[Announcement] Broken Links Project

Dear Readers/Downloaders of DBSKer Archives,


For all of you who have helped with the checking of broken links, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help. I'm very grateful for your help.

Now that we have some sort of list, I'll work on it over the few days of holidays there are. But for the rest of you, please feel free to double check any of these sections. This is your once chance to submit broken links!

Check on the progress of the reupload from the colour code as follows:
1. THIS COLOUR - Re-uploaded!
2. THIS COLOUR - Checked! Link works for me - pls double confirm
3. THIS COLOUR - Sorry I no longer have it unless someone can re-up it for me

I hope you all will be able to recheck these newly uploaded links to confirm that they are really working again.

You may continue to leave a comments here if you have broken links to submit. But it will be good if you can email me if there are many links as I may miss the comment.

P/s: Please try to at least click the download link and wait for the download to appear.


Audio Downloads

1. Korean Albums + Japanese Albums
Name: Daphne & Nazrin
-My Little Princess
-Somebody to Love
-愛せない愛したい (Aisenai Aishitai)
-Begin (Accapella)
-I'll be there (Japanese Version)
-Beautiful Life (Japanese)
-Darkness Eyes
-Forever Love (Acappella)
-Last Angel - Tohoshinki Version
-Lovin' you
-Summer Dream
-You're my miracle (Japanese Version)

2. Korean Singles + Summer/Winter Collaborations
Name: CHELSEA{♥} + Celine
-My Little Princess
-The First Noel

-The Way U Are
-Whatever They Say
-옹달샘 이야기 1 (Mountain Spring Story 1)
-옹달샘 (Mountain Spring)
-옹달샘 이야기 2 (Mountain Spring Story 2)
-Whatever They Say (Instrumental)
-Hi Ya Ya 여름날 (Hi Ya Ya Summer Day)
-공간 하늘과 바다사이, (Whisper Of..)
-너희들 것이니까 (I Wish...) (Because It Belongs to You)
-지금처럼 (Piano Version) (Like Now)
-Hi Ya Ya 여름날 (Hi Ya Ya Summer Day) (Instrumental)
-너희들 것이니까 (I Wish...) (Because It Belongs to You)(Instrumental)
-Fighting Spirit of Dong Bang 동방의 투혼 (Original Ver.)
-Fighting Spirit of Dong Bang 동방의 투혼 (2 Step Ver.)
-Fighting Spirit of Dong Bang 동방의 투혼 (Vibe 7 Ver.)
-Fighting Spirit of Dong Bang 동방의 투혼 (Instrumental Ver.)

-Fighting Spirit Of Dong Bang (Different Vocals)
-When We'll Be Together
-여행을 떠나요 (Instrumental Version)
-오늘만은 (I'm Your Man) (Super Junior)
-Show Me Your Love (Instrumental)
-Timeless (Instumental)
-Timeless (Accoustic Version)

3. Japanese Singles
Name: devilsflare92
-Begin (Acapella ver.)
-O Sei Han Gou (less vocal)
-Lovin' you
-Summer Dream
-Forever Love (Acapella ver.)
-Runaway (less vocal)
-My Girlfriend (less vocal)
-1-3 of Beautiful You
-Try My Love (Less Vocal)
-Step by Step (Less Vocal)

4. Other Collaborations + Original Soundtrack
Name: Stefanie
-I'm Your Man (Super Junior)
-Show Me Your Love (Instrumental)
-Timeless (Instrumental)
-Timeless (Acoustic Version)
-Tokyo Lovelight
-Insa (Instrumental)

-Beautiful Thing (Harmonica Version)
-All In Vain
5. Chinese Tracks + Others
Name: tais_n
-Rising Sun
*Piano Versions
-You Are My Miracle

6. Live Albums, Performance Rips & Remixes
Name: leelath
Premium Live Solos
-Yoochun - My Girlfriend
-O Jung Ban Hap (MV Version)
-Hero Jaejoong - After Letting You Go (Original by YDH)

