忘れないで (Wasurenaide)

Lyrics by: Jaejoong



BEDDO ni suwatte kimi no koto wo kangaeteita
Aenakute mo ii aitai kono kimochi dake de ii kara

Tsuyoku nokotteiru kioku kimi kara no mijikai MESSEEJI ga
Setsunaku mune shimetsukeru kedo towa no shiawase boku ga mamoritsuzuketai

* Kaze ni natte sotto tsutsumitai
Kimi ga iru sekai ni sugu tonde yukitai
Aitakute mo aitakute mo
Matteru kara tada wasurenaide

Itsumo no hodou ni kimi no kage wo kanjiteita
Shizuka ni me wo toji inoru itsumademo kienai you ni

Fukaku kizutsuiteita koto kizukasezu waratteita kimi ni
Zutto taisetsu ni suru kara sakebitsuzukeru arifureta kotoba demo

* Repeat

Kimi ni fureta yoru kowareteshimau hodo ni
Tadayou kaori ni mata omoi ga tsunoru baby

Itsumademo hatenai you ni
Motto tsuyoku tsunaida te hanarenai you ni

Kaze ni natte sotto tsutsumitai
Kimi ga iru sekai ni sugu tonde yukitai
Aitakute mo aitakute mo
Matteru kara matteru kara

* Repeat

Koko ni iru yo wasurenaide

Credits: lunatunalover @ LJ (Alicia)



I sit on my bed and think of you

It's alright even if I can't see you...
I miss you, but just this feeling is enough

The memories of you remain, they're so strong
I read a short message from you and it makes my chest tighten painfully
But I want to keep protecting your eternal happiness

* I'll become the wind and wrap gently around you
Right now, I want to fly to a world with you in it
Even though I want to see you so much... I miss you so much...
I'm waiting for you, don't forget me

On the path we'd always walk, I felt your presence
Silently, I close my eyes and pray that it'll never disappear

Without acknowledging the things that hurt you deeply, you just kept on laughing and smiling
I'll always remember and cherish that
And I'll keep yelling out to the world, even if the words I use are but ordinary

* Repeat

The nights touched by you...
It's enough to break me; your fragrance hanging in the air and these feelings that build up, baby
So that this'll never end, I'll hold your hand even tighter
So that we'll never be separated...

I'll become the wind and wrap gently around you
Right now, I want to fly to a world with you in it
Even though I want to see you so much... I miss you so much...
I'm waiting for you... I'm waiting for you

* Repeat

I'm right here, don't forget me

~ Translator's Notes

As usual, there were quite a few places where I chose the more interpretive route over the literal one. I felt the story was one of loss, of a loved one who's died and of the one left behind who has to deal with the pain. But someday, they'll be reunited, and he wants her to know that he hasn't forgotten her, he's waiting until he can see her again, so she shouldn't forget him either. I don't know if Jaejoong or anyone else has really said anything about the song. This is just the feeling I got. Maybe he or one of the other boys will say something about it later on. Anyway, on with the notes...

In the first verse, the verb au (逢う) means 'to meet' but in english I felt we use the idea of wanting to see someone (versus meet with them) more often and translated it as such. Japanese also doesn't have a phrase/word that directly corresponds to the English 'I miss you' and 'aitai' is often used in that way.

For the start of the second verse, I took some creative license. More literally, it would go something like 'The strongly left behind memories, your short message makes my chest tighten painfully.' I got the feeling however that he's both reminiscing and perhaps looking through memories, things like short letters/messages she'd written for him.

For the chorus, I did translate pretty literally, with a bit of creative flair thrown in as far as wording is concerned. I got the feeling here of him wanting to join her right then and there, but he knows she wouldn't want him to throw his life away and so he'll just keep waiting until he's able to see her again.

In the next verse, I took a tiny bit of creative license. Literally, the first line would be 'On the usual path/walkway, I felt your shadow.' I thought the idea here was also that of a memory, a memory of the two of them walking there together, to be more precise. In this scenario, I felt it was fitting to the mood to translate it not so much him literally feeling her shadow itself, but rather feeling a shadow of her, feeling like she was there with him even now. This is why I chose 'her presence' for this part. I also felt this worked well with the next line and his silent prayer that she'll be with him always, even if only in spirit.

