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Here you will find a list (in order of date under each category) of DBSK-related videos that I've uploaded to share amongst DBSKers :) I would appreciate it tremendously if you redirect people to this page instead of giving out the individual links/hotlinking. I'd LOVE you if you offer me links of files that I don't have.

I stress however that this is NOT A REQUEST THREAD - I mostly upload by myself and it takes alot of time so please bare that in mind. But do let me know if any of the links have expired or wrong links were posted.

Files with (E) denotes that they are English Subbed. I try to upload files that are subbed (thanks to the awesome & dedicated individuals who sub them) whenever it is possible. Please visit [ARCHIVE CREDITS] to thank the appropriate people who have helped provide the files I have here for downloading! All subbing credits are due to them.


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[MV] Blossom (Ayumi Hamasaki with Jaejoong Appearance)
[DVD] Break Out! Offshot Movie {GOEss}
[DVD] Siah Junsu - Intoxication Offshot Movie {GOEss}
[DRAMA] Dating on Earth {GOEss}
Heading to the Ground Ep. 7 - 16 {GOEss}



Performances and Concerts


031226 SBS BoA & Britney Showcase - Hug [DEBUT]
040208 MBC Music Camp - Hug
040220 KM Show Music Tank - Hug
040312 KM Show Music Tank - Hug
040313 MBC Music Camp - Hug
040501 MBC Music Camp - My Little Princess
040625 MNet Showking M - Drive
040702 KBS Music Bank - One Sweet Day (feat BoA)
040704 SBS Inkigayo Comeback - Drive + The Way U Are
040714 Athen Olympics D - 30 Teukjib - The Way U Are
040717 MBC Music Camp - The Way U Are (#8) (Changmin got left behind >.<)
040717 MBC Comedy House - Thanks To (A capella)
MBC HD The Way You Are (#5) (Caged Performance)
040730 KBS Music Bank - Heal The World (feat. BoA)
040731 MBC Korean Music Festival - The Way U Are (Junsu drops shoe)
040731 MBC Korean Music Festival - Hotmail (with SM Town)
040731 MBC Korean Music Festival - My Little Princess + Dance with BoA
040827 KM Show Music Tank - The Way U Are (JaeSu Collision)
041120 MBC LA Korean Music Festival 2004 - Miduhyo
041121 SBS Inkigayo - Miduhyo (Micky cried) HQ [MU][MF]
041204 MKMF - Magic Castle + Hug + Tri-Angle
041205 SBS Inkigayo - Miduhyo (Changmin screams weird >.<)
041210 Seoul Music Awards - Tri-Angle
041223 M! Christmas Concert - Magic Castle
041231 MBC Gayo Daesang - All Stars - All You Need Is Love
050102 SBS Tri-Angle (White)
050320 CCTV 5th Pepsi Music Chart - Tri-Angle
050807 MBC Korea Music Festival - TVXQ + BoA + CSJH
050807 MBC Korea Music Festival Finale - Wrongful Meeting [All Stars]
Step By Step (New Kids On The Block ver.)
Dance Battle - Junsu + Yunho
KBS Music Awards - Junsu + Yunho (Old+New Dance) + Musical (feat. Junsu)

050626 TBC SBS - I Wish + Hi Ya Ya
KBS Music Bank Comeback Special - I Wish + Hi Ya Ya
050708 KM Show Music Tank Comeback - I Wish + Hi Ya Ya
050807 MBC Korea Music Youth Festival - Hi Ya Ya + The Way U R
050817 KM Melon Concert - The Way U Are, Miduhyo, Hi Ya Ya
060709 Thailand Channel [V] MV Awards - The Way You Are

SBS - Show Me Your Love (feat. Super Junior)
051225 Music Bank The First Noel + One

050925 SBS Comeback - Unforgettable + Rising Sun
051002 SBS Inkigayo - Rising Sun
051005 SBS Feature Concert Hope Korea - Rising Sun
051008 MBC October Love Concert - Rising Sun [LIVE]
051011 SBS Music Wave - Unforgettable + Rising Sun
051023 SBS - Rising Sun + Winning Mutizen
051127 2005 MKMF - I Yah!+Rising Sun
051229 SBS Gayodaejang - Rising Sun
051211 NHK Japan-Korea Friendship Concert - Talk + Rising Sun
051230 KBS Music Awards [Rising Sun] [We are the Future + I Know]
060412 MBC Busan Power Concert - Rising Sun
060504 MBC Hi-Seoul Festival - I Wanna Hold You + Rising Sun
060709 Thailand Channel [V] MV Awards - Rising Sun
071004 Asia Song Festival - Rising Sun
071208 Korea-China Friendship Concert - Rising Sun

KBS Music Bank - Tonight
051011 SBS Music Wave - Unforgettable
051125 SBS Korea China Super Model Contest - Tonight

061003 Asian Song Festival - Holding Back The Tears (Subbed)
061003 Asian Song Festival - Sky (Subbed) (Japanese)

061001 SBS Inkigayo Comeback - O Jung Ban Hap
061009 TVN Live - O Jung Ban Hap
061012 MNet M! Countdown - O Jung Ban Hap
061013 Super Model Contest - O Jung Ban Hap
061014 MBC Music Core - O Jung Ban Hap [LIVE]
061015 SBS Multizen award - O Jung Ban Hap (Chinese subbed)
061028 Korea Drama Festival - O Jung Ban Hap
061102 TVXQ in - O Jung Ban Hap
061105 SBS Inkigayo - O Jung Ban Hap
061110 MTV Live Wow - O Jung Ban Hap
061124 51st Asia Pacific Film Festival - O Jung Ban Hap
061125 MKMF - O Jung Ban Hap
061126 KBS1 Korea-China Friendship Concert - O Jung Ban Hap
061201 MTV 16th Seoul Music Award - O Jung Ban Hap
061214 Golden Disk Awards O Jung Ban Hap
061230 KBS Gayo Big Festival O Jung Ban Hap
061231 MBC Gayo Festival - O Jung Ban Hap
070610 Dream Concert - O Jung Ban Hap [MQ][HQ]
070821 MNet 20's Choice - O Jung.Ban.Hap [Rehearsal - Fancam]
071004 Asia Song Festival - O Jung Ban Hap
071208 Korea-China Friendship Concert - O Jung Ban Hap

061001 SBS Inkigayo Comeback - Intro + Get Me Some
061001 SBS Inkigayo Comeback - I'll Be There
061110 MTV Live Wow - I'll Be There
061012 MNet M! Countdown - I'll Be There [Subbed][Unsubbed]

061020 SBS - I Wanna Hold You (3rd Album Showcase) (Subbed)

061110 MTV Live Wow - Hey! Girl
061119 KBS Open Music Event - You're My Miracle [LIVE]

061029 TVXQ in Gag Concert + Balloons Performance
061105 SBS X-Man - Balloons
061112 SBS Love Concert Balloons (Cartoon Animals)
061118 - MBC Music Core - Balloons (Snow White)
061119 KBS Music Bank - Balloons (Smurfs)
061126 SBS Inkigayo - Balloons (Peter Pan)
061209 MBC Music Center - Balloons (Christmas Red)
061210 KBS Music Bank - Balloons (Super Mario)
061229 SBS Gayo Daejeon - Balloons (Harry Potter)

061230 KBS Gayo Big Festival - Goose's Dream (feat. Jaejoong)

060922 SBS Music Wave - Timeless
061028 Korea Drama Festival - Timeless
061231 MBC Gayo Festival - Timeless (Short Cut)

080224 SBS Inkigayo [Intro][Yeo Haeng Gi][Purple Line]
080229 KBS Music Bank [Purple Line][Yeo Haeng Gi]
080720 KBS 60th Anniversary [Purple Line][Travel Log]

080928 SBS Inkigayo Comeback Cuts [Interview]
[Love in the Ice] [Mirotic] [Hey! Don't Bring Me Down]
081002 M! Countdown Comeback [Ending Talk]
[Love In The Ice] [Mirotic] [Hey! Don't Bring Me Down]
081003 KBS Music Bank [Love in the Ice] [Mirotic]
081003 24 Hour Famine [Love in the Ice] [Mirotic]
081005 SBS Inkigayo - Mirotic
081009 M.Net M! Countdown - [Mirotic] + [Winning {GOEss}]
081012 SBS Inkigayo - [Mirotic] + [ Mutizen Award]
081014 Seoul Drama Festival - Mirotic
081015 SBS Asia Song Festival - [Mirotic] [Love in the Ice]
081016 KM M! Super Concert :
[Insa] [Forgotten Season] [Love in the Ice] [Mirotic]
081018 MBC Music Core - [Mirotic] [Hey! Don't Bring Me Down]
081019 SBS Inkigayo [Mirotic] + [Mutizen Award]
081023 MNet Countdown - [Mirotic] + [Win]
081024 ETN Asia Song Festival - [Mirotic] [Hey!] [Love in the Ice]
081025 MBC Music Core [Mirotic] [HoChun MC Cut {GOEss}]
081026 SBS Inkigayo - [Mirotic] + [Mutizen Award]
081026 10th Korea-China Popular Songs [Mirotic][Hey!][Ending (JaeSu)]
081030 MNet M! Countdown [Mirotic] + [Win]

