Ride On

Composer:P.M.Anquetil・C. Lee-Joe.I. James. FARQUHARSON
Arranger:BNA Prod., Yuko Yasumoto, J.Kalifowitz

[Yoochun (?)]
Ah ah ah.
Get up take a ride?
Ah take a ride? Listen

You door wo akete
Jiyuu ni naru gaki wo sashikonde yeah
Right now kakaru ignition
Mou ikitsukumadewa orirarenai yeah

Oh feel me? Give me your more beat. (um umm)
Atsui mamani so we gotta bounce alright
([Yoochun] We gotta bounce alright)
Girl, squeeze me kono karada ni
Oshiyoseru in your love oh baby

Oh wow wow
Hey you drive me crazy tonight
Ima hashirinukeruyo baby alright? (baby alright)
Oh wow wow
Uh baby you're cruising with me, soshite get in zone
Kanjiatte (you're cruising) with me
Oh wow wow

Good girl (good girl) dokomadedemo
Kimi wo noseteiku dakara motto yeah
Oh no jirasanaide I wanna let you say "want you"
Hatenaki daydream yeah

Oh feel me? Give me your more beat.
([Junsu] Oh I know that you feel me)
Ijigen (?) he to so we gotta bounce alright
([Junsu] We gotta bounce alright)
Sore ijou to my love

Oh wow wow
Hey you drive me crazy tonight (drive me crazy tonight)
Mada tsuzuku yume nara (baby alright)
Oh wow wow
Uh baby you're cruising with me kokode get in zone
Tokeruyou ni (you're cruising) with me (oh wow wow)
Hey you drive me crazy tonight (yeah)
Imahashirinukeruyo baby alright? (baby alright)
Oh wow wow
Uh baby you're cruising with me (cruising with me)
Soshite get in zone
Kanjiatte (you're cruising) with me
Oh wow wow
Yeah come on baby
I wanna get in a zone alright
Feel me wow wow

Hey you drive me crazy tonight
Mada tsuzuku yume nara baby alright? (baby alright)
Oh wow wow
Uh baby you're cruising with me (cruising with me)
Kokode get in zone
Tokeruyou ni (you're cruising) with me (oh wow wow)
Hey you drive me crazy tonight
Imahashirinukeruyo baby alright? (baby alright)
Oh wow wow
Uh baby you're cruising with me. Soshite get in zone
Kanjiatte (you're cruising) with me
Oh wow wow
Oh feel me? (give me your more beat baby)
My my girl, squeeze me
I wanna get in a zone alright
Girl, squeeze me baby amazing sweet
My my girl, squeeze me get in zone alright
Oh wow wow

Credits: eri_m + jaejin @ dbsgLJ


Ah ah ah get up,
Take a ride? Ah take a ride?

Listening to you opening the door
Slotting in the key to freedom yeah
Right now, Walk inside
I won’t back out until I reach my destination yeah

Oh feel me? Give me your more beat.
Filled with enthusiasm so we gotta bounce alright
Girl,squeeze me
In this whole body
Drowning in your love oh baby

Oh wow wow
Hey you drive me crazy tonight
We will set off now
Baby alright?
Oh wow wow
Uh baby you’re cruising with me. Then get in zone
Feel this together with me
Oh wow wow

Good girl (good girl)
I will bring you along with me no matter where I go
So let’s do it again yeah
Oh no
Please don’t let me feel anxious
I wanna let you say `want you`
No limitations to daydreaming yeah

Oh feel me? Give me your more beat.
Even though we might have reached that space
So we gotta bounce alright
Girl,squeeze me (squeeze me) baby amazing sweet
A lot more compared to this
To my love

Credits: sparkskey @ soompi forums


gluzen said...

thanks for the lyrics!
haha i wonder what this MV will be like... its such a different song... more sexy-like. But then again, I hope for the MV they're not in club with lots of girls =( unless one of them is me XD I'm still getting into Shine and now this one comes up.. they're really consitent! DBSK Hwaiting!

miya said...

uwaaa... that's so cool n fast!
luv this song so much~
well.. hoping the translation will post soon~
thanks for the lyrics neway!