Music Videos

Name: Michelle

Video Downloads

1. Korean TV
Contributor: Aerilyn
- LL Season 2 Ep 21 - [.002]
- LL Season 2 Ep 26 - [.002]
070424 MNet 21c Artist (Interview Cut) - [.001]
081016 KM Wide News Seoul Drama Awards + M Super Concert
- no link available

- 070627 Busan SM TOWN Concert - TVXQ In Waiting Room (E)

2. Japanese TV
Name: white_envy
080110 TV Tokyo Scene Interview at Ts Salon
070223 RZTV #27 Tohoshinki - Choosey Lover

3. International TV + Dramas
Name: nd261993
-061115 TVBSG News - Interview (Taiwan)

4. Korean Performances
Name: -Minne-
040702 KBS Music Bank - One Sweet Day (feat BoA)
070821 MNet 20's Choice - O Jung.Ban.Hap [Rehearsal - Fancam]

081002 M! Countdown Comeback [Ending Talk]

5. Showcase + Concert (Korean)
Name: -Minne-
3rd Album Showcase - "O" -->> *02 - [.001]
2nd Asia Tour Concert "O" Documentary Book Interview [MU]

6. DVD/VCD Specials
Name: Yining
-Winning 1st award - Hug
-Rising Sun Showcase Disc 1
-Rising Sun Showcase Disc 2a[.001]
-Red Sun Off Shoot[.001]
-3rd Album Showcase Uncut Version[.003]
-3rd Album Showcase Uncut Version[.007]
-Memory Talks[Hug]
-Memory Talks[Miduhyo]
-Memory Talks[The Way U Are]
-The 2nd Asia Tour Concert - "O" Disc 1.2[.001]
-Bonjour Paris (Photobook) Part 2[.004]
-Bonjour Paris (Photobook) Part 3[.004]
-A Week's Holiday (Photobook) It's Stylish[.002]
-A Week's Holiday (Photobook) Camping[.004]
-Miss You Offshot Movie

7. Radio Appearances + CFs + Making of CF + Fanmades Compilations
Name: tais_n


1. Piano Transcripts
Name: matsuei-tsukino
-Thanks to

2. Piano Versions
Name: matsuei-tsukino
-Rising Sun

Other Downloads

Name: Elen Tabita
*TRI-ANGLE (midi tone)


Daphne said...

Hey I'll be happy to help..you guys have been such angels to provide us with so many stuff..it's time to return a favour..i'll check those in audio download, namely Korean and Japanese album..by the way do i need to check the single song download or just the album download..or both??
Just get back to me through the cbox in my blog..
going out now will get to work as soon as i get home!!!

Michelle said...

Hey, I'll help you check the music videos ^^


Anonymous said...

hi, i would gladly do the korean albums and japanese albums section, and also the japanese singles if thats okay,


Elen Tabita said...

I would like to help.
I can take care of the Music Videos section

Yining said...

hi^ ill check the DVD/VCD Specials section

thanks for all the hardwork you have put into this site

wy said...

glad to help u guys since you have providing us with all the wonderful downloads!!but how do i check whether the links are broken or not?what section has not been taken up yet?

DBSKer said...

Hey Elen, Michelle has taken Music Videos. Would you like to choose another? Thanks so much for your offer. ^_^

-Minne- said...

hey . it's my pleasure to help u .
coz ur site is always help me to find all of dbsk's stuff ! ^^
i think it's my turn to help u guys .
ok, i'll check Korean performances .


Elen Tabita said...

Then i'll check the Other Downloads section

Aerilyn said...

Hi! I'd like to help with the
4.Korean Performances section and
5.showcase + concerts(korean) section.
I wonder if they're taken yet?


Aerilyn said...

Hey there..I found out that -Minne- had taken the korean performances section..i guess i'll check Korean TV then..TQ!! ^_^


white_envy said...

I could check korean or japanese tv :) oh and any performance section if needed.


white_envy said...

I could check korean or japanese tv :) oh and any performance sections if needed.

Nazrin said...

Can I also checked Korean + Japanese album? Because I'm downloading it at the moment..

Anonymous said...

can i check the International TV + Dramas??
coz i really appreciate u for always providing us the latest DongBang stuff..

Yining said...

Jus to double check, do we just accept the download n cancel it as soon as we know its downloading?