081101 MBC Music Core [Mirotic] + [HoMin MC Cut]
081107 KBS Music Bank - [Mirotic] [October Chart]
081109 SBS Love Concert - [Mirotic] [Ending]
081112 KBS2 10th Ramsar Assembly Concert - [Mirotic] [Love in the Ice]
081115 MBC Music Core - Wrong Number
081115 MKMF'08 - My Addiction + Wrong Number + Mirotic
081115 YTN Star Sky Festival - [Mirotic] [Hey!]
081116 SBS Inkigayo - Wrong Number
081116 Mega TV Concert - Wrong Number + Love in the Ice + Mirotic
081120 29th Blue Dragon Film Awards - [Mirotic][Red Carpet][Present Award]
081122 MBC Music Core - Wrong Number
081122 KBS1 Love Request - Wrong Number
081129 Live Power Music - Mirotic
081130 SBS Inkigayo - Wrong Number

081205 KBS Music Bank - Don't Say Goodbye
081206 MBC Music Core - Wrong Number
081207 - SBS Inkigayo - Wrong Number
081210 Golden Disk Awards
[ Are You A Good Girl + Mirotic Remix ][ Mirotic Encore ]
081213 MBC One Love Concert [ Wrong Number ][ Hope Message ]
081213 Live Power Music - Love in the Ice
081214 KBS1 Open Concert [ Wrong Number ][ Don't Say Goodbye ]
081226 KBS2 Music Bank Special [ Mirotic ][ Winning MVP ][ Encore ]
081227 MBC Music Core - Are You Good Girl + Mirotic
081229 SBS Gayo Daejun - Wrong Number + Mirotic (REMIX)
081229 SBS Gayo Daejun - Taeyang & Junsu Piano Battle [Junsu's Cut]
081229 SBS Gayo Daejun - Star Wars Dance Battle [Yunho's Cut]

Junsu - 3rd Solo Stage - Resignation (Rising Sun Showcase)
Junsu - Beautiful Thing (Live)
SBS Music Wave - Xiah Junsu (Na Hangsang Keudaereul)
Junsu Fancam at MKMF 2006 (O Jung Ban Hap)
Junsu's Musical @ Gayo Big Festival (Eng Subbed)
2nd Asia Tour Concert "O" - My Page (Junsu) (Fancam)
Yokohama Blitz Premium Live - Rainy Night (Junsu) (Fancam)
071208 Korea-China Friendship Concert - Junsu's Duet

Rising Sun Showcase

MNet Rising Sun Showcase Part 1
MNet Rising Sun Showcase Part 2

3rd Album Showcase - "O"

(Upload credits: tOgTaG)
*01 - [.001][.002][.003] *02 - [.001][.002][.003] *03
For uncut version refer to DVD Specials below

Anyband Concert (DBSK + Junsu Cuts)

Anyband - Daydream
Anyband - Talk, Play Love + Promise You
Rising Sun, I Wanna Hold You, White Lies, (DBSK)
Junsu - Memories, BoA + Junsu - A Whole New World

Junsu - Memories

2nd Asia Tour Concert Clips

(Eng Subbed)
TVN Press Conference
TVN E-News 2nd Asia Tour Concert "O"
(Opening + Phantom + Million Men + The Way U Are) Backstage Before + After Concert Rising Sun + One + Talk + You're My Miracle (Cuts)
Concert Secrets 1
Concert Secrets 2 [Part 1] [Part 2]
2nd Asia Tour Concert "O" Documentary Book Interview
[Filefront ] [MU]
2nd Asia Tour Concert Documentary Book Animation (VCD) (Unsubbed)
MNet PD's No Cut Version - 2nd Asia Tour 'O' Concert Secrets
[Part 1][Part 2][Part 3] (Eng Subbed)
2nd Asia Tour Concert Malaysia (Astro AEC)
[Part 1 - .001,.002][Part 2]

Dream Concert, DBSK Cuts

070609 KBS2 News Ulsan Dream Concert (DBSK Cut) (Eng Subbed)
070610 Dream Concert - Opening (DBSK Cut)
070610 Dream Concert - O Jung Ban Hap [MQ][HQ]
070610 Dream Concert - Ending
070614 MNet Dream Concert - Rising Sun
080608 SBS - [Purple Line][Rising Sun]
080608 MNet - [Tonight]

Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood Bowl - Rising Sun + Tonight + Purple Line + Balloons + Ending

090323 SMTown Live'08 in Bangkok, DBSK Cuts

[ Flying Duck (CM) ] [ Hug ] [ Love Is.. ]
[ One Love (JS) ] [ Beautiful 21st Century (YH + TC) ]
[ Scars Deeper Than Love (JJ) ] [ Balloons ] [ Oasis ]
[ Love in the Ice ] [ Purple Line ] [ Rising Sun ]
[ O Jung Ban Hap ] [ Mirotic ] [ You're My Miracle ]
[ Show Me Your Love ] [ Hotmail ] [ Ending ]

090531 TBS 3rd Asia Tour - Mirotic in Seoul

Part 1:-
Part 2:-


060318 Music Fighter - Asu Wa Kuru Kara
060501 Pop Jam DX - Rising Sun
060617 Music Fair - Begin Live (with Translation)
061228 Rhythm Nation 2006 - O Sei Han Guo
070123 Mania Maniera - Begin + Somebody To Love + Miss You

070126 Music Fighter - Step By Step
070128 Melodix - Step By Step

070225 NHK BS2 Talk + Choosey Lover
070303 GyaO KOBE Collection - Choosey Lover & Begin
070310 NTV Music Fighter (HD) - Choosey Lover
070405 Ongakubanzuke - Choosey Lover

070513 Tohoshinki Live Mania 2007 (Eng Subbed)
070526 MTV VMAJ - O Jung Ban Hap (Korean+Japanese Remix)

070602 MUSIC FAIR 21 - Interview + Lovin' You Performance (E)
070609 NHK Music Japan - Lovin' You, Talk, Choosey Lover (E)
070627 NBN BOMBER-E - Choosey Lover, Talk, Lovin' You [Softsubs]
072907 TBS - Interview & Lovin You at Japan Cable Awards (E)

070728 Music Fighter - Interview + Summer Dream (E)
070806 HEY!HEY!HEY! Music Champ - Talk + Summer Dream (E)
071126 Best Hits'07 - Summer Dream

070921 NHK Music Japan - Talk + Shine (E)
070924 HEY!HEY!HEY! SP - Talk + Shine (E)

071103 NTV Music Fighter - Last Angel with Koda Kumi
071103 Music Fair - Last Angel with Koda Kumi
071110 NHK Music Japan - Last Angel with Koda Kumi
071122 TBS Utaban - Last Angel with Koda Kumi
071201 Tokyo Dome - Last Angel with Koda Kumi

071103 Music Fair - Forever Love
071116 ReMTV - Forever Love (Full)

080118 Music Japan - Purple Line
080126 Music Fighter - Purple Line
080127 TVTokyo Melodix - Purple Line
080128 HEY!HEY!HEY! - Talk + Purple Line (E) (Credits: arbitraryeffigy @ LJ)
[MU][MF .001,.002]
080202 Music Fair - [Opening] + [Purple Line - MU,MF - .001,.002]
080211 TBS Gekko Ongakudan - Purple Line
080315 Music Fair 21 [Opening][Purple Line]

080301 Music Fair 21 - Towani
080308 Music Fair 21 - Opening + Chemistry
080322 Music Fair - Finale

080414 HEY!HEY!HEY! - Beautiful You
080419 Music Fair 21
[Boy Meets Girl (Opening)][Beautiful You][THSK Cuts {GOEss}]
080502 Music Fighter - Beautiful You
080509 Music Japan - Talk + Sennen Koi Uta {GOEss}

