Music Videos

Medium Quality
High Quality
Always There
Asu Wa Kuru Kara
67.17MB (K+E)
86.4MB (K+E)
Beautiful Life
Beautiful You
50.5MB (K+E)
Bolero (Movie Ver.)
Break Out!
Choosey Lover
Colours - Melody & Harmony
Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natte Shimattan Darou? [Drama Version] - Softsubs
(by checkerzelda)
Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natte Shimattan Darou? [DBSK Version]
Drive {LQ} 14.8MB
Fighting Spirit of Dong Bang
Forever Love
Free Your Mind
Hi Ya Ya (Beach Ver.)
87.19MB (K+E)
Hi Ya Ya (Train Ver.)
Holding Back The Tears 1
Holding Back The Tears 2
Hotmail (SM Town)
Hug (Korean)
Hug (International)
Insa (Millionaire's First Love)
Kiss the Baby Sky
Last Angel (Koda Kumi feat. DBSK)
Let's Go On A Trip! (SM Town)
Lovin' You [mp4]
Magic Castle
Miduhyo (Ver. 1)
Miduhyo (Ver. 2)
Mirotic (Japanese)
Mirotic (Korean)
Mirotic - Dance Ver. (Korean)-
Miss You
My Destiny
My Destiny (Acapella) {LQ} 6.22MB
My Little Princess
My Little Princess (Acappella Version) {LQ} 8.35MB
"O" Jung.Ban.Hap (Korean)
"O" Sei.Han.Gou (Japanese)
One (Millionaire's First Love)
Only Love (SM Town)
Phantom (2nd Live Album Promo Clip)
Picture of You NEW!!
Purple Line (Japanese)
Purple Line (Korean)
Red Sun (SM Town)
75.2MB (K+E)
Rising Sun (Korean)
87.36MB (K+E)
Rising Sun (Japanese)
87.3MB (K+E)
Seaside (SM Town)
Share the World NEW!!
Show Me Your Love (feat Super Junior)
Snow Dream (SMTown)
Somebody To Love {LQ} 22.6MB
Stand By You (Drama Ver.) NEW!!
Stand By You (TVXQ Ver.) NEW!!
Stay With Me Tonight
Step By Step
Summer Dream
Thanks To {LQ} 13.3MB
Thousand Year Love Song
The Way U Are
Together (Cinammonrol Ver.)
77.1MB (K+E)
We Are (One Piece Theme Song)
27.2MB (K+E)
Whatever They Say (Acappella)
Wrong Number
You're My Miracle (2nd Live Album Promo Clip)
Medium Quality
High Quality
Anyband - Talk, Play, Love (feat. Junsu)
Diamond (Dana feat. Yunho) {LQ} 7.23MB
Last Angel (Koda Kumi feat. DBSK)
Magolpy (feat. Yoochun)
Timeless (Jang Ri In feat. Junsu) Part 1
Timeless (Jang Ri In feat. Junsu) Part 2
36.1MB (E)
Why... (Jang Ri In with Junsu Appearance)
Call Me (Taegoon with Jaejoong Appearance)
Blossom (Ayumi Hamasaki with Jaejoong Appearance) -

  • (K) = Karaoke
  • (E) = English Subtitles
  • (K+E) = Karaoke with English Subtitles


    Anonymous said...

    Hi^ i've just aploaded 'We are from one piece with karaoke and subs! you can use the link here^^

    Midnight said...

    Wow!! I totally love your new layout!! everything on DBSK @ my fingertips!! XD
    thank you so much 4 all your efforts!!

    Kizumi said...

    Your page is getting better and better *_*

    and i think it's a good idea to sort the mvs by title, now it's easier for the users to find the mv they are looking for ^^

    oh, one more thing, the button "back to downloads directory" is sooo cute! if jaejoong said the sentence in the speech in reality, i would have laught to death! xD

    Please continue with your great work, I will always support you!

    Anonymous said...

    I've just upload HQ clips Balloons 122 Mb Drive 252 Mb Hug kor 280 Mb Hug inter 138 Mb

    Anonymous said... Always There 1333 Mb

    ReeBECarh! said...