Anonymous said...

Hey there!!
I'd be happy to help out with "International TV + Dramas"
I was actually planning on sending you a list earlier, because I've been downloading my a** off, and noticed a few broken links.
I had a pretty long list, but stupid me, I forgot to save it. Can you believe that???!!!

Anyways, hope to help. Thanks so much for you time & effort you put in.

Anonymous said...

Me again, I just read the other comments (should have done that earlier :P), and I noticed someone else wants to do "International TV + Dramas".
So, I wouldn't mind taking "Live Albums, Performance Rips & Remixes" ^_^

Or you can just assign me a category if you prefer. I'm open for anything !

tais_n said...

i can check the CHINESE TRAKS + OTHERS...
ohh,.... thanks for you aways put this for download! ^^

Luffa said...

Yining, all you have to see is if the download link is still available. So if the link to download it still exists with no errors or unavailability, you are good ^_~

Stefanie said...

hi, i can check the other collaborations + original soundtrack in the audio downloads and the piano transcripts too. Thanks so much for putting up the downloads all this while! ^^

Anonymous said...

hi, i'll gladly help with the piano versions! ^___^

tais_n said...

well... ^^
i think a litle more, and i'll check the
'Radio Appearances + CFs + Making of CF + Fanmades Compilations'
it's a lot of things.. but... i'll do my best :D

Anonymous said...

I would gladly help out for all you guys' hard work.
Since no one has selected anything for the piano section yet-
I will check the entire "Piano MP3 Versions" section.
And once I'm done with this and no has checked the rest of the piano score sections, I will begin with that as well. ^-^

Anonymous said...

Sorry to repost.
I've finished the entire "Piano Versions" section and I'll begin checking the "Japanese" section of "Piano Scores" next. ^-^

Anonymous said...

ah, come a little late and confusing about with area may I help now :")

may be "Radio Appearances + CFs + Making of CF + Fanmades Compilations"

Anonymous said...

ah, sorry for taking the same with someone below, just ignore me :")

I will review the list again

MimieJay said...

Hai.. would like to help in International TV and drama section.. i have notice a couple of broken links..

ndhaa said...

i would like to help but it seems that all sections are already taken.. well the names are still empty but i read the comments.. but if i can help with something i'm open for it ^^

Anonymous said...

woah, you guys are really helpful :") comeback again and still confuse ^_^"

if I can help something, just ask me to do it :"(

dwita said...

i really want to help
but i'm a little confused
which part should i check?
i'm afraid if i check some part, other people have that part being checked first
so just tell me which part should i check

Anonymous said...

i really want to help too
cuz i love this website so much
it gives me alot of gr8 DBSK stuffs
just tell me which section i can check and i'll check it for u ^__^


-Minne- said...

hi !
i've finished my job since yesterday .
n i've sent 'em to ur e-mail .


Anonymous said...

hi cathy here... i'll gladly give some assistance... but i don't know what part to take...tell me what other parts needs to be checked and i'll gladly do them...

it's now time to return the favor...i also love this site and i wanna be of help....

here's my email: kingalexielle24@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

do you still need any help with this project??
I think that all the sections seem to have been taken already....

Does Minnie need any help....?
she's already doing 2 sections.....
or if anyone needs a partner to help check links you can always email me at:


I'll be glad to help you out~~~

And thank you DBSKer soo much for the links~~~
I Love this site~~~~

Anonymous said...

If you still need any thing to be checked
I'll be glad to check it for you.
Just contact me at:


Anonymous said...

Gimme a section to cover...it will give me something to do during my christmas break from school.

Anonymous said...

i love you
max changmin

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your hard work here. I guess everyone here appreciates it! :-)
But I believe the Japanese single BEGIN has the >wrong< link. It leads me to Rising Sun (single)download file. ^_^
I would be pleased if you could fix it!

emiza said...

'O' ~ Jung. Ban. Hup (Less Vocal).mp3

this link is broken , i need it T^T

anyone have it please send it to me via

my email thedeathangel_21@yahoo.com

nioc said...

the link for a-nation 070802 Navi TV is broken
and ive been downloadin for a while but i havent said this...
THANK YOU a whole hugeeee bunch

nioc said...