080726 CDTV Doushite - Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natte Shimattan Darou
080726 Music Fair - [Doushite..][Summer Dream]
080729 The Music - Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natte Shimattan Darou
080408 HEY!HEY!HEY! Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natte Shimattan Darou

081114 Koi Uta - [Choosey Lover] [Doushite Kimi Wo Suki..]
081114 NHK Love Song Autumn Special - Talk + Doushite + Choosey Lover {GOEss}
081127 Best Hits Music Festival - Doushite Kimi Wo Suki..
081130 Music Japan Special - [Mirotic] [Love in the Ice]
081230 TBS The 50th Japan Record Awards - Doushite Kimi Wo Suki..
081231 NHK 59th Kouhaku Uta Gassen - Purple Line + Kimi Suki

090101 TBS CDTV Premier Live - Purple Line
090104 TBS Sanma Tamao Let's Help Your Dream Come True [Bolero] [Purple Line]
090116 NHK Music Japan - Talk + Bolero
[English Subbed - credits: pinkulemon]
090117 Music Fighter - Talk + Bolero
090130 Fuji TV Domo Kininaru - Bolero
090207 Music Fair - [ Bolero ] [ Jumon ]

090302 SMAP x SMAP - Purple Line + Doushite Kimi Wo Suki..
- [Talk + Performance {GOEss}]
090313 Music Fighter - Talk + Survivor {ichigoKJJ + yun206}
090313 NHK Music Japan - Talk + Survivor {ichigoKJJ + jolyn_tvxq}
090320 Bokura no Ongaku - [Kotoba ni Dekinai] [Bolero][Lion Heart]
090321 CDTV - Comment + Survivor
090322 Ontama Carnival 2009
[ Purple Line ][ Summer Dream ][ Doushite ][ Mirotic ][ Bolero ]
[Full TVXQ Cut - Talk + Performances {GOEss}]
090323 Music Edge - Talk + Survivor
090325 NHK Spring Song - Talk + Asu Wa Kuru Kara
090330 NTV Music Lovers (THSK Cut) {GOEss}
- Kimi Suki + Talk + Purple Line + Talk + Bolero + Survivor

090621 NHK Eco Save The Future - Stand By U
090703 Music Station - Stand By U

070203 MNet Club Disney Concert DBSK Cut - A Whole New World
070811 THSK + The Gospellers Fancam - Towani [.001][.002][.003]

A-Nation Performances

060930 A-Nation 2006 (TVXQ Cut) - Sky + Rising Sun
070929 A-Nation '07 - Choosey Lover, Lovin' You, Summer Dream
[.001][.002] (Upload credits: *~ tOgTaG ~*)
080927 WOWOW A-Nation'08 [Doushite][Summer Dream]

Heart, Mind and Soul Concert

(Upload Credits: *~ tOgTaG ~* )
Part 1 - [.001][.002][.003]
Part 2 - [.001][.002][.003][.004]
Heart, Mind and Soul Concert - Special (Eng Subbed)

061108 M-ON Premium Concert (Full Version) [LIVE]


070729 TBS 2nd Live Tour - Five In The Black

Part 1 [.001][.002]
Part 2 [.001][.002]
*Performances not in the broadcast (Credits: Fearless_123)
[Dead End][Rising Sun][No Pain No Gain][High Time]

Soul Power Live (From 'T')

Credits: sparkskey
Love in the Ice
Try My Love
Choosey Lover
Heart, Mind and Soul with Skoop on Somebody
[All Stars] Won't Be Long
080503 Towani with The Gospellers

Premium Mini Live (From 'T')

Shine (Credits: sparkskey)
Summer Dream (Credits: sparkskey)
Junsu - Rainy Night (Credits: reinmagick)
Yoochun - My Girlfriend (Credits: reinmagick)
Yunho - Crazy Life (Credits: reinmagick)
Jaejoong - Maze (Credits: reinmagick)
Changmin - Wild Soul (Credits: reinmagick)

080629 TBS 3rd Live Tour 2008 - T

[Part 1][Part 2][Part 3][Part 4]


070526 MTV VMAJ - Red Carpet Show
070526 MTV VMAJ - Winning Best Buzz Korea + Speech
070526 MTV VMAJ - O Jung Ban Hap (Korean+Japanese Remix)
070526 MTV VMAJ - Backstage
MTV VMAJ Interview on MTV Buzz Asia (Eng Subbed)
070527 2007 MTV VMAJ Report On Cable TV (Eng Subbed)
070528 MTV VMAJ Interview on MTV Korea (Eng Subbed)
070605 All Eyes On DBSK in MTV VMAJ (Eng Subbed)
070616 Making of MTV VMAJ (Eng Subbed)

DVD/VCD Specials


[DVD] All About DBSK 1

Disc 2 - Talk To You {Sparksey}
[Yunho][Junsu + Ending]
[Short Questions][Beautiful Life Sketch]
Disc 3 - Miscellaneous Clips {Sparkskey}
[News Report - Yunho + Junsu's SATs]
[Analysis of TVXQ's Charms]
[Yunho's Prank][New House Tour]
[2005 SBS Competition Sketch]
Making of [Beautiful Life][Tonight]
[Winning 1st award - Hug]
[Photo Gallery Slideshow with DBSK Commentary]
[Love Letter Cuts]

[DVD] All About DBSK Season 2

Disc 2 - Variety Show (E)
01 Introduction
02 Cooking Show
03 Brother News
04 Survivor Quiz
05 Radio Star
06 Popular Songs
07 Making Film of Variety Show
Disc 3 - Drama (E)
[ Drama NG Scenes ] [ Drama Making Film ]
Disc 4 - Talk (E)
[ YunJae ] [ JaeSu ] [ JaeMin ] [ JaeChun ] [ YooSu ]
[ 2U/HoChun ] [ YooMin ] [ XiMin ] [ HoMin ] [ HoSu ]
Disc 5 - Making (E)
01 CF Photo Sketch (1)
02 AADBSK Exhibition & Event
03 Vacation Poster Sketch
04 Fighting Spirit Jacket Sketch
05 2006 Summer SM Town Jacket Sketch
06 Red Sun MV Sketch
07 O Jung Ban Hap Jacket Sketch
08 O Jung Ban Hap MV Sketch
09 CF Photo Sketch (2)
10 O Jung Ban Hap 1st Stage Behind Story
11 Vogue Magazine Photoshoot
12 OJBH Ver. C Repackaged Jacket Sketch
13 CF Photo Sketch (3)
14 OJBH Ver. D Repackaged Jacket Sketch
15 Balloons (New Ver.) MV Sketch
16 Talking About Balloons Costume
17 Taiwan Asia Pacific Film Festival
18 Hainan 2006 Stage
19 2006 Winter SMTown Jacket Sketch
20 Snow Dream MV Sketch
21 SBS Golden Disk Awards Behind Story
22 2nd Asia Concert Special Photo Sketch
23 2007 May Monthly Photo Sketch
24 S Magazine Photo Sketch
25 AADBSK Season 2 Jacket Sketch
26 2007 Summer SMTown Jacket Sketch
Hidden Clips {GOE-SS}

[VCD] Rising Sun Showcase (E)

[Disc 1], Disc 2a [.001][.002], 2b - [Making of Always There MV]

[VCD] Red Sun Off Shoot {GOE-SS} [.001][.002][.003]

[DVD] "O" - Jung.Ban.Hap - Version B Album

Member Interviews (Eng Subbed)
Exclusive Secret Story 2 (Balloons) (Eng Subbed)

[DVD] "O" - Jung.Ban.Hap - Version C Album

VACATION {GOEss} - English Subbed
01 Introduction
02 Chapter 1 - Cassiopeia (YH)
03 Chapter 2 - Beautiful Life (JS & CM)
04 Chapter 3 - The Way U Are (JJ)
05 Chapter 4 - Eternal (YC)
06 Ending + NGs

[DVD] "O" - Jung.Ban.Hap - Version D Album

3rd Album Showcase Uncut Version {GOE-SS}
Memory Talks {GOE-SS}
[Hug][Miduhyo][The Way U Are][Tri-Angle][Rising Sun]
[O Jung Ban Hap][Balloons + Making Film + Secret Code]

[DVD] The 2nd Asia Tour Concert - "O"

Disc 1.1 [.001][.002][.003]
Disc 1.2 [.001][.002][.003]

[DVD] Prince in Prague (Photobook)

Prince In Prague DVD Clip (Eng Subbed)

[DVD] Bonjour Paris (Photobook)