    WOW! i love the new look. ;) its much easier to get around now and thanks for uploading these vids. =)

    now i know where to download all my DBSK stuff when i need to. xD

    Anonymous said...

    ohh awesome...

    I like this website..
    4 the fans DBSK...
    this is the best website 4 download and look for the lyric...

    Is the best
    4 DBSKer..


    Anonymous said...

    the site is really awesome!!
    but somehow i cant d/l using megaupload!! can you help me with that?

    Anonymous said...

    your site is perfect!!! i've been looking everywhere for download, lyrics, etc!! but, b/c dbsk goes by so many names, i couldn't find anything!!! i love this site!!

    ...Q: in the Korean version of the Rising Sun MV(i don't know if the Japanese is the same) is JJ not dancing b/c of his knee? i already noticed he wasn't the masked dancer, but when i heard a rumor about his knee, i wanted to know if that was the real reason...

    Anonymous said...


    DeE said...


    I really like this website..
    I can get what I want here..

    This is the best website 4 download n search the lyrics..really..
    Big thanks to the uploader..^^

    - DeE -

    Anonymous said...

    AHHH! love site~ very HQ!!!
    would be noice if "Wrong Number" MV was posted soon~ Thanks! arigato gozaimasu

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks a bunch for all of these

    Anonymous said...

    Thnx 4 all the MVs! Especially Wrong Number! I'll wait for the HQ patiently. Thnx again! XD

    grace C said...

    omg this site is freaking awesome!!! everythg is so organized here!!! and i can go dbsk crazeeee here!!!

    thanks so much for ur effort and hard work!!! hwaiting!!!

    MyLove said...

    Haha..i think wrong number MV can be considered as HQ.So,everyone..dont feel hesitate to take it!it was an awesome MV!!Thanks for the uploader!

    Michael K. Hoskins said...

    Um...someone in charge...the Snow Dream HQ link is in an odd spot and it looks like it's a Sky download. Just thought I'd tell someone. Thanks for uploading everything!

    Anonymous said...

    Just wondering... waht's the differnce between a karaoke version and the MV/PV? If there is PV version for those karaoke songs... that would be nice!!!!

    COoL SITE!

    Anonymous said...

    do you have any 3gp of these????
    plz have Tri-Angle,The Way U are,and Choosey lover a 3gp format????

    Anonymous said...

    thank you for these!!!

    Mz.Tengie said...

    TVXQ's m/v's are always so beautiful.
    Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

    Anonymous said...

    a little help here..
    is Asu Wa Kuru Kara is One Piece theme song beside We Are?
    correct me if i'm wrong..

    Anonymous said...

    do u have the dance ver 4 rising sun & o jung ban hup??i really appreciate it if u could find da way,thnx 4 sharing with us...

    Anonymous said...

    thank-you so much, especially for the karaoke-styled music videos! <3 them =D

    Anonymous said...

    you dont have magic castle..T-T

    Luffa said...

    Thanks rin4ik for the HQ videos! I have added them in :D

    kogane said...

    *O* ohhhhhhhhhhhh hontoni arigatou!!! me search video DBSK arigatouuu!!! >.< sorry i don´t speak english

    Anonymous said...

    thanks so much for all these!!

    Anonymous said...

    wa.. what a site you have.... ^__^
    i can download the MV i don't have...
    thank you so much for your hard work... ^__^

    Anonymous said...

    hey..please tell me how 2 download??
    i'm a bit confuse now..heheh

    Anonymous said...

    can you upload the mirotic dance version in 3gp???
    i always want to see it by not looking at youtube.....
    so i could put it on my phone......
    if you do, tnx. but if you dont, i'ts ok

    Anonymous said...

    i really can't miss this 'miro'tic website!

    UyaB_Ni_BoA_ said...

