Eng Subbed)
070622 UFO Town Comment (Eng Subbed)
SPN Congratulation Message
Air City Drama OST Interview (Eng Subbed)
Lovin' You Single Comment (Eng Subbed)
Kansai Super News Anchor - 2nd Live Tour FITB (Eng Subbed)
MTV VMAJ Interview on MTV Buzz Asia (Eng Subbed)
MTV VMAJ Report On Cable TV (Eng Subbed)
MTV VMAJ Interview on MTV Korea (Eng Subbed)
All Eyes On DBSK in MTV VMAJ (Eng Subbed)
News Ulsan Dream Concert (DBSK Cut) (Eng Subbed)
HEY!HEY!HEY! Telephone Box Hardsubbed
Gokigenyou 02 (Eng Subbed)
Oricon Style - Lovin You PV Shooting (Yunho) (Eng Subbed)
Narutomo Interview (Eng Subbed)
BIGLOVE Lovin' You Comment (Changmin) (Eng Subbed)
NTV Music Fighter Interview (Eng Subbed)
Barisan - A Nation Cellphone Recommendation (Eng Subbed)
M-ON! News Lovin' You & A Nation 07 Comment (Eng Subbed)
Channel A (Healing Massage) (Eng Subbed)
TNC Chikappa - Lovin' You Comment (Eng Subbed)
Bigeast Station Episodes
Onryu Episodes

11. Kuraki-Fans + BoAjjang + IN:COM for:
Karaoke + Subbed MVs

Uploading Credits

Fearless_123 @ dbsk_library
Interview on TVK Shinkaigyo [Part One - Five]
SBS Real Sunday, Xman #69 Episode 152 + Softsubs
VACATION English Hardsubbed (in sync version)

rin4ik @ livejournal
HQ Always There
HQ Balloons
HQ Drive
HQ Hug (korean)
HQ Hug (international)

HQ My Destiny
HQ Sky
HQ Stay With Me Tonight


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Go to the Downloads section and Click on Other Downloads.

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Ah, can I upload my file to this blog too?

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You have no idea how grateful I am to you for having this site. You are all true dedicated DBSK fans. Thank you so much for your hard work at providing all DBSK fans around the world the resources to be even more psychotically obsessed with them ^o^. Once again, kamsahamnida and keep up the great work. It's very much so appreciated =)


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*hugs to dbsk-er* gahh~ i dunno how to express my gratitude, this site has almost everything! eventually it became my favourite hangout already. I just wan to say kamsamida x1000 for providing and feeding us with so many informations,news,everything that connects us with our dongbang boys. thankyousomuch. aza! x5 ~

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WOW! Thanks for all of the great downloads! I have bought a lot of DBSK music over the past couple of years from, but sometimes there just aren't things you can get over here in the U.S. (like the Anyband cd). I cannot express my gratitude enough. YOU GUYS ROCK!

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