If anything bad girl konna hazu ja nai my love
If you say so, girl you say 'sou, ja mata ne' oh no

Crazy myou ni aseru totsuzen no KYANSERU Baby don't let me down, down
Tell me suukai no MEERU dare kara kiteru? Ienai kikenai baby
Ki ni shinai furi

* Mattaku kimi ni wa knock down oh knock down, oh knock down baby
Tsumasaki made ubawareteru ne
JITTO shite ite oh good girl oh good girl, oh good girl baby
Komarasanaide oh my naughty girl

If you have a secret dou sureba ii no? My love
If here is roulette nanka oshi yatte oh why

Maybe kyou tsukau kaori ga chigau sore wa for someone new?
(Don't wanna let you go)
Utagatte shimau sugu miushinau abunai setsunai baby
Mamoritai noni

** Mattaku kimi ni wa knock down oh knock down, oh knock down baby
Koneko no you ni nigete ite mo oh
Yappari boku ni wa good girl oh good girl, oh good girl baby
Kaete oide oh my naughty girl

* Repeat
** Repeat
Mattaku kimi ni wa knock down

Credits: http://lunatunalover.livejournal.com/ Alicia


If anything bad girl, it shouldn't be this way my love
If you say so, girl you say 'I see... well, later then' oh no

It's crazy and strangely hurried, your sudden cancellation... baby, don't let me down down
Tell me, who are those emails coming from? I can't say those words, I can't ask you, baby
I pretend I don't care

* In every way, you're a knockdown, oh knockdown, oh knockdown baby
All the way down to my fingernails, you're stealing me away
Stay still, good girl, oh good girl, oh good girl, oh good girl baby
Don't be dificult, oh my naughty girl

If you have a secret, what are you gonna do? My love
If here is roulette, I'll just teach you oh why

Maybe the new fragrance you're wearing today is for someone new?
I have so many suspicions, soon I'll lose myself to them ... this is dangerous, it's painful, baby
Even though I want to protect you

** In every way, you're a knockdown, oh knockdown, oh knockdown baby
Even if you're scampering away like a kitten, oh
You're still a good girl to me, oh good girl, oh good girl, baby
Come back to me, oh my naughty girl

* Repeat
** Repeat
In every way, you're a knockdown

Credits: http://lunatunalover.livejournal.com/ Alicia

- Translator's Notes -

Okay, so this line is a little complicated. The line is actually, literally, something like "crazy, oddly hurry(ing), your cancel baby don't let me down down." I think the implication is that she's suddenly canceled on some sort of plans they had, I chose to guess it was a date. I get the impression he finds her behavior out of character (or at the very least, he doesn't agree with it), as in the first verse he says 'it shouldn't be this way/like this' and the response is something along the lines of "oh, well, in that case, see you later." So, yes... ^^;;;

So, Japanese likes to use the word knockdown... and in odd ways, it seems. Usually it's used as in "knock down/fall over" but I think this could possibly be a mistake... I think perhaps the meaning they were going for here is "knock out." Like, she's a knock out, she's hot, etc.

The first line here is more literally translated 'maybe the different fragrance you're using today is for someone new?" However, it's more commonly said in English with the word 'perfume.' As for the second line, I wasn't 100% on it. 'utagatte shimau' brings the idea that he's completely lost in his suspicions/doubts, and 'sugu miushinau' literally means "soon I'll lose sight.' I think the implication though is that he'll be completely lost in his suspicions and lose sight of everything else, whether he really wants to or not. This could also go with the last line. I left it pretty much literal, but the idea seems to be he'll be blinded by all his doubts about what she's doing/who she's with etc. and he won't be able to do what he wants, which is protect her.

The verb 'nigeru' is used in this line. 'Nigeru' is usually translated as 'run away' or 'escape' but in this case, since the doer of the action is being compared to a kitten, I felt 'scamper' was a more fitting, image evoking verb. Plus, he calls her 'naughty' and 'good girl' and tells her to 'be still/don't move' and such. Can't you just see a cute little devil of a kitten running away from her pursuer? And he's just like, running around after her, shouting 'you're being naughty... come on, be a good girl.... stay still!' XD Okay, so maybe the imagery isn't meant to be quite so cutesy... but oh well, I just went with it ^^;;;;


DBSKer said...

Your pretty fast this time Alicia! Thanks! Will come back to absorb it in later.. Gotta go!


Anonymous said...

umh,.. do u know who sing at lyric
"Utagatte shimau sugu miushinau abunai setsunai baby"
"Mattaku kimi ni wa knock down oh knock down, oh knock down baby" ??

i like at that lyric ^^

Alicia said...

For the anonymous poster above:

I'm just about 100% sure 'utagatte...' is Changmin and 'Mattaku...' is definitely Junsu.

rei said...

me like this song!!!!
just a bit weird coz junsu's line was slowed a bit...
but the BGM is nice!!!

Anonymous said...

oh~~ seriously??!
is that really changmin??!
OMG~ it's sounds really nice,.. huhuhu!
thx for the information ^^

make me more luv this song~ ah~

Anonymous said...

Love Junsu verse.
This one a bit like TRICK, but I like this one more.

Anonymous said...

Somehow, i don't agree with Alicia on that. If you say that the "utagatte" part was sung by Minnie, then Yunho practically didn't even sing any part in this song. so i think, although that part sounds very close to Minnie's voice, i still think that it's Yunho who sang that part. Being that Minnie has a part in the beginning right after Junsu's i just feel that this part could be sung by Yunho. i might be completely wrong but it's just what i think. but no matter what, thank you for romanising and translating...you did a great job!

jaelin zhilin said...

Okay, because I pride myself as a master at telling the boys' voices apart, I'm quite sure Yunho sang the "utagatte" part. Not only because Changmin already sang in the beginning after Junsu, but also because the pitch of the "utagatte" is not the same as Changmin's from the beginning. You can hear the bass-feeling of Yunho's voice. I think they just made it sound nasally, so you can't really tell, but it's definitely Yunho's voice.

nasal!Minho FTW!

Anonymous said...

i agree with jaelin coz actually if u heard in carefully u can hear the "utagatte" part has more bass voice and changmin's pitch is higher so yea....anyway i love junsu's singing in this~~~!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Utagatte shimau sugu miushinau abunai setsunai baby"

this part is Yunho n_n ♥

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