    I really like your site........
    I wanna help you to make youre site more useful.......
    I have the highest quality videos....
    I'm gonna upload them......
    If its ok,, i wanna share it to you.....
    Is it alright???
    I have
    DBSK - My Destiny (235 mb)
    DBSK - Rising Sun korean (239 mb)
    DBSK - Sky (180 mb)
    Stay With Me Tonight (160 mb)
    Miss You - (175 mb)and
    Tri-Angle (209 mb)

    huuh.....i think it will tak me most of the time to upload all of these.......
    that is if its ok...
    I'm sorry if i disturbed you...
    I just want to contribute....

    I really like you're site..........


    UyaB_Ni_BoA_ said...

    Hi! I've just uploaded My Destiny....
    corrections^^ It is only 234 mb...I'm sorry bout that.,...

    Here's the link

    Ive just uploaded one video yet.,....
    i will just tell you if i have uploaed all of it...



    Anonymous said...

    HQ Wrong Number.
    Thank you!!

    Anonymous said...

    i absolutely love your site!~
    but one thing. the rising sun(korean) medium quality is the same as the japanese one.

    Anonymous said...

    hi... i wanna contribute as well... i wanna contribute .3gp format of tvxq vids...

    Shim Oo-Ma said...

    Aigooo all the links are in Megaupload TT____TT
    megaupload is blocked in this country -____-

    Shim Oo-Ma said...

    so sad megaupload is blocked in this country TT__TT

    under junsu spell said...

    im like a permanent downloader of dis site
    feel kinda sad n regret coz i cant join the broken link project
    ive to give my biggest thank to d uploader
    such a great effort u give here
    u know u r d best!!!

    betsy said...

    This is the best site of dbsk!!!!

    I love this site!!! you have any mv of dbsk that's in wmv format..?pls..?thanks...

    UyaB_Ni_BoA_ said...

    me again...

    I have just uploaded DBSK - Sky HQ (180.3 mb)

    here's the link/..........

    I hope it helps.....
    Thank You very much!!!!!!!!!!
    once again........
    You have the best site for downloads!!!!
    salutes you for your hardwork!!!!



    UyaB_Ni_BoA_ said...

    it's me again


    here's Stay With Me Tonight (160.36 MB)




    Anonymous said...

    How do I download from

    pyonkichi said...

    Bolero-Romanisation&Japanese KaraokeSub MQ 94.2MB

    Anonymous said...

    Thank you fof music vedios. ^^

    ilove_yunho said...

    ne.....the site's so cool!

    i love all parts of it.

    the downloads area is really helpful.

    keep running the site...

    love it!

    more power and Godbless

    Anonymous said...

    u wbste r so awesome....rlly thankful 2 you...:)

    Anonymous said...

    Do you have "The Way U Are" HQ MV ? I love "The Way U Are" so much, and I want the HQ version ...

    If U have it, can U upload it and share link to me ? My email is ...

    Thanks so much !

    Have a nice day !

    mansanas said...

    thanks for all your effort! you'll never know how much i appreciate everything! also to all those who helped in the project! you guys are so great!

    my heart tingles everytime it crosses my mind that everything about tvxq is in here!

    have a nice day!

    Anonymous said...

    i'm not sure... can i request something in here. i'm looking for MV of DJ Makai ft. micky...

    btw, thanks b4

    Crissy said...

    hey cant u help me i cant use megaupload i dont understand.
    how to download?

    choong said...

    Love your website!!
    I thank my lucky stars for stumbling across your page.
    Thanks alot!

    Anonymous said...

    The links to some of the PVs redirect through an advertising website, thats full of pop ups, to get to megaupload.Thank you for having all of these wonderful uploads but becuase of that issue I can't download certain things.

    Jenny said...

    thank you very much! i appreciate all the hard work you guys put in on uploading for us fans :)

    Kat said...

    >> Bolero Eng subbed / romanization


    inoue yori said...

    sankyuu ! ur archives is tottaly great !

    Anonymous said...

    how come i cant watch bolero?

    Anonymous said...

    Do you have "Dangerous Mind" HQ MV by TXVQ ? I really love this song ...

    If anyone has this, can you give me the download link of this MV ? (of course, when you have uploaded it ^^!)