Part 1 [.001][.002][.003][.004]
Part 2 [.001][.002][.003][.004][.005]
Part 3 [.001][.002][.003][.004][.005]
Part 4 [.001][.002][.003][.004][.005]

[DVD] A Week's Holiday (Photobook) (E)
It's Stylish [.001][.002][.003]
Camping [.001][.002][.003][.004]
Special - Thai Press Conference {GOEss}

[DVD] MKMF'08 - TVXQ Rehearsal & Backstage {GOEss}


1st Artist Book Tomorrow 000777 Days DVD Clip {GOE-SS}
Shine Artist Book DVD Clip (E)

Begin 6th Single Interview {GOEss}
Sky Offshot Movie [Softsubs] {GOE-SS}
Step By Step Offshot Movie [Softsubs] {GOE-SS}
Miss You Offshot Movie
Choosey Lover DVD Part 1 (Eng Subbed)
Choosey Lover DVD Part 2 (Eng Subbed)
Five In The Black Off Shot Movie [Softsubs]
Lovin' You Off Shot Movie (Eng Subbed)
Summer Dream Offshot Movie (E) [RMVB][AVI]
Shine Offshot Movie
Forever Love Offshot Movie [Softsubs]
Together Offshot Movie {GOEss}
Purple Line - Bangkok Offshot Movie {GOEss}
Last Angel Offshot Movie {GOEss}
T Offshot Movie (E)
Beautiful You Offshot Movie {GOEss}
Doushite KWSNNSD Offshot Movie
Mirotic Offshot Movie {GOEss}
Bolero Offshot Movie {GOEss}
Survivor Offshot Movie {ichigoKJJ + jolyn_tvxq}
The Secret Code Offshot Movie - Jacket Photography {GOEss}
Kiss the Baby Sky Offshot Movie {GOEss}
Share the World Offshot Movie {GOEss}
Stand By U Offshot Movie {GOEss}
Colors - Melody & Harmony Offshot Movie {GOEss}
Break Out! Offshot Movie {GOEss}
Xiah Junsu - Intoxication Offshot Movie {GOEss}

Rhythm Nation 2006 (Backstage Cut) (E)

[DVD] 2nd Live Tour FITB (Special Ed.)

Part 1 [.001][.002][.003]
Part 2 - pending

[DVD] 2nd Live Tour FITB Bonus DVD

Concert Commentary {GOEss}

[DVD] 3rd Live Tour ~ T

3rd Live Tour Offshot Movie {GOEss}

History In Japan Vol. 1

[Part 1][Part 2][Part 3][Part 4]

History In Japan Vol. 2

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]
[Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8]

History In Japan Vol. 3

Part 1 [.001][.002][.003][.004]
Part 2 [.001][.002][.003]
Extra Movie Part 1 [.001] [.002]
Extra Movie Part 2 [.001] [.002] [.003]

Bigeast 2nd Fanclub Event

(Credits: ONTVXQ Clubbox + black_wing_kao @ dbsgLJ)
Extra Movie - [.001][.002]
*English Hardsubbed {GOEss}
Part 1 [.001][.002][.003]
Part 2 - [.001][.002]
Extra Movie Part 1 [.001][.002]
Extra Movie Part 2

Bigeast 3rd Fanclub Event

Extra Movie {GOEss}


[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]

[DVD] A-Nation Special DVD



All High Quality English Subbed!

The King's Man Parody

[MU] [MF - .001,.002,.003,.004]

Tokyo Holiday

[MU] [MF - .001,.002,.003][NGs]

Unforgettable Love + NGs

[MU] [MF - .001,.002,.003]

Dangerous Love

[MU] [MF - .001,.002,.003][NGs]

Finding Lost Time

[MU] [MF - .001,.002]

The Uninvited Guest

[MU] [MF - .001,.002]
[NGs] (for both the above)

The Masked Fencer

[MU] MF - [.001][.002]

First Love

Part 1 [MU][MF - .001,.002,.003]
Part 2 [MU][MF - .001,.002]

VACATION (Full Version)

(Eng Subbed)(audio in sync - edited by sekiei)
MU - [.001][.002][.003][.004]
MF - [.001][.002][.003][.004][.005][.006][.007][.008]

*To download by chapter - Please see DVD & VCD Specials

Rainbow Romance - Guest Appearances

Rainbow Romance Ep. 04 (feat. Yoochun) (E)
Rainbow Romance Ep. 06 (feat. Yoochun) (E)
Rainbow Romance Ep. 62 (feat. Yunho) (E)
Rainbow Romance Ep. 64 (feat. Yunho) (E)

Gold Fish - Parody Drama Skit

061027 MBC Golden Fishery (Jaejoong + Yoochun) (E)

Heading to the Ground (Yunho)

090909 Episode 1 [.001][.002][.003][.004][.005]
090910 Episode 2 [.001][.002][.003][.004][.005][.006]
090916 Episode 3 [.001][.002][.003][.004][.005][.006]
090917 Episode 4 [.001][.002][.003][.004][.005][.006][.007]
090923 Episode 5 [.001][.002][.003][.004][.005]
090924 Episode 6 [.001][.002][.003][.004][.005][.006]
090930 Episode 7 [.001][.002][.003][.004][.005][.006][.007]
091001 Episode 8 [.001][.002][.003][.004][.005]
091007 Episode 9 [.001][.002][.003][.004][.005][.006]
091008 Episode 10 [.001][.002][.003][.004][.005]
091015 Episode 11 [.001][.002][.003][.004][.005][.006]
091021 Episode 12 [.001][.002][.003][.004][.005]
091022 Episode 13 [.001][.002][.003][.004]
091028 Episode 14 [.001][.002][.003][.004][.005][.006]
091030 Episode 15 [001][002][003][004][005][006]
091104 Episode 16 [001][002][003][004][005]

Dating on Earth


TV Appearances, Talk & Variety Shows

Korean TV

Random Fun

Junsu Caught Eating
Junsu Hit With Necklace
Junsu MNet Top 100 Most Cute Guy No. 4 Junsu MNet Top 100 Most Precious Guy No. 27
061210 Junsu's Laser Dance in Happy Sunday Heroine 6
Junsu Super Guard (Basketball) Junsu's Super Viking Cut (Round 2) (Eng Subbed)
Come Play - Junsu's Cut (Eng subbed)
Micky Imitates Rose from Titanic
YSMM - Micky's Story (Eng Subbed)
YSMM - Yunho's Childhood Story (Eng Subbed)
YSMM - Yunho's Manboobs Story (Eng Subbed)
Junsu's Prank {GOE-SS}
Yunho's Prank (Eng Subbed)
Making of Rising Sun Concert Cut - JaeMin & Motorcycle Love Marriage (Eng Subbed)

KMTV I Love Show Tank

KMTV I Love Show Tank - Physical Strength Test (Eng Subbed)
KMTV I Love Show Tank - Musical Ability Test (E)
KMTV I Love Show Tank - Jaejoong's 100 (E)
I Love Show Tank - Ideal Girls (Eng Subbed)
I Love Show Tank - Psychology Test (Drawing) (Eng Subbed) [MU][FF]
KMTV I Love Show Tank - Yunho + Micky MC Talk (E)

KMTV Mission Impossible

KMTV Mission Impossible - U-Know Yunho (E)
KMTV Mission Impossible - Youngwoong Jaejoong (E)
KMTV Mission Impossible - Choikang Changmin (E)
KMTV Mission Impossible - Xiah Junsu (E)
KMTV Mission Impossible - Micky Yoochun (E)
KMTV Mission Impossible - Unfinished Story (E)

MNet Show King Talking with DBSK
MNet Show King Plus - Hallyu Relay Karaoke (E)
040206 Star Self Service Camera (E)
040527 KMTV Fanmeeting + Micky's B'day Party (E)

KMTV Star Capsule

040223 KMTV Star Capsule Part 1 (E)
040224 KMTV Star Capsule Part 2 (E)
040225 KMTV Star Capsule Part 3 (E)
040226 KMTV Star Capsule Part 4 (E)
040227 KMTV Star Capsule Part 5 (E)

MTV In Control

040301 MTV In Control Part 1 (E)
040302 MTV In Control Part 2 (E)
040303 MTV In Control Part 3 (E)
040304 MTV In Control Part 4 (E)
040305 MTV In Control Part 5 (E)