Juliee said...


TVXQ hwaiting!

Anonymous said...

I love this song! I can't wait to hear their solos too. ^^

Also, can't wait for the translations.

(DBSKer, you rock!)

peeyuh said...

this song is way hot. i agree with gluzen. haha! although the way i was imagining the MV pretty much turned out like that.. =\

DBSKer said...

Hmm.. I don't think there's gonna be an MV for this song unless they're gonna be generous. Usually its one MV per single released. But Shine's MV wasn't too bad. Can't say there's disappointment there.

Anonymous said...

well, i do like 'shine.' btw, this song sounds like this version 'is it alright'. found the site @gstms24. check the track if any1's interested, phraseddifferently.com. - Reef64

Changsu said...

Haha, this is an awesome song, DBSK know what they're doing. Thanks for your hard work!

Lynne said...

I do love this song ^-^ It's so cool and catchy, quite different from other songs of them ... No hope for MV T_T, only want to see their performance.

Thanks for the lyric ~ you're so adorable ^^~.

Anonymous said...

lol wow.. haha some MAJOR lyrics right there. haha i wanna read the translations. :] ill be waiting! thanks you!

shuli said...

oh i love this song so much. it's definitely one of the sexiest song they have ever done. and so much of it is in english! hahaha. thought it's a little sad that they probably wont shoot an mv for this cos i can almost imagine it and the type of dance moves. ahhh..

thanks for all the hardwork! hwaiting!

ryu & tia said...


thats all i can say. we, actually.

we're going to be regulars here. ;]

<3 TVXQ.

you rock!

trangka said...

it's yunho whostarts the song. :D

peeyuh said...

i'm gonna comment again.
the lyrics are so... suggestive. haha!
if no MV, a performance at least. with a REALLY good camera man. xD

Anonymous said...

Wow..this song is sexually suggestive, but I love the song no less!Hmmm..if a vid were made, how would it look like....>__<

Anonymous said...

I love the song even more, after reading the lyrics. This is such a hot song!

pzjz said...

I love your site so cool
thank you for sharing

lord_jedi said...

I can't believe SM Town let TVXQ sings this song. I hate the company who handle them at Japan. Why asking them to sing this kind of song? I don't want to see TVXQ just like any other bands in the world who sing sex songs. You don't have to sing a sex song in order to sing sexy and hot song. I'm just feel uncomfortable when I listen to this song. ‘Squeeze me’? I heard the guys also feel uncomfortable about this. Wonder whether it's true or not...

I don’t think there will be any MV or live performance for this song. By the way, Forever Love is coming out. I think the next single will be a ballade song. It’s been a while since we heard the guys sing ballade. Looking forward to it. ^_^

Anonymous said...

S0oo0o, this is the translation of ride on.. thanx! i knew from the start that this song was written by micky..haha..that cutie manwhore.. well, of course he wrote it with my fiance,jeje.. jajaja.. they're so itchy.. but i do like this song for it makes me dance everytime..

Anonymous said...

i love this song, i really feel like dancing!!
this is a way different from their usual songs, two thumbs up for dbsk!
i can't wait to see its MV or even a performance..a cool performance with the sexy dance steps!! woohooo!! they can make the floor burning into ashes!
i like this part the most.. "oh. oh, hoo oohh..."
thanks for the lyrics! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Whoa! 2 thumbs up 4 my honey jaejong.. my cutie kitten.. harhar.. I knew from the start that this was written by Yoochun(and yes, believe it or not my cutie kitten helped him)yoochun, that cutie manwhore..harhar hope they will have a concert here in the philippines..Ko map sum nida!!

Anonymous said...

Hope to see them dance this song.. they look yummy..hahaha. dbsk/tvxq aficionados rockz!! thnx 4 the lyrix guys and gals..

Candice said...

hey there!
ive checked out ur site for quite a while now...but i dont think ive ever posted a comment
how inconsiderate of me XD

anyways thanks so much for all the stuff that uve posted!!!
keep up the great work =]

Anonymous said...

Yoochun wrote this song ?? Really ??

Anonymous said...