This next part was also a pretty literal translation. I think the idea here is that he treasures the way she was, the way she didn't let things get to her and instead smiled/laughed, putting on a happy face. As for what exactly it is that he's yelling/crying out, I got the feeling this was meant almost as a "I won't let anyone else forget it either; I'll honor you memory and keep it alive." This could just be me... if anyone else has any thoughts on this, please do share! ^^

For this verse, I must admit I was a little unsure how to handle it. The whole 'kimi ni fureta yoru kowareteshimau hodo ni' part; I was torn over what exactly was going to break... those nights, or him. Oh Japanese and your vagueness... I decided in the end to go with him because I felt the next line worked a bit better with that idea. It gave a feeling of him being a bit overwhelmed; her scent lingers in the room, all the things he's feeling, it all compounds and builds to the point that he feels he'll burst/fall apart. But even then, he doesn't want to ever forget, he doesn't want their time together to ever really end, so he just holds on even harder. Once again, this is just my interpretation and others thoughts are greatly welcomed.

Overall, I felt this is one of their most beautiful Japanese songs to date, on up there with Love in the Ice in my book. I hope you all enjoyed and that this made sense!

Credits: lunatunalover @ LJ (Alicia)



ベッドに座って 君のことを考えていた
逢えなくてもいい 逢いたいこの気持ちだけでいいから

強く残っている記憶 君からの短いメッセージが
切なく胸締めつけるけど 永久の幸せ僕が守り続けたい

待ってるから だ忘れないで

いつもの歩道に 君の影を感じていた
静かに瞳を閉じ祈る いつまでも消えないように

深く傷ついていたこと 気付かせず笑っていた君に
ずっと大切にするから 叫び続ける ありふれた言葉でも

待ってるから だ忘れないで

君に触れた夜 壊れてしまうほどに
漂う香りに また想いが募る Baby

もっと強く繋いだ手 離れないように

待ってるから 待ってるから

君がいる世界に すぐ飛んでいきたい
待ってるから ただ忘れないで

ここにいるよ 忘れないで


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IThis song so angsty,
I didn't expect Jae can compose and write such a beautiful song. Wow~~~make me like Jae more and more. I really love this song so much.
One of my favorite Japanese singles.

Thanks for sharing this.

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thanks for the lyrics/translations!!

The first time I read the lyrics i thought it was no more than a song about love between a boy/girl. But today I read an interview where YooChun said it also came from Jae's relationship with his biological mother so I went and read the lyrics again....and they fit so perfectly for that relationship too. And it makes it 1000000 times more touching. Jae is a genius songwriter.

val_cky said...

oh man~ this song is sooo sad..if you put your heart to listen to it, you can feel the sadness of the song..as i was listening to the song, i read the translations. i almost cried although i'm not the kind of person to cry so easily~ beautiful song! Jae, i salute you!

val_cky said...

for the verse after the first chorus, i think it should be "Shizuka ni me wo toji" instead of "Shizuka ni hitomi wo toji" cause i heard it like that.

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thank you so much!
for not just the raw translation, but your thoughts on it as well.. it makes me appreciate the song a lot more - and a beautiful song it is indeed ~
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Hey, buch of thanks for translating this song
and honour to JaeJae for composing this heart-breaking song..
I thought this song suits JaeJae's feeling toward his ex...

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thanks for sharing, I liked the translation and the translator's notes to let us non speakers know it is not a literal translation. I appreciate the hard work.

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I believe he composed the music too, not only wrote the lyrics ^^ Yoochun said that :D hope that u will edit this ^^

If the song is related to him and his biological mother, its a heartbreak song >____<

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I just want to say this is the first song of DBSK, i say great because it has a "warm" mean, and i believe Hero can make a good song like this again

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Great song of Hero, i like that mean so much. may be after hear this song i will be one of DBSK fans, or i will hear the other song.
may be this is the first time i hear one song,and i repeat it until five or six times.
Whatttt a great song

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its a very beautiful song ne?
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thank you for sharing the kanjis, romaji, and translation of their songs..

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and God! it fits so much with their voice characters

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_I fell in love with this song the very first time I heard it.,I don't even know what it means at that time.,and now that I've finally understood what it means (thanks to this site of yours) I fell on love with it even more.,just by reading the translated lyrics makes my eyes teary.,I'm so proud of our Jaejoong!.,this song is such a treasure.,it's very beautiful.,I hope that all the members will create more wonderful and meaningful songs for all of us.,TVXQ is great!.,Sarang DBSK!.,

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omona~~Jae's songwriting is good and romantic~~^^

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thanks so much for the translations...i can't help but feel as if this song is dedicated to someone special out there. the words "i'm waiting for you, don't forget me" seems so painful and full of longing. it's like he wants to say that for now they have no other choice but be the way they are, but she shouldn't forget him and his love for her even if they're seperated. oh man...if the girl does exist who's making him feel this way, then lucky her for receiving this kind of love :)

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does this song have a korean version?

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jaejoong oppa,a very good job you had done..
i'll love u till the end...
be happy and smile always..
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