Rising Sun (Korean)

Composer: 유영진 ( Yoo Yeong-jin)
Lyricist: 유영진 ( Yoo Yeong-jin)
Arranger: 유영진 ( Yoo Yeong-jin)

Now I cry under my skin
Hanurul hyanghe gan naui nunmullo mandun biga
Dejie neryodo sero baghin ne aphumul shisogago

[Max] No!
[U-Know] Yongso negen jolde jogin sachi
[Max] No!
[U-Know] Pyojogobshi naragan girul irhun bunno
[Max] No!
[U-Know] Na miryon gathun mallo gidohanun sogjoe
[Max] No!
[U-Know] Here I go come back

Himul irhoborin nalge
Jega doeo boril godman gathun naldul
Bisanghariran kume papyondullo majun naui achimen
Banchagimi obnunde

Jinshirun nugurado gadgo inun god
Hajiman boyojun olguren gojidpuningol
Yongwone namgyojin narul chadnunga

Chorus: [All]
Narul dalma gasumane gadugcha kojyoganun innocent
Bulkochun balge taoruge majimagi chanranhan noulchorom
(I'm) waiting for rising sun

Now burn my eyes sun comes up blowing the fog
Never lies to be your mind, got to be true

Ne gal giri 101 kedarume kedarume
Dudarhal suga obnunge hyonshiringol
Naui teyangaphe bukkurobji anhge
I just try me and now

*[Max] Jongmal hondone kuthun odilka
[Hero,Xiah] Somebody talks meil gathun dabun anya
[Max] Jolmang hengboge mitgurim ilka
[Hero,Xiah] Somebody talks shiganmani anun hedab

Insengun machi kuthobnun kweodurul dallinun byol gatha
Machi sumanhun jilmungwa hedabul chajga
Miwansonge gurimul guryoganun god
You know why~

Shiganun onjena hulloga
Doraoji anundanun gosul jarara
Haruharu huhoerul namgyo dujima
Godogi nahun bunnomajo samkyobwa

Godanhejin sulphume nunmureso
Shirhyondoenun hengboge gachirul midobwa

Shiryonduri nemin sone jagun ibmachum
Gonane ture pin naui sunsuham
Amugodo jonghangon obgejiman
Meil seroun nari gyesog doel tenikka


Rise up! Rise up!


Now. I cry under my skin..
My tears have gone to the skies and made the rain
That falls onto the earth and washes my newly imprinted pain

[Max] No!
[U-Know] Forgivness is an endless luxury of mine
[Max] No!
[U-Know] My anger has flown off without target and lost its way
[Max] No!
[U-Know] I pray for atonement with words of attachment
[Max] No!
[U-Know] Here I go come back

My wings have lost their strength
And the days only seem to be filled with sin
I'm greeted with fragments of my poisonous dreams in the morning
There's no sparkle

Truth is what everyone wants
But they only show lies on their faces
I've been abandoned in eternity, are they looking for me?

Chorus: [All]
Be like me
My heart is filled with a growing Innocence
Like a flame burning brightly,
Like the last radiant sunset
(I'm) waiting for Rising Sun

Now, burn my eyes,
Sun comes up, blowing the fog
Never lies, to be your mind
Got to be a true

Realizing that my path is 101,
I can't reach reality.
So that I won't be shy next to the Sun,
I just try to be me, and now

[Max] Where's the end to this chaos?
[Hero, Xiah] Somebody talks.. its not the same answer everyday
[Max] Desire, Is it the sketch of happiness?
[Hero, Xiah] Somebody talks.. but it's not the solution to the moment

Life's like star trailing after an endless orbit
You go looking for questions and solutions,
Drawing an incomplete picture
(Do) you know why?

Time is always passing by
And I know that it can't ever come back
Don't leave regrets day after day...
Try to swallow the anger spawn from poison

Try to believe the worth of happiness
That you realize in the tears of your worn out sadness

A kiss on the hand of trials,
My innonence has bloomed in the garden of suffering
There's nothing set in stone because a new day will keep coming

Chorus, *

Rise up! Rise up!