041231 MBC House Tour (DBSK's Apartment)(English Subbed)

040601 ETN Inside Story - My Little Princess Making (Singing Bogo Ship Dah)
MK No Cut Story - Making of Rising Sun MV
KM No Cut Story - Show Me Your Love MV Making (E) [.001][.002]
MNet No Cut Story - Snow Dream MV Making (Eng Subbed)
[Part 1][Part 2][Part 3]
(Part 3 is thanks to Kura/Jae who gave me the link! ^_^)
KM No Cut Story - Millionaire's First Love Party (E)
060323 KM No Cut Story - Smart CF Photoshoot

KM News - We Are Curious About TVXQ

Yunho [Part 1][Part 2][Part 3][Part 4][Part 5]
Yoochun [Part 1][Part 2][Part 3][Part 4][Part 5]
Changmin [Part 1][Part 2][Part 3][Part 4][Part 5]
Junsu [Part 1][Part 2][Part 3][Part 4][Part 5]
Jaejoong [Part 1][Part 2][Part 3]

050722 MNet What's Up Star {GOE-SS}

050911 MBC Mr Cook King (feat. Yoochun) {DBSJ-Prod}

060109 MNet Wide Rest Special Part 1 {GOE-SS}
060110 MNet Wide Rest Special Part 2 {GOE-SS}
Rising Sun Dance Steps (Mirror View)
Rising Sun Rehearsal (where they slipped a few times)

060916 KBS DBSK in Thailand Concert (Eng Subbed)
060922 SBS Music Wave - Talk with ZLY and Junsu (E)

Over the Mountain, Across the River (OTMATR)

(English Hardsubbed)
061014 Over the Mountain Across the River 1
061021 Over the Mountain Across the River 2
061028 Over the Mountain Across the River 3
061104 Over the Mountain Across the River 4 [.001][.002]

Love Letter

Love Letter Season 2 Ep. 21 {Love Letter Subbing Team @ Soompi}
Love Letter Season 2 Ep. 23 {Love Letter Subbing Team @ Soompi}
Love Letter Season 2 Ep. 26 {Love Letter Subbing Team @ Soompi}
Love Letter Season 2 Ep. 27 {Love Letter Subbing Team @ Soompi}
Love Letter Season 2 Ep. 32 {Love Letter Subbing Team @ Soompi}
Love Letter Episode 33 {Love Letter Subbing Team @ Soompi}

Heroine 6

061029 KBS Heroine 6(Eng Subbed) LQ
061105 KBS Heroine 6 (Eng Subbed) [Part 1] [Part 2]
061203 Heroine6 (Yoosu) (E)
Part 1 - [001][002][003]
Part 2 - [001][002][003]


SBS Xman Episode 94 (English Subbed - certain parts)
SBS Xman Episode 95 (English Subbed - certain parts)
SBS Xman #45 Episode 100
(Softsubs credits: Amicus, Upload Credits: tOgTaG)
[.001][.002][.003] [Softsubs (DBSK + Minwoo Parts)]
SBS Xman #45 Episode 101
(Softsubs credits: Amicus, Upload Credits: tOgTaG)
SBS Xman Episode 112 - Xmas Edition (HQ English Subbed)
[.001] [.002] [.003]
SBS Xman Episode 113 - Xmas Edition (HQ English Subbed)
[.001] [.002] [.003] [.004]
* SBS Xman #69 Episode 151 - DBSK Special (All members) HQ (Eng HardSubbed)
[Part 1][Part 2][Part 3]
* SBS Xman #69 Episode 152 - DBSK Special (All members) HQ (English Hardsubbed)
New Xman Episode 2 (Upload Credits: tOgTaG)
[.001][.002] (English Hardsubbed)
New Xman Episode 5 (Upload Credits: tOgTaG)
[.001][.002][.003][Softsubs by B.O.N Fansub]
New Xman Episode 6 (Upload Credits: tOgTaG)
New Xman Episode 7 (E) (Upload Credits: tOgTaG)


(Full Episode with Softsubs)
(Upload + softsub credits: tOgTaG (
Unreleased Scenes from YSMM (E)

Super Viking

061209 Super Viking Ep. 06 (E) [.001][.002]
061216 Super Viking Ep. 07 (E) [.001][.002][.003]

MNet School of Rock

MNet School Of Rock Episode 1 (Eng Subbed)
MNet School Of Rock Episode 2 (Eng Subbed)
MNet School Of Rock Special Edition (Eng Subbed)
MTV School Attack (Behind the Scenes) (Eng Subbed)
Dong Ahn Club (Eng Subbed)
Happy Day Interview (Eng Subbed)

SBS Couple Selection

061104 SBS Selection Couple - Love Choice (Yunho) (E)
070106 SBS Selection Couple - Micky Yoochun (E)

Ittda Eopda!! (True or False) (Eng Subbed)

061008 Taste Vs Taste Autumn Special (E)

061027 MBC Golden Fishery - Parody Drama Skit (Jaejoong + Yoochun) (E)

061209 KBS Sponge 2 (Yunho, Jaejoong + Changmin Cuts) (E)

061216 MBC Happy Share Company with Junjin (Yoochun & Junsu)

Happy Together Friends (Yoochun Cuts) (E)
[Part 1][Part 2][Part 3][Part 4][Part 5]

MNet Starwatch

MNet Starwatch Part 1 (Eng Subbed)
MNet Starwatch Part 2 (Eng Subbed) [MU][DS]
Making Of Starwatch (Eng Subbed)
[Ep. 1][Ep. 2][Ep. 3][Ep. 4][Ep. 5]
[Ep. 6][Ep. 7][Ep. 8][Ep. 9]

MTV Ask (Eng Subbed)


[.001] [.002] Please join with HJ Split
070423 SBS Star King (Eng Subbed)
FULL Credits to Kayem7289 @ boajjang forums for subbing.


070421 SBS Jihwaza - Episode 2 {GOE-SS}
070428 SBS Jihwaza - Episode 3 (Full)
[.001] [.002]
[Softsubs] {GOE-SS}

MNet 21c Artist

070424 MNet 21c Artist (Interview Cut)
[.001] [.002] [Softsubs]
MNet 21c Artist (No Cut Story)
[Part 1][Part 2][Part 3][Part 4][Part 5]

070522 SPN Congratulation Message
070531 Air City Drama OST Interview (Eng Subbed)
070606 MNet Best19 - Star Bizarre Photograph (E)
070614 No Cut TV - The South Korea E-Ambassador (Eng Subbed)
070615 Iple Music Town Congratulation Message (Eng Subbed)
070622 UFO Town Comment (Eng Subbed)
070624 Starfile ~O~ Mini Live (E)
070630 Arirang Showbiz Extra - E-Govt Ambassadors (Eng Subbed)
070704 KM Idol World (TVXQ Cut) (E)
070706 S Magazine Photoshoot and Comment (E)
070717 Star Iple Congratulatory Message (E)
070719 Mnet Wide News - Super Junior vs TVXQ (E)
070801 MNet No Cut Story - KM Idol World (TVXQ Cuts) (E)
070817 SM Entertainment Best Selection Message (E)
070819 SBS Inkigayo - FIFA 2007 World Youth Cup Message (E)
2007 SM Entertainment Global Audition Special Message (E)
Making of Only Love MV

2nd Live Tour Japan - Five in the Black Reports

070623 KBS FITB Concert Tour Report (Eng Subbed)
070625 ETN Entertainment Station - FITB Concert Tour Report (E)
070625 MNet Wide News - Budokan Report (E)
070626 YTN Star Today - 2nd Live Tour Budokan (Eng Subbed)

SM Town 2007 Reports

SM Town Summer Concert Interview 2007 (Eng Subbed)
070627 Busan SM Town Concert - TVXQ in Waiting Room (E)
070629 MBC SM Town Summer Concert - TVXQ Cuts (Eng Subbed)
070629 ETN Entertainment Station SM Town Jacket Photography (E)
070629 KM Wide News - SM Town Photography (E)
070630 MNet Wide - SM Town Jacket Photographing (E)
070717 ETN Starfile - SM Town Jacket Photography Part 1
070719 ETN Starfile - SM Town Jacket Photography Part 2

Unreleased Scenes on Iple

070717 Member Introduction (E)
070724 First Fan Meeting (E)
070802 My Little Princess MV Making (E)
070821 1st Arrival At Japan (E)
070824 Making of Magic Castle MV (E)
070831 A-Nation'07 Backstage Pt. 2 (E)
070831 A-Nation'07 Backstage Pt. 3 (E)
070906 TVXQ in LA (Disneyland) (E)
070918 Uneasy First Performance (E)