I kinda have to disagree with Lord_jedi, This is my own opinion but I kinda like this song cuz it shows something new that DBSK is experimenting with. Ya know that saying "You can't say you don't like it if you don't try it first." well, if DBSK doesn't like this new style then maybe they won't do it again. Plus they kind of have to do whatever their company tells them to, other wise they'll get fired, and we don't want that to happen, But I mean, DBSK are now men, they will make one or more songs with racy lyrics no matter how you look at it. DBSK keep up the great job!

Gwen said...

wait you mean yoochun wrote it?:? holy crap i love this song its soo sexy

Anonymous said...

their company would never force them to do whatever they don't wnat to do. ayumi hamasaki is on that label. she anything she wants and pleases.this is a cool song.

Anonymous said...

this is so dirty....lol
it's sexy
I never would of thought they would have lyrics like this....
at first when I heard it I thought it was quite sexy...but now I read the translation....
it's really dirty....

vivi said...

is completed ride one???

Funky Mary said...

Sooo sexy!
I could never thank you enough

Gosh, I can't wait to see an MV for this one, it's gonna be somewhere red hot! burn this place up boys!

Anonymous said...

SEXY !!! That was my reaction first time i heard this song when i got the SHINE single last year was it? Yup like everyone else i cant wait to see them perform live with such a mature content song- if u get what i mean.

Now after seeing the ARINA concert clips on youtube,
I am not surprised.....they never disappoint HAHA.
DBSK is growing up - and I LOVE IT !!!

Anonymous said...

chunnie wrote this!?! o.o i can imagine XD

and i've watched the fancams of their performance of this, and all i can say is. well. whew. ghad. well, you better just watch it for yourself XD

Kg-ko said...

Gah, Micky and Jae, huh? Well, I like it. I love it. It's on repeat in my headphones now.
For some reason, this song really highlights Micky's sexy voice (*coughbedroomvoicecough*) and Yunnie's singing. Feh, the middle and eldest child write it, the second eldest sings the most, and Minnie and Xiah quietly do background and small parts. Hero and that laugh, sorry babe, but it's barely fitting into the category of sexy-just kidding, Jae, it's sexy. This one is VERY danceable. I wonder who thought of the western/mexican rhythm...

Anonymous said...

hmm..in my opinion..i don't think that this song's meaning is very nice..somehow, my impression of DBSK is a clean boyband..but this song totally changes my view..i think its a bit too pervertic..
but anyways, its their choice..

Anonymous said...

yoochun and jae din't write this songlah..

the song they wrote in T album is called

"Kiss Shita Mama, Sayonara"

Anonymous said...

I'm commenting again. It took me 50 TIMES to listen to the song and 4 TIMES or more to read the translation to get the double meanings in the 1st and 2nd verses...and I feel dumb. I must say, I pretty much laughed my butt off when I finally got it and covered my face in embarrassment from the sides of the page.

Anonymous said...

i love this song. and whoever said that they hate this song coz of its 'too mature' content can just grow up. they're not kids. they're young men. and plus us fangirls love the song and the CHOREO is freaking awesome. *pervert mode* loving the fancam solely on su, chun and jae where they grind (the official pv does NOT do those three justice) *drools a pool* *replays fancam*

Anonymous said...

So sexy.
also dirty.
They're getting down now.
lol. Thanks for the lyrics

Anonymous said...

Love this song! And i've watched the concert...it's very hot and sexy. The background dancers being guys just made it even better. Thanks for the translations! ^^I'm glad that they aare mature enough to sing songs like this now. I prefer their ballads and songs like "O" Jung Ban Hap, Purple Line, Rising Sun, Darkness Eyes, and of course Bolero. ^^those are just a few that i love.

Anonymous said...

I could do without the graphic double meaning that's predominant in the first half of the song. They have a few songs on “The Secret Code” that are racy then this though. I agree you don't have to sing about sex to be sexy. And I’ve seen the concert video. Yunho’s singing is hot, but he needs to pull in the femininity a little bit with his dancing. And the dance moves were pretty saucy, but the dudes need to back up from each other just a tad.

Anonymous said...

Yoochun and Jaejoong didn't wrote this song...none of the members of DBSK wrote this song...

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