I im sorry i dunno if my last comment got through so just so u know the link for A-nation 070802 Navi TV is broken
and THANK YOU for puting all these videos up =D

Jenn said...

can you fix the link for o jung ban hap - mv version.mp3? thanks!

Shia ~ said...

In the 3rd Album Showcase - "O" the part 3 is unavailable too.

cherryblossom243 said...

These days I can't download almost all the MVs. When I downloaded a MV, it stopped in the middle of the downloading process. There is no problem with my internet access or browser. Maybe you can upload the MVs somewhere else beside Megaupload?

Thank you ^^

Anonymous said...


I'm here to offer my 500GB of DBSK stuff. XD

Actually I'm here to see if You'd like me to upload their old performance for you. I have a TON, since I decided to go back and start downloading everything from the beginning.

E-mail me if you like the idea.


Lili said...

hello~! i just checked the chinese tracks ^^
the rising sun file doesn't work, but everything else is fine

Reyy said...

hey dunno whether this has been mentioned
or checked but the acapella version of HUG
seems to be broken too(=

Anonymous said...

Ah~ I found a broken link!

Here: http://www.4shared.com/account/file/6697434/25ef8cce/Eternal__Less_Vocal_.html

It's says it has an error or something T^T hope you can fix it soon ;___; thanks~

Lizena said...

There's some mistake in the Anyband Concert (DBSK + Junsu Cuts): The "Rising Sun, I Wanna Hold You, White Lies, (DBSK)"link and the "Junsu - Memories, BoA + Junsu - A Whole New World" link are just the same. I can't download the Xiah & BoA solo songs so please refix them.
Thank you very much for sharing. ;)

Lizena said...

Please take a look at the [DVD] Bonjour Paris (Photobook)Part 2. The links are available but the file crack in the middle (from 12:00 on) while I'm watching it. I have downloaded it 2 times with the same result. I think it is because there's some uploading problems.
Thank you very much for sharing.

Alyssa said...

hello there!
just wanna tell u guys that Try My Love (Less Vocal) file is no longer valid in 4shared

a huge thanks for all ur wonderful jobs of uploading those files btw


Alyssa said...

Found another unvalid link
Eternal (Less Vocal)

Alyssa said...

Found another invald link
"O"‐正.反.合. (Less Vocal)

I'll continue checking another files


Alyssa said...

2007 Winer SMTOWN - Only Love
All liks got probs
The download links are directed to the 2007 Summer SMTOWN Fragile files link

checking for another.. :)

Alyssa said...

Insa - Jaejoong
Insa - DBSK
Air City OST - Harudal & All In Vain
Tonight (Karaoke)
all files are directed to the Piano versions folder

Unforgettable - Piano version
Hero Jaejoong - After Letting You Go (Original by YDH)
O Jung Ban Hub- MV version (ripped & remixes)
Links are invalid

DBSKer said...

I've check the links for:
Insa - Jaejoong
Insa - DBSK
Air City OST - Harudal & All In Vain
Tonight (Karaoke
They're correct and workign fine. I've reuploaded the rest that are invalid.

Brittany said...

I can help too!

I can't download Holding Back The Tears 1 + 2.

Brittany said...

Holding Back The Tears 1 + 2 aren't working.

juz me said...

guys, im afraid love letter ep 21 .002 and ep 33 .001 is invalid.can u please reupload.if u guys need any help, feel free to contact me ya

Anonymous said...

Sorry I am having trouble with - Rising Sun (Korean) 87.36MB (K+E) It sends me to Megaupload with the title Rising Sun (Japanese) [Karaoke + Subbed] [DBSKer]

Yeng Jane said...

HI...how do i sign in to this or we can't log in?
i want to join this?


enahh said...

i'm overwhelmed by the love you guys have for TVXQ and for each other! i'm glad that i found this cool site...

yes, i will help...and you can also assign me some sections to look for if you want...no problem with me...here's my add:

Anonymous said...