070904 MNet Wide - A-Nation Report'07 (E)

Exploration Of the Human Body

080106 Exploration Of the Human Body Ep. 9
080113 Exploration of the Human Body Ep. 10 [GOE-SS]

080223 OBS TV Weekly Variety Show {GOE-SS}
[Part 1][Part 2]

Line Up

080223 SBS Line Up (Part 1)
[Junsu's Cut Scene (E)]
080308 SBS Line Up (Part 2) {GOE-SS}

080225 SBS Confrontation 8 Vs 1 (JJ+YC) {GOESS}
[.001] [.002] [.003] [.004] [.005]

080228 KBS Happy Together Season 3 {GOE-SS}

080302 SBS Good Sunday Miraculous Victory And Defeat {GOE-SS}

3rd Live Tour Japan - T Reports

080512 MNet WIDE News - 3rd Live Tour T + Interview {GOEss}

080526 SBS Star Show with DBSK [Softsubs] {GOEss}

080229 Channel [V] Live News - Purple Line PV Making
080510 KBS Popular in Asia Interview {GOEss}
080609 MNet Wide News - Dream Concert TVXQ {GOEss}
080614 KBS TVXQ Beijing Concert'08 Interview {GOEss}
080620 ETN EN.U Entertainment News - Asia Tour Finale Beijing Concert {GOEss}

080916 Interview (E)
080922 KM Wide News - 4th Album Showcase {GOEss}
080924 M.Net Wide News - Making of Mirotic MV {GOEss}
080927 KBS2 Entertainment News - TVXQ! Comeback {GOEss}

081001 SBS Kim Jung Eun's Chocolate - TVXQ Special
*RAW - [.001][.002][.003]
*{DBSJ-P} [.001][.002][.003][.004][.005][.006][.007][.008][.009][.010][.011]
081003 SBS 24 Hour Famine - Interview {GOEss}
081004 KBS2 Shin Dong Yeob & Shin Bong Seon's Champagne
*RAW - [.001][.002][.003][.004][.005][.006][.007]
*{GOEss} - [.001][.002][.003][.004][.005][.006][.007][.008]
*{DBSJ-P} - [.01][.02][.03][.04][.05][.06][.07][.08][.09][.10][.11]
081009 KBS2 Happy Together (JaeHoChun)
{DBSJ-P} [.001][.002][.003][.004][.005][.006][.007][.008][.009][.010][.011]
081012 SBS Family Outing Ep. 17 (HoSu)
*{RAW} - will be taken down soon
*{DBSJ-P} - English Subbed
081013 MNet My Favourite, TVXQ [.001][.002]
081016 KM Wide News Seoul Drama Awards + M Super Concert
081017 MNet Yong Hyung Dong Jae
*{DBSJ-P} [.001][.002][.003][.004][.005][.006]
081018 Yoon Dohyun's Love Letter
*RAW [.001][.002][.003][.004][.005][.006]
*{GOEss} [.001][.002][.003][.004]
081018 ETN E-Comeback Special
081019 SBS Family Outing Ep. 18 (HoSu) {DBSJ-P}
081024 MNet Yong Hyung Dong Jae (TVXQ Cut) {DBSJ-P}

081027 MBC Come to Play

SBS Jeolchin's Note

081031 SBS Jeolchin's Note Part 1 (Junsu) {GOEss}
081107 SBS Jeolchin's Note Part 2 (Junsu) {GOEss}
081121 SBS Jeolchin's Note Part 3 (Junsu) {GOEss}

081110 SBS Yashimmanman (Yunho) {GOEss}
081114 YTN Star - Making of Wrong Number [Softsubs] {GOEss}
081115 MBC Never-Ending Story (JaeMin) {GOEss}
081115 MBC Introducing Star's Friend (HoYooSu)
*{RAW} - will be taken down soon
[.001][.002][.003][.004][.005][.006][.007][.008][.009][.010][.011][.012][.013][.014][Unseen Cut - Junsu + Junho Duet]

081115 MKMF 2008
[Red Carpet][Red Carpet Interview]
[Auction Netizen Popularity Award]
[Overseas Popularity Award]
[Album of the Year - Daesang]
[Dark Knight Parody {DBSJ-P}]

081117 ENU - Making of Wrong Number MV {GOEss}
081121 MNet Wide News - Making of Wrong Number MV {GOEss}

081123 MBC Fantasy Couple (YooSuMin) {GOEss}

081128 SBS Gag Concert Special DBSK Cut (E)
081130 Happy Sunday Immortal Music Classics

081210 Golden Disk Awards
[Yepp Popularity Award][Bonsang][Daesang]

090731 MBC Section TV - Yunho Evisu Photo Sketch {GOEss}
090731 MBC TVian - Making of "Heading to the Ground" {GOEss}

Japanese TV


Barks Global Music Explorer 1 (E)
Barks Global Music Explorer 2 (E)
Barks Global Music Explorer 3 (E)
Barks Global Music Explorer 4 (E)
Barks Global Music Explorer 5 (E)
Barks Global Music Explorer 6 (E)
Barks Global Music Explorer 7 (E)
Barks Global Music Explorer 8 (E)
Barks Global Music Explorer 9 (E)
Barks Global Music Explorer 10 (E)
Barks Global Music Explorer 11 (E)
Barks Global Music Explorer 12 (E)
Barks Global Music Explorer 13 (E)
Barks Global Music Explorer 14 (E)
Barks Global Music Explorer 15 (E)
Barks Global Music Explorer 16 (E)
Barks Global Music Explorer 17 (E)
Barks Global Music Explorer 18 (E)
Barks Global Music Explorer 19 (E)
Barks Global Music Explorer 20 (E)
Barks Global Music Explorer 22 (E)
Barks Global Music Explorer 23 (E)

BARKS Behind the Scenes of Music Videos

BARKS - O-Sei.Han.Gou PV Behind the Scenes (Part 1)
BARKS - O-Sei.Han.Gou PV Behind the Scenes (Part 2)
BARKS - Choosey Lover PV Behind the Scenes (Part 1)
BARKS - Choosey Lover PV Behind the Scenes (Part 2)
070314 BARKS Interview #39 (Eng Subbed)
BARKS - #43 - Choosey Lover PV (Part 3) (Eng Subbed)
BARKS - #44 - ID + Lovin' You Spot (Eng Subbed)
070618 BARKS - #45 - Lovin You PV Shooting (Yoochun) (Eng Subbed)
My Destiny PV Behind the Scenes[1][2][3]
(Credits: meteorstorm1642, Uploading credits: togtag)
Barks #55 - Making of Survivor PV part 1 (E) {jolyn_tvxq+ichigotvxq}
Barks #66 - Making of Survivor PV part 2 (E) {jolyn_tvxq+ichigotvxq}

MTV M-Size

060403 MTV M-Size Ep. 1 (E)
060417 MTV M-Size Ep. 3 (E)
060424 MTV M-Size Ep. 4 (E)
060501 MTV M-Size Ep. 5 (E)
060508 MTV M-Size Ep. 6 (E)
060515 MTV M-size Ep. 7 (E)
060522 MTV M-Size Ep. 8 (E)
060529 MTV M-Size Ep. 9 (E)
060605 MTV M-Size Ep. 10 (E)

060731 MTV M-Size (Eng Subbed) LQ
070305 MTV M-Size Monthly Face (Eng Subbed)
070319 MTV M-Size Talk + Choosey Lover PV (Eng Subbed)
070326 MTV M-Size MONTHLY FACE Talk (Eng Subbed)