    Thank you very much !

    Have a nice day !

    C@$$iOpE!A said...

    Yeh! it very nice~

    and i'm to say thanks you very much!

    Anonymous said...

    urgh.. can i have the mediafire as alternative link for all these mv? i'm new
    and megaupload never my best friend, so, please....*puppy doq eyes*
    thx so much!! i really appreciate ur hard work..

    Anonymous said...

    thank you so much for taking your precious time to u/l all of this mv and stuffs ^_^

    Anonymous said...

    just i want to know, if you can update dsbk- try my love 060628

    Anonymous said...

    thanks¡¡¡¡ >.<

    cRix said...

    thank you sooo muchhh for these. it is so much appreciated! *HUGS*

    Anonymous said...

    > embarrassing..
    >i don't know how to upload on megaupload..haha..will someone teach me?..
    >here's my FS account..
    > would be anticipating...

    Anonymous said...

    I just wanna say that that pic of Jaejoong with the hair dryer is too funny for words!!! lol

    Anonymous said...

    thanks for sharing everything,always support this site and u and, of course, dbsk ^o^

    Upay_ChunMo said...

    survivor its nice video..hohoho..thx alot..

    Anonymous said...

    Thank You ^^

    Jia said...

    do you have DBSK - the way you are and DBSK- Mirotic Dance ver. in HQ?

    Anonymous said...

    Megaupload is slower these days.. TT__TT It's hard to download......

    Anonymous said...

    why i can't play shine?
    what is the file format for the medium quality?
    thx b4..

    Black_Green_Wings said...

    Suvivor is died T____T

    UyaB_Ni_BoA_ said...

    hello its me again

    remember me??

    I have kiss the baby sky.
    It's Tohoshinki's new release MV

    Its kinda cute esp junsu...........


    I saw none on your list of links thats why i uploaded it.
    Maybe you'll wonder why it is in mediafire....
    I uploaded it there coz these days,
    i doubt on megaupload coz it uploads just as fat as five seconds. I doubt that the file is really uploaded. Even a 700 MB file.

    thats why i used mediafire. Here's the details..
    it is .avi and 73.83 MB

    here' the link

    stephany said...

    One doubt. I download two videos so far, "O" japanese v. and Last Angel (Koda Kumi feat. DBSK) Hq both, but when i play the video the sound is like a grrp, why?

    Yukki said...

    Why i cant download holding back the tears mv?Anyone have link download for the song?

    Anonymous said...

    i love you:D the owner of the blog:D so much :X

    Anonymous said...

    thanks so much, whoever you are.

    Nur said...

    thank you... very2 much.....

    Didi said...

    gracias ^^ gracias XD gracias

    thanks... thanks ^3^

    Anonymous said...

    thank you very much for complete link. I download all their korean karaoke MV ^^v

    MaRie said...

    Hi! I just wanted to know if you could upload Survivor in a different format, 'cause it's .VOB and I haven't been able to see it T_T ...maybe .avi.. please!!!

    By the way... I love this site!!! I'm gettin' all my DBSK stuff from here!!! And yes, I agree, that picture of Jaejoong is soooo cute!!! XD .. Arigatou gozaimasu!!! ^_^

    Anonymous said...

    it's been awhile since i've visited this site. as always, this site rocks! thank you! arigato! kamsahamnida! salamat! xie xie!

    Anonymous said...

    Is anyone else not able to download the 2 Holding Back The Tears MVs? I really want them, but it doesn't work! WHAA!!

    yui said...

    thanks for all^^
    i havent comment here yet ...xD
    but im a big fan of dbsker archives^^
    thanks for all >.<

    Anonymous said...

    hiiii!!! thank´s for all

    i´m a big fan


    Nancydrew said...

    Wow, thanks a lot for all of these goodies! I've been dying looking for them =) Love you and your site so much :X

    Anonymous said...

    i've just lost all my DB's stuff..
    n your site really help me finding them all again...
    thx sooo muxh...
    do you have HQ version for Share The World ???
    i really love that song~

    MiSaKo said...

    support all your hard work~~ ^^

    Anonymous said...

    man this site ROCKS!!!!keep up the awesome work...and I speak for every DBSK fan here....YOU ROCK!!!!!