Hi, about All About TVXQ 1 DVD, Talk To You Changmin part file has something wrong with it.. The size of the file is 1/10 of the other member's.. And it's also very short. I downloaded it and it's only about 2 minutes long.... Please reupload it.. Please check. Thank you so much!!!

enahh said...

hi! me again :)

i've checked the following and they all worked! :D

**TV Appearances, Talk & Variety Shows
~ SBS Xman #69 Episode 151 - DBSK Special (All members) HQ (Eng HardSubbed)[Part 1][Part 2][Part 3]
~ SBS Xman #69 Episode 152 - DBSK Special (All members) HQ (English Hardsubbed)[.001][.002][.003][.004]
~ 3rd Live Tour Japan - T Reports 080512 MNet WIDE News - 3rd Live Tour T + Interview {GOEss}
~ 081128 SBS Gag Concert Special DBSK Cut (E)
~ 081024 ETN Asia Song Festival - [Mirotic] [Hey!] [Love in the Ice]
~ 081213 Live Power Music - Love in the Ice
~ 081229 SBS Gayo Daejun - Wrong Number + Mirotic (REMIX)

**DVD/VCD Specials
~ [DVD] "O" - Jung.Ban.Hap - Version C Album VACATION {GOEss} - English Subbed
01 Introduction
02 Chapter 1 - Cassiopeia (YH)
03 Chapter 2 - Beautiful Life (JS & CM)
04 Chapter 3 - The Way U Are (JJ)
05 Chapter 4 - Eternal (YC)
06 Ending + NGs

~ [DVD] The 2nd Asia Tour Concert - "O"
Disc 1.1 [.001][.002][.003]
Disc 1.2 [.001][.002][.003]

~ Summer Dream Offshot Movie (E) [AVI]
~ [DVD] 3rd Live Tour ~ T
~ Encore
~ 3rd Live Tour Offshot Movie {GOEss}

**CF/CM/Commercials + Making of
~ RAMODO CF [Making]

**Korean Albums (all)
**Korean Singles (all)
**Japanese Albums (all)
**Japanese Singles (all)

** Collaborations
~ Show Me Your Love

** OST
~ Millionaire’s First Love
~ Vacation OST
~ Harudal (Air City OST)
~ Thousand Year Love Song (The Legend OST)

~ Hug (International Version)
~ TVXQ Nonstop-Mix Vol. 1

that's it for now...be back soon ;)

guys, thanks so much for everything in this site...you're awesome! ^^

thank you very much!!! ^_^

take care and God bless always!

keep the love!

TVXQ Fighting! ^^

enahh said...


found some links which are invalid:

*Music Video
~ Holding Back The Tears 1
~ Holding Back The Tears 2

another thing, the links for bulk download for the live albums (audio) are all OK...except for some individual song download links which are invalid:
~ Opening - Landing On Earth
~ 바보 (Unforgettable)
~ HUG (포옹)
~ Spokes Man/유노개인기(feat.슈퍼주니어 동해)

also, for the Piano Versions, the download link for Unforgettable is missing...the rest are all OK...

lastly, thanks so much for all your effort! everything here is very much appreciated! ^^
thank you!!!! :)
you guys are awesome!!!

ok, bye for now...be back soon for some link updates ;)

Anonymous said...

The link for Daydream on the Anyband single is telling me that it's no longer valid.

Anonymous said...

It's not so much an bad link as it is a bad file for their 14th Japanese single Forever Love. I've tried several times to download the full download, and it won't work.

Alya said...

hi there!
links for holding back the tears MV (both versions) are no longer valid~

Anonymous said...

Eternal less vocal --> The file link that you requested is not valid.

enahh said...

me again! :)

got some download link problems with the following videos:

~ [KTV] Rising Sun Rehearsal (where they slipped a few times)

~ [PERF] 061003 Asian Song Festival - Holding Back The Tears (Subbed)


DBSker, and to all who are responsible for this great site, thanks so much for all the work!!! *hugs*
*thumbs up*


@kitsunekyubi44 and to others who want Eternal(less vocal).mp3, for the meantime, try to download the full single (My Destiny) so that you can have the song :)

Hello said...

Hii, for the "All About DBSK 1" DVD, the Yoochun and Changmin videos are not full videos.