Credits: ^cute_steph^ @ Asianfanatics forum

Comment: What an amazing, powerful, asgsty song. Kudos to the translator for doing such an amazing job at the english translation! <3


Rising Sun (순수)

[믹키] Now, I cry under my skin.. 하늘을 향해 간 나의 눈물로 만든 비가
대지에 내려도 세월에 박힌 내 아픔을 씻어가도

[최강] No! [유노] 용서, 내겐 절대적인 사치
[최강] No! [유노] 표적 없이 날아간 길을 잃은 분노
[최강] No! [유노] 나, 미련 같은 말로 기도하는 속죄
[최강] No! [유노] Here I go, Come back!

[시아] 힘을 잃어버린 날개, 재가 되어 버릴 것만 같은 날들
비상하리란 꿈의 파편들로 맞은 나의 아침엔 반짝임이 없는데

[영웅] 진실은 누구라도 갖고 있는 것 하지만 보여준 얼굴엔 거짓뿐인걸
영원에 남겨진 나를 찾는가?

*[All] 나를 닮아 가슴 안에 가득 차 커져가는 Innocent
불꽃은 밝게 타오르게, 마지막이 찬란한 노을처럼 (I'm) waiting for Rising sun...

[믹키] Now, burn my eyes. Sun comes up, blowing the fog
Never lies, to be your mind. Got to be a true

[유노] 내 갈 길이 101 깨달음에 깨달음에 도달할 수가 없는 게 현실인걸
나의 태양 앞에 부끄럽지 않게, I just try me..and now

**[최강] 정말, 혼돈에 끝은 어딜까? [영웅,시아] Somebody talks 매일 같은 답은 아냐
[최강] 절망, 행복의 밑그림 일까? [영웅,시아] Somebody talks 시간만이 아는 해답

[시아] 인생은 마치 끝없는 궤도를 달리는 별 같아
[영웅] 마치 수많은 질문과 해답을 찾아가, 미완성의 그림을 그려가는 것
[최강] (Do) you know why?

[믹키] 이 시간은 언제나 흘러가, 돌아오지 않는다는 것을 잘 알아
하루하루 후회를 남겨 두지마..고독이 낳은 분노마저 삼켜봐
[최강] 고단해진 슬픔의 눈물에서 실현되는 행복의 가치를 믿어봐

[유노] 시련들이 내민 손에 작은 입맞춤, 고난의 뜰에 핀 나의 순수함
아무것도 정한 건 없겠지만, 매일 새로운 날이 계속 될 테니까

* Repeat

** Repeat

[유노] Rise up! Rise up!


Scrabonia said...

I love this song with a strong passion. Specially the big part when Max screams. I was drooling lol.

Anonymous said...

LOve the message of the song~~


Dzung said...

Many thanks for translating this song lyric. But would u mind explain me the "101" in Yunho part?

TVXQsol said...

to Dzung: well 101 is usaully used to mean introductory or beginning. maybe he means that since he is still in the start of his path he hasn't reached reality?

to dbskarchives: Thanks for the translations! i used it for an essay and i made sure to put credits where was neccessary :)

Dzung said...

to TVXQsol: thank you for the answer! you're so nice~

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I am fiza and I like to korean translation
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fizasaha said...

I am fiza and I like to korean translation
translation for korean

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that this Yoo Youngjin guy composed such poetic lyrics here but in songs now he writes repetitive lyrics and English words. What happened to his creativity...and this is the guy going against DBSK now...seriously?

Shamma said...

love this song!!!

Anonymous said...

wow~ i really like the message!!! =)

Lanh said...

thx for the english trans :D

Lanh said...

thx for the english trans :D

kokekokkoo said...

I think 'shiganmani anun hedab' means "an answer that only time can know" not really "but it's not the solution to the moment"...

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Nice post.Music and translation is shown to be a fascinating area to explore, not only for specialized translators as well as for researchers in translation studies, cultural studies, media studies and musicology.I might say that having music translated on Korean translation or in any languages is far good to be one of the samples that beginners on translation to be practiced.

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