    Anonymous said...

    the lovin' you mp4 is actually the magic castle mp4...
    just thought i'd let you know. ^^

    Anonymous said...

    Both Holding Back the Tears links say the file has been deleted.

    enahh said...

    annyeonghaseyo! :D

    many thanks to all who organize this superb site! *thumbs up* :D

    your site is truly a blessing to me, esp that i'm just a new fan of these fab five <3

    almost everything i need is here!!! thanks so much!!! *hugs*

    ~ the "O" jap video works fine with me. HQ indeed! :)
    i guess try to play it on other media player? how about GOM? or VLC?

    ~ you can play "Survivor" video using VLC media player :)
    VLC plays almost every type of file there is ;)...very user-friendly :)
    just Google it and you'll find sites where you can download it for free :)

    take care everyone!

    TVXQ fighting!!! <3

    Anonymous said...

    This site has been getting better and organised since i last came! Thank you to all who have worked to maintain it.

    enahh said...

    annyeonghaseyo! ^^

    thanks for the new PVs(Share the World, Kiss the Baby Sky, and Survivor)you uploaded!^^ <3 *hugs*

    btw, the links for Holding Back The Tears are still invalid :(
    hope you can reup 'em soon!

    many many thanks!!!^_^

    can't start and end the day w/o visiting this awesome site!^^

    thanks for all the effort!!! you're the best!^^

    Anonymous said...

    great work!!!
    thanks 4 all your efforts in making this among the best sites of DBSK ever!!!
    really appreciate your hard work...
    please continue working in this site----
    honestly, this is the best DBSK's site ever!

    BreakfastML said...

    Hi!! Thank you so much for the videos! This is such a wonderful site! I've downloaded all the videos now xD!!

    Oh! The links for Holding Back The Tears 1 and 2 are dameged I think U_U

    MU didn't let me downloaded them =/

    Hope I helped by telling you guys!!

    Once again Thank very much for the hard worK!

    Michelle said...

    Hey, i really love ur site! but i cant seem to download using megaupload...i wanna download the survivor mv pls give me the url, n i'll download it some where else..

    enahh said...


    thanks so much for the reups of Holding Back The Tears (versions 1 & 2)!!! *hugs*

    you're awesome! thank you so much!!! ^^

    ☆ ♥ kazekirina ♥ ☆ ... said...

    this site rocks!

    Anonymous said...

    this is the best site ever!! thank you!

    oh, and a link for beautiful life hq:

    it's 207 mb

    Anonymous said...

    can you reup the video for 'the way u are' in mediafire or megaupload?? thanks..

    Anonymous said...

    Thank you very much yo...i love this website very much. I recommend this best website to all my friends and they also say they like it. You guys are the best source for all dbsk fans. Kamsahamida!!!

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    Thanks a lot<3

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    love your site very much..

    thank you...

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    I'm in love with this page

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    i have a question. is this free?

    Anonymous said...

    its ajeng,,i'm from indonesia,,this site is getting much better,,,i admire ur dedication to Dong Bang Shin Ki,,,keep cassiopeia pride alive!!

    Saranghae~ DBSK & SuJu~ <3<3 said...

    Wow..This website is great!! Thanks a lot!! I really love DBSK <3<3
    Thanks again!!

    Also, Jaejoong at the 'Back to the directory' button is so CUTE! <3
    'Be blown away by my hairdryer!' HAHA

    Hahah thanks again!! =)

    Anonymous said...

    Please re-upload the THANKS TO MV, because i the file seems to be missing...

    thank you very much!

    Anonymous said...

    I just wanted to drop by and say thank you for taking your time to upload these videos for us and your work is very much appreciated ^__^

    Anonymous said...

    thank u so much for the stand by u dbsk version! i've been waiting:) thank u so much:)

    -=JAEJOONG-my-love-my-HERO=- said...

    i happened to notice that u don't have a DAY MOON MV.... is there a possibility that u can upload it in here?

    thanks for all the videos...
    great job!