English Hardsubbed {GOE-SS}
050307 Onryu 01 - Intro
050314 Onryu 02 - Arrival In Japan
050321 Onryu 03 - Japanese Language Lesson
050329 Onryu 04 - Hug (International Version)
050404 Onryu 05 - Vocal Training
050411 Onryu 06 - (Promotional Actvity) Magazine Interview
050418 Onryu 07 - Stay With Me Tonight Jacket Photoshoot
050425 Onryu 08 - Stay With Me Tonight PV
050503 Onryu 09 - Picking Strawberries
050510 Onryu 10 - Visit Mother Meadow (Part 1)
050516 Onryu 11 - Stay With Me Tonight Showcase
050524 Onryu 12 - Visit Mother Meadow (Part 2)
050606 Onryu 14 - Nationwide Name Card Exchange Meet Part 2
050614 Onryu 15 - Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum Visit
050621 Onryu 16 - Somebody To Love Photoshoot + Micky's Bday
050628 Onryu 17 - Somebody To Love PV BTS Part 1
050704 Onryu 18 - WHAT'S IN Public Coverage (Part 1)
050711 Onryu 19 - Somebody To Love PV BTS Part 2
050718 Onryu 20 - Somebody To Love PV BTS Part 3
050725 Onryu 21 - Star Festival Event
050802 Onryu 22 - WHAT's IN Part 2
050809 Onryu 23 - Radio Public Broadcast
050823 Onryu 24 - A Cappella Experiences Part 1
050830 Onryu 25 - Bowling Part 1
050906 Onryu 26 - A Cappella Experiences Part 2
050913 Onryu 27 - A Nation in KOBE Part 1
050920 Onryu 28 - Bowling Part 2
050927 Onryu 29 - A Nation in KOBE Part 2
051003 Onryu 30 - Rising Sun In Korea
051011 Onryu 31 - My Destiny Cover Photoshoot
051018 Onryu 32 - My Destiny PV BTS Part 1
051025 Onryu 33 - My Destiny PV BTS Part 2
051101 Onryu 34 - Fishing Time
051108 Onryu 35 - Japan Visit Anniversary
051122 Onryu 36 - Japan Visit Anniversary 2
051129 Onryu 37 - Summer Memory Barbeque
051206 Onryu 38 - Small Trip Part 1 (Lake Kawaguchi)
051213 Onryu 39 - Small Trip Part 2 (Mt. Fuji)
051220 Onryu 40 - Small Trip Part 3 (Handicraft Experience 1)
051227 Onryu 41 - Small Trip Part 4 (Handicraft Experience 2)
060110 Onryu 42 - Writing New Year
060117 Onryu 43 - Small Trip (Final)
060124 Onryu 44 - Jaejoong Junsu
060131 Onryu 45 - 4th Single Asu Wa Kuru Kara [Live]
060206 Onryu 46 - Yunho Changmin
060214 Onryu 47 - Asu Wa Kuru Kara PV BTS Part 1
060221 Onryu 48 - Soccer
060228 Onryu 49 - Asu Wa Kuru Kara PV BTS Part 2
060307 Onryu 50 - 1st Concert Part 1
060314 Onryu 51 - Asu Wa Kuru Kara PV BTS Part 3
060321 Onryu 52 - 1st Concert Part 2
060328 Onryu 53 - Since debut in Japan

TNC Peace

060417 TNC Peace 1 (E) [.001][.002][.003]
060427 TNC Peace 2 (E) [.001][.002]
060504 TNC Peace 3 (At The Amusement Park) (E) [.001][.002]
060511 TNC Peace 4 (E)
MU [.001][.002]
MF [.001][.002][.003][.004][.005][.006][.007]
060601 TNC Peace 7 (E)
060525 TNC Peace 6 (At the University) (E)
060608 TNC Peace 8 (E) [.001][.002][.003]
TNC Peace 9 (Soccer Part 1) (E)
060629 TNC Peace 10 (Soccer Part 2) (E)
060706 TNC Peace 11 (E) [.001][.002][.003]
060711 TNC Peace 12 (E) [.001][.002][.003]
060815 TNC Peace 13 (Bowling) (E) [.001][.002][.003]
061114 TNC Peace 15 (Basketball Part 1) (E)
061115 TNC Peace (Basketball Part 2) (E)
TNC Peace 18 (E)


Channel A with Tohoshinki Part 1 (Eng Subbed)
Channel A with Tohoshinki Part 2 (Eng Subbed)
070329 Channel A Sports Battle (Basketball) (Eng Subbed)
070405 Channel A Sports Battle (Soccer + Telematch) (Eng Subbed)
070510 Channel A #449 (Eng Subbed)
070607 Channel A #453 (E)
070621 Channel A (Healing Massage) (Eng Subbed)
070719 Channel A (BBQ) (E)
071206 Channel A #479 (Disaster Prevention) {GOEss}
080124 Channel A [GOE-SS]
080417 Channel A at Universal Studios Japan {GOEss}
080501 Channel A (Spicy Food - Pt. 1) {GOEss}
080508 Channel A (Spicy Food Pt. 2) {GOEss}
080710 Channel A - Shopping + Takoyaki Pt. 1 {GOEss}
081017 Channel A - Shopping + Takoyaki Pt. 2 {GOEss}
081023 Channel A - Takoyaki Votes {GOEss}
090129 Channel A - Soccer Battle [.001][.002]
090507 Channel A - Prank on Yuttie {GOEss}

070201 ARTIST SP Part 1 (E)
070215 ARTIST SP Part 2 (E) (Upload credits: tOgTaG)
070205 HEY!HEY!HEY! Tohoshinki (Eng Subbed)
TNC Peace (Food Tasting) (Eng Subbed)
Interview on TVK Shinkaigyo (Eng Subbed)
[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5]
070223 RZTV #27 Tohoshinki - Choosey Lover
070301 Gyao Interview (Full) (Eng Subbed) [MU][MF]
070302 CHICHIN PUIPUI Tohoshinki (Eng Subbed)
070315 Yahoo! Live Talk (Eng Subbed)
070316 Showtime Special Interview
070323 Tetsuko's Room (Eng Subbed)
070330 TNC Niji Goji (Eng Subbed)

070420 TNC Chikappa (DBSK Cut) [Softsubs]
070518 Sportswear On Sale Special Comment (Eng Subbed)

070530 Lovin' You Single Comment (Eng Subbed)
070601 Kansai Super News Anchor - 2nd Live Tour FITB (Eng Subbed)
070601 Zoom In Super - Making Of Lovin' You MV
070604 HEY!HEY!HEY! Telephone Box
[Raw File 69MB]{Softsubs credits to kakitani @ LJ [MU][FF]} [Hardsubbed 38MB]
070609 Andyu (CTV) (Eng Subbed)
070611 Tohoshinki - Gokigenyou (A cappella Cut)
070611 TBS ObirajiR (E)
070612 NIJITYAO (Eng Subbed)
070612 Gokigenyou 02 (Eng Subbed)
070613 Gokigenyou 03 (E)
070613 Oricon Style - Lovin You PV Shooting (Yunho) (Eng Subbed)
070613 Yahoo! - Lovin' You PV Shooting (Jaejoong) (Eng Subbed)
070614 Narutomo Interview (Eng Subbed)
070615 BIGLOVE Lovin' You Comment (Changmin) (Eng Subbed)
070615 NTV Music Fighter Interview (Eng Subbed)
070618 Barisan - A Nation Cellphone Recommendation (Eng Subbed)

070620 M-ON! News Lovin' You + A Nation 07 Comment (Eng Subbed)
070620 Kyodo News - 2nd Live Tour Japan Cuts
070620 Zoom In Super - Live At Budokan (Eng Subbed)
[Part 1][Part 2]

070622 NANKAI Paradise (TVXQ Cut) (E)
070623 TNC Chikappa - Lovin' You Comment (Eng Subbed)

070706 Otoemon Interview 1 (E)
070707 Channel J - J Pops (Budokan Report) (E) [.001][.002]
070710 Zoom In Super - Together Comment (E)
070711 Kanzai TV Purachike! (THSK Cut) (E)
070712 Maxmatsuuras Blog Special Message (E)
070713 Otoemon Interview 2 (E)
070723 BIGLOBE - Tohoshinki History (E)

070802 A-Nation Report on Navi TV (E)
070806 HEY!HEY!HEY! Music Champ - Talk + Summer Dream (E)
070809 Kanzai TV MU-Jack (E)
070815 FACE in Japan on Zoom In Super (E)
070827 NTV Zoom in Super - A Nation News {GOEss}
070828 What's In Web Quiz (E)
070831 Kanzai TV Mu-Jack - Interview at A Nation '07 (E)
070831 13th Single - Shine Comment {GOEss}

070805 M-ON! MM Monthly VJ (Junsu, Jaejoong, Yunho) (E)
[GOE;SS - 326.42MB][070812 M-ON! MM Monthly VJ (Yoochun, Changmin) (E)
(Uploading credits: togtag)

070911 What's In Web - Artist Book Comment (E)
070918 What's In Web - Shine, Ride On Comment (E)

071111 Premium Mini Live Cuts + Interview (E)
071114 Gyao Midtown TV Music Program {GOEss} [.001][.002]

Making of Last Angel MV (E)
Tell Me + Purple Line Rehearsal
My Playlist Purple Line Making Cut

080110 TV Tokyo Scene Interview at Ts Salon [GOE-SS]
080117 Yahoo! Live Talk {GOE-SS}
080114 Mashup! MUSIO {GOE-SS}
080126 TBS King's Brunch Date Master
[Megaupload], Mediafire - [.001][.002][.003][.004] [Softsubs]
080129 Tohoshinki on Fuji Waratte Iitomo {GOE-SS}
080201 GYAO Rankin Shuffle Neo #41(THSK Cut) [GOE-SS]
080202 Music Fair 21 - Talk Cut [GOE-SS]
080204 AVEXnet Yoochun Comment - Runaway + My Girlfriend (E)
080206 Gyao Midtown TV - Two Hearts Promo (E) (RAW - MF [.001][.002]
080206 FujiTV - Ongakubanduke {GOE;SS}
080213 Gyao Midtown TV - Runaway Promo
080219 AVEXnet Junsu Comment - If../Rainy Night
080220 Gyao Midtown TV - Extra
080227 Gyao Midtown TV - If.. Promo
080227 Yunho Comment - Close To You/Crazy Life
080227 AVEXnet Jaejoong Comment - Keyword/Maze
080305 Gyao Midtown TV - Close To You Promo

080422 Asahi TV ONTAMA Part 1 (Personal Question) {GOEss}
080422 Asahi TV ONTAMA Extra {GOEss}
080423 Asahi TV ONTAMA Part 2 (Imagination) {GOEss}
080424 Asahi TV ONTAMA Part 3 (Whisper) {GOEss}
080425 Asahi TV ONTAMA Part 4 (Opinion) {GOEss}
080426 Asahi TV ONTAMA Part 5 (Mobile Email) {GOEss}

080404 TNC Niji Goji (Cherry Blossom Picnic) {GOEss}
080430 FBS Music Club - Interview {GOEss}
080627 A Nation'08 on Navi TV {GOEss}
080708 Space Shower TV - Music Update Kira Kira Tuesday {GOEss}

081013 Music M Site - THSK Mirotic Comment {GOEss}
081017 Mezamashi TV - Tohoshinki Mirotic Party {GOEss}
081024 MNet Wide News - M! Countdown TVXQ! Interview {GOEss}
081030 Minasanno Okage [.001][.002]
081121 NHK Music Japan - THSK Cut {GOEss}

081230 TBS The 50th Japan Record Awards:
[ Opening ][ Introduction ][ Interview ]

090126 HEY!HEY!HEY! - Talk + Bolero
091227 M-On Music Machine - JaeChun

090101 Zoom in Super New Year Special {GOEss}
090119 Biglobe Bolero Interview {GOEss}

090305 AVEXnet - The Secret Code Promotion Campaign {GOEss}
090306 TV Asahi Music Station - THSK Cut {GOEss}
- [ Survivor Performance Cut ]
090310 Zoom In Super - Kiss the Baby Sky (PV Making + Interview) {GOEss}
090314 CHUKYOTV - The Secret Code Promotion Campaign {GOEss}
090314 TNC Chikappa - JS, YC & CM at Fukuoka {GOEss}
090319 What's In Web - Promoting The Secret Code ver. 3 {GOEss}
090321 TNC Momochihama D.X. Store {GOEss}
090322 Oshareism {GOEss} [001][002][003]
090323 NTV Zoom In Super - Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo 2009 {GOEss}
090323 NTV Miyaneya {GOEss}
090323 Sukkiri News - Subaru PressCon + Backstage Interview {GOEss}
090323 FBS Night Shuffle {GOEss} [.001][.002][.003][.004]
090324 TV Tokyo Ladys 4
090324 NTV Radio De Culture {GOEss}
090325 NEWS You Plus Talk - THSK Interview {GOEss}
090325 Zoom In Super - Studio Tour {GOEss}
090330 NTV Shakeburi 007 (THSK Cut) {GOEss}

TV Asahi Ontama

090407 TV Asahi Ontama Part 1090408 TV Asahi Ontama Part 2
090409 TV Asahi Ontama Part 3
090410 TV Asahi Ontama Part 4
090411 TV Asahi Ontama Part 5
090430 TV Asahi Ontama Unreleased Scenes

090405 Kanzai TV - Otoemon {GOEss}
090406 M-ON Interview {GOEss}
090408 Miyaneya - Tokyo Dome + Share the World {GOEss}
090411 KHB Hirumanian {GOEss}

090510 TV Aichi - Bonita Bonita (YunJae Cut)
090522 NTV Mirai Souzoudo {GOEss}
090625 Tokyo Friend Park {GOEss}
090628 MJTV Pickup Artist - THSK Comment {GOEss}

090704 Message from THSK - Tokyo Dome Concert {GOEss}

090803 NTV Sukkiri - THSK Lawsuit News {GOEss}
090804 NTV Miyaneya - THSK Lawsuit News {GOEss}
090804 FujiTV Tokudane - THSK Lawsuit News {GOEss}
090804 NTV Oha!4 - THSK Lawsuit News {GOEss}

International TV

061115 TVBSG News - Interview (Taiwan)
061223 Hong Kong Special Interview on TVB News (E)
070620 MTV Taiwan - VJ Interview + Lovin' You MV (E)
070716 MTV Taiwan - Japan Budokan Concert Part 1 [GOE-SS]
070726 MTV Taiwan - Japan Budokan Concert Part 2 [GOE-SS]
081025 Entertainment Asia - SMTown Concert (Taiwan) (E)
081202 FUSE TV's Excellent Adventure - Asia Song Festival (American)

Thai TV
080206 True Music Lollypop Interview {GOE-SS}
090208 Ch. 7 Sen Tarng Ban Tern - SMTown Bangkok'08 {GOEss}
090208 Ch. 9 Dao Kra Jaai - SMTown Bangkok'08{GOEss}
090208 True Vision Inside News Live - SMTown Bangkok'08 {GOEss}
090214 Ch. 5 i-Teen Activity - SMTown'08 {GOEss}
090628 TINU - Mirotic Tour in Bangkok {GOEss}

Have something to share that is not here? Feel free submit your uploaded file link to :)

Radio Appearances

061020 You Only Love (Acapella) (at Radio Station)
Whatever They Say Recording/Live
Lipsynching Hug At Radio Station

Kim Jung Hoon's Radio

(DBSK Cuts) (E)
Subbing credits: muish @ youtube
[Part 1][Part 2][Part 3][Part 4]

Noh HongChul's Joyful Radio

(Eng Subbed)
[Part 1][Part 2][Part 3][Part 4][Part 5][Part 6]
DBSK Talk - O Jung Ban Hap MV Filming (Eng Subbed)

Park Jun Hyung FM Inkigayo

060220 - Don't Ignore Your Friends
060221 - Leading a Life Away from Porn
060222 - Communicate With Your Parents
060223 - Reject Violence in School

Bigeast Station

[Ep. 1][Ep. 2][Ep. 3][Ep. 4][Ep. 5][Ep. 6][Ep. 7][Ep. 8][Ep. 9][Ep. 10]
[Ep. 11][Ep. 12][Ep. 13][Ep. 14][Ep. 15][Ep. 16][Ep. 17][Ep. 18][Ep. 19][Ep. 20]
[Ep. 21][Ep. 22][Ep. 23][Ep. 24][Ep. 25][Ep. 26][Ep. 27][Ep. 28][Ep. 29][Ep. 30]
[Ep. 31][Ep. 32][Ep. 33][Ep. 34][Ep. 35][Ep. 36][Ep. 37][Ep. 38][Ep. 39][Ep. 40]
[Ep. 41][Ep. 42][Ep. 43][Ep. 44][Ep. 45][Ep. 46][Ep. 47][Ep. 48][Ep. 49][Ep. 50]
[Ep. 51][Ep. 52][Ep. 53][Ep. 54][Ep. 55][Ep. 56][Ep. 57][Ep. 58][Ep. 59][Ep. 60]
[Ep. 61][Ep. 62][Ep. 63][Ep. 64][Ep. 65][Ep. 66][Ep. 67][Ep.68][Ep. 69][Ep. 70]
[Ep. 71][Ep. 72][Ep. 73][Ep. 74][Ep. 75][Ep. 76][Ep. 77][Ep. 78][Ep. 79][Ep. 80]
[Ep. 81][Ep. 82][Ep. 83][Ep. 84][Ep. 85][Ep. 86][Ep. 87][Ep. 88][Ep. 89][Ep. 90]
[Ep. 91][Ep. 92][Ep. 93][Ep. 94][Ep. 95][Ep. 96][Ep. 97][Ep. 98][Ep. 99][Ep. 100]
[Ep. 101][Ep. 102][