I tried multiple times and it is the video themselves that are messed up

Yoochun - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=S9F1ETP1
Changmin - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PZ6KVJ7O


Anonymous said...

hye..i hav problem with SBS Xman #69 Episode 152 - DBSK Special (All members) HQ (English Hardsubbed)
the link is working but there's no audio
could u plz reupload

Anonymous said...

Hey, for the Japanese version of Hug on Heart, Mind, Soul, it said that the file was not valid.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I also checked the SBS Xman#69 Episode 152 and although the links worked well, when I tried to join 4 files it says the file is not meant to play sequential. Can you kindly check if they are completed ?

Anonymous said...

Hi minna, just wanna informed that i have 2 downloaded files that might be corrupted in one of the part files..

The Variety/TV Performance :
1. Korean TV Show : 081123 MBC Fantasy Couple (YooSuMin) {GOEss}
2. Japanese TV Show : 090330 NTV Shakeburi 007 (THSK Cut) {GOEss}

after joined with HJsplit, the files only played around 6 and 10 minutes, if it was played by VLC always detected that the files corrupted..

Thank you..

enahh said...


first of all, thanks for the reups of some files, esp Holding Back The Tears mvs^^

second, got a problem with XMan #69 episode 152...i didn't encounter any prob upon downloading the part files but after joining the files, the video didn't play at all :`( ... i tried joining parts .001 to .003 only and the video worked fine, but of course, it's incomplete...i guess, something's wrong with .004 file of that video??

hope that you can check the file as soon as you have time...thanks so much!!!

everything you've done here is very much appreciated! you're awesome!!! love this site so much! *hugs*

big thanks!!! ^^

Anonymous said...

Woooowwwww... o_O
seems like the MBC Couple and the NTV Shakeburi have been re up! Thank u soooo muuccchhhhh.... Love all the people behind this great blog!!!

Anonymous said...

To : enahh...

I've download it too X man 152 few months ago, it can be played only with VLC player.. but after the 15th minute, the show still played only it's lost the sound/voice.. so i can only watch the mute video T_T

enahh said...

yeah, same thing happened to me...i also tried playing it using VLC but at the 20-min mark, it's all video and no-sound at all :`(

so what i did was to join only parts 1-3 to at least enjoy 3/4 of the whole video ;)

hopefully this vid will be fixed soon^^ (no pressure at all, lynn^^ -- we'll be patiently waiting for it^^)

Anonymous said...

yunho - crazy life
yoochun- my girlfriend

broken links~~ <3

Anonymous said...

yunho - crazy life is invaild!

Anonymous said...

061003 Asian Song Festival - Holding Back The Tears (http://www.megaupload.com/?d=D97LWB14)-this link is broken too, so please re-upload it, your website is the best

Anonymous said...

the way u are mv is no longer working
it would be really awesome if you could reload it because i've been looking everywhere for it

Anonymous said...

MNet 21c Artist
070424 MNet 21c Artist (Interview Cut)
[.001] [.002] [Softsubs]
Other than [.001], [Softsubs] is not working too.
Please check.
Anyway, your blog is still the best!!! Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, just to tell you the subs for MNet 21C Artist is not working too. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been downloading [Japanese TV] and found some broken links:
070314 BARKS Interview #39 (Eng Subbed)
060731 MTV M-Size (Eng Subbed) LQ
070302 CHICHIN PUIPUI Tohoshinki (Eng Subbed)
[Softsubs] for 070420 TNC Chikappa (DBSK Cut)
070613 Yahoo! - Lovin' You PV Shooting (Jaejoong)

I'm still downloading, so I'll keep looking for broken links in Japanese TV section.

Thanks for this wonderful blog!!

Anonymous said...

all the links provided by 'filefront' are invalid. for example the korean tv shows like KMTV I Love Show Tank.

Anonymous said...

Hello Thank you for all the work you do :)

just wanted to report the link for
Soul Power live
Towani with the Gospellers is invalid on MU.


ekkusuchan said...

LL Season 2 Ep 21 - [.002] --> this file is still "temporarily unavaliable"

Anonymous said...

The links are dead for 2008.01.29 Waratte Iitomo (HQ; English hardsubbed).