    Anonymous said...

    jsut wanted to ;let u know
    that the hi ya ya train version is damage...

    can u re-upload a new one... PLEASE!!!!



    Anonymous said...

    well,this site is the best site for cassiopiean...
    all g00dies are here!!
    but yeah,it hurts that i can only look at it since megaupload is kinda hate me..
    why dont some mv goes to mediafire?
    haha...sorry me too selfish~
    well,u guys did great job!!

    Anonymous said...

    Thank you very much ^^

    Anonymous said...

    Thank You~!^^

    Anonymous said...

    THANKS FOR THE MV's!!!!!!!!!!





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    Thank you!!

    Joy said...

    Can we have mirotic in dance version but mirrored
    cause i going to practise it
    it great!!!

    Anonymous said...

    Thank you so much. I'll be taking a few of the MVs. My hardisk crashed and I lost almost 80GB of my DLed stuff.

    Anonymous said...

    kamsahamnida ^3^

    Arcsuzaku said...

    whoa great site bro
    thank you for upload the video

    Anonymous said...

    hope you can upload hq for 'O' jung bang hup.

    Anonymous said... DJ MAKAI feat. Yuchun - TOKYO LOVELIGHT 131mb

    Anonymous said...

    how do we download from megaupload? when i download it keeps saying that i exceeded downloading limit! PLS HELP! I REALLY LOVE DBSK!

    Anonymous said...

    is there a pv for wasurenaide?

    -=JAEJOONG-my-love-my-HERO=- said...


    New MV's!!!!!!!!!







    DAYMOON mv is not yet available?
    it's ok i have all the time to wait since its TVXQ... IT'S ALL WORTH WAITING FOR!!!!

    i read some of the comments in this page, and I saw two message from two ANONYMOUS.... they mentioned about this HIYAYA train version mv...i'm curious so i checked it out myself what seems to be the problem...and yes, i think i found out what they are talking about...

    to my dear DBSKERARCHIVES,
    i think it would be good if u check it out, you'll find out what's the prob there... and to tell u, the video is cracked on my opinion....


    TVXQ HWAITING!!!!!!!


    Elsa said...

    ohhhhhhh muchas gracias!!
    no sabes por cuanto tiempo estaba
    buscando videos
    de buena calidad
    jajajajaja kejejejeje
    de verdad XD

    Anonymous said...

    Thank you for sharing ^^

    Luv TVXQ and U Guy ~dbskarchives~

    Anonymous said...


    If there's a message which keep saying Exceeded Download, you should try changing the IP address (which will be on the page that you will be directed to) and wait for a few minutes before you try downloading again. I dunno if it works for you, but it works for me. I changed to another IP address and I was able to download many many more other videos without getting the Exceeded Download message afterwards. So you guys should try it! Good luck!

    DBSK fighting <3333

    Anonymous said...

    Hi, I've just subbed the hq version of "COLORS~", here's the link Actually I've upload this to MU too, but right now I'm using cellphone,so it's a bit hassle for me. If you want the MU link please check dbsg@lj

    Kitsunegari said...

    Thanks for sharing. I've been looking for some MVs for so long.

    Anonymous said...

    how come the links are not working???

    Anonymous said...

    i love every songs thank you so much

    Anonymous said...

    oh, could you please do me a favor?

    uhm, I've lost all the MVs of them so I have to recollect them. however, there're some problems preventing me from downloading the HQ files, so could you please help me encode (or convert) some MVs into avi or mp4 files with the same quality as Miduhyo, Hiyaya, Rising sun, My little princess,...above?

    it's OK if you can't help me, thank u anyway

    Anonymous said...

    i luv jejung..
    i luv dbsk kikiki..

    Anonymous said...

    wow ur site is great! do you have the MV for "are u a good girl?"

    Muraki said...

    as AWESOME as always!!
    *nose bleedin in slow motion*

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    omgomg....your site is really helpful...tq so much...its really made my day...i love taking dbsk dont mind right?:) saranghae...keep it up...

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    i've downloaded some videos from here..
    thank you for putting them up, i really appreciate it.. and i always credit your website for the videos that i got from here when i put them up on youtube. so thank you!!!

    Anonymous said...

    can someone please give me a mediafire link for music videos in my country megaupload is blocked i like dbsk i really want their music videos in high quality

    ve8n9us said...

    seriously~ =o= I love DBSKer Archives, but I'm not a fan of mega upload~
    giving me a hard time downloading MVs =.='

    thanks for sharing everything though~ ^^
    I love this site~ <3

    Anonymous said...

    Hi :)
    I see you done a little mistace here.
    I want to download Lovin you in mp4. but I see, its not Lovin you, but Magic castle...^^

    Por said...

    can you upload to mediafire or 4shared. download speed much more faster than megaupload and waiting time's also short

    Por said...

    can you upload videos to mediafire or 4shared because the waiting time there is shorter than megaupload, please you should provide alternative link (i can't open megaupload :(( )

    Anonymous said...

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    hi i'm new in here.
    i want to ask, whats th different between medium quality and high quality??
    and whats the format form those mv?? avi?? or anything else?

    viona said...

    thank you so much

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    I love this hp :)
    when did you upload Break out MV?

    Anonymous said...


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    thanks, and congratulation ... you have an incredible page... I`ll never imagine to fine something like this... I`m new... and I love DBSK...

    Anonymous said...

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    But thanks for the website with so many things *-*

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    this site helped me a lot during my dbsk fandom

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    This is such a wonderful website! Thank you for giving us all this wonderful gift.

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    do you have DBSK 東方神起 Force MV Edited (Eng + Japanese + Romaji Subs)and DBSK東方神起 Love Bye Love (Eng + Japanese + Romanized Korean Subs)video???

    Anonymous said...

    Do you think you can post a mp4 link for COLORS~ Melody and Harmony ?

    Anonymous said...

    Hello! Your site is great! I downloaded a lot when I started. Now I want to help. Here you can find some HQ videos ripped by me:

    I have a lot more, tell me if you need it and I'll upload.

    Anonymous said...

    This website has everything, i swear ; _ ;
    It's like, The TVXQ Complete Encyclopedia !
    Thank you forever and forever for making this amazing "everything" resource for all the international TVXQ fans ..
    International TVXQ fans Heaven * _ *
    Thank you ♥♥♥

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    JYJ:the begining Cd

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    This is a Great Site For Cassiopeia TVXQ Fighting!!!

    Anonymous said...

    The site is awesome but there are a lot of broken links sadly :(

    Anonymous said...

    You might want to check Mirotic - Dance version, its a broken link.

    Otherwise, I LOVE this site! I'm a new DBSK fan, and it RULEZ! (^_^)


    Adriane said...

    Choosey Lover HD link is broken

    Anonymous said...

    link down of chosey lover HQ was die
    please check it ^^

    fafa sheehan said...

    OMO this is like the most incredible site ever! love you guys! thankyou

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    this site is heaven XD

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    this is wonderful website !
    I love it ! :*

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    Ron-chan said...

    Thank you very much for this. i really apreciate it <3 and i like that you can choose fi you want medium or good quality. so its easier for those who dont have so much room for big ones^^

    Again thank you very much for this(hugs)
    <3 <3

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    love this web page

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    thank you very2 much ! u r deabak ! may god bless you ! :)

    anataAayaaJJ_AKTF said...

    even though this blog is rarely updated anymore I'm still often visit this blog, this blog has always helped me to complete my collection, I hope you will not close this blog because this blog was still very much needed, both for cassiopeia that want to complete their collection or a newbie Cassiopeia who want to know more about tvxq.... ceongmal kamshahamnidaaa ^^ *bow*

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    Fist Comment on 2012! ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH CASSIOPEIA!!



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    did you know that megaupload is closed now? please upload again in another sharing site.

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    megaupload dies.....

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