Anonymous said...

i wanna help you too!!
i`m gonna check them now!
thanks so much for your hard work <3

Sonia said...

Beautiful Thing harmonica version is invalid, please re-upload? ^^ thank you!

Anonymous said...

hye there!!

i think this link is broken or invalid...
061003 Asian Song Festival - Holding Back the Tears (subbed)

can u reupload or repair the link?
thank you very much for sharing all these lovely stuff!!! <3

Anonymous said...

The link for Vacation: The Way U Are might be broken. I managed to download it but it doesn't play. Do you know what could be the problem?Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

hi please check these links Noh HongChul's Joyful Radio in Video downloads/Radio Appearance section
Thank you so much for your hard work ^^

Anonymous said...

hey! how do you download it and use what to opne? im confused...............................

Anonymous said...

Hi! I Love SHow Tank Ideal Girls doesn't seem to be working :)
Thank you so much for re-upping all of this and uploading it :)

aliceeyy-chan said...

For the DBSK XMAN #69 EP152...I tried downloading all 4 files and its fine..but when I jion it together it doesn't work...it says the files 115 hours long...I tried only the first 3 parts, and that works are VLC 'fixes' it...but can you please help me! XD

Anonymous said...

081115 MKMF 2008
[Dark Knight Parody {DBSJ-P}]

link is dead :D

Anonymous said...

list of broken links:~
music video
1.choosey lover 203MB
2.bolero (movie ver) 21.78MB
3.free your mind 127MB & mp4
4.insa (millionare's forst love) 118.34MB
5.let's go on a trip (sm town) 96.05MB
6.mirotic - dance ver (korean) 15.59MB
7."o" jug.ban.hap (korean) 28.7MB
8."o" sei.han.gou 148MB
9. one (millionare's first love) 230.31MB
10.only love (sm town) 79.38MB
11.tonight 60MB

Anonymous said...

broken links for performances & concerts
1.step by step (new kids on the block ver.)
2.051225 music bank - the first neol + one
3.061003 asia song festival - holding back the tears
4.051230 kbs music awards gayo daesang - we are the future & i know (this file can be dwnloaded but cannot be played)
5.2nd asia tour concert clips mncast.com backstage before + after concert
6.2nd asia tour concert mncast.com rising sun + one + talk + you're my miracle (cuts)
7.2nd asia tour concert "o" documentary book interview (both mu n filefront)

Anonymous said...

broken links japanese performances:~
1.060617 music fair - begin (with translation)
2.soul power live from t 080503 towani with the gospellers

inbar1312 said...

"I Love Show Tank - Ideal Girls"
is there a chance for uploading this again? the link is invalid.

Anonymous said...

I think How Deep Is Your Love by Yuchun under Audio Downloads: Miscellaneous is broken.

Anonymous said...

hello! first of all i want to thank you for the lovely effort you've done uploading all these files. kamsahamnida!
and oh, the link for love letter ep 33 file 001 is temporarily unavailable. i hope you can fix it. i'm dying to see it! ^^
again, thanks a lot!

Steph said...

In All About DBSK Disc 1, Changmin's interview (Talk to You) was cut. I hope you can re-upload that soon. Thank you^^!

Steph said...

It's disc 2 not disc 1..sorry (x.x)

-Sara-Kim said...


080503 Towani with The Gospellers is broken!!! D:!!! PLEASEEEEE~~ re-upload that!! please please!!!

Thank you so much, you're so great cuz I've download all my videos from here!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi~ first, i wanna say thanks for organized your blog perfectly!
my dbsk's data lost because my hardisk broke. so, i re-download dbsk's stuff from here^^

btw, i think Tri-Angle download link should be re-upload because the link is invalid..
and also for induvidual songs' link from that album.

thank you once more for helping me collect dbsk's stuff^^

-Eka Putri

Anonymous said...

I hope someone has a backup. Megaupload is dead.

chibbi said...

MU was closed T.T


I very much enjoyed the information!really best post thanks.

vicky said...

since megauploads has been taken down, all the megaupload links are broken

Anonymous said...

Is this blog close already? :'(

Anonymous said...

Just love what U 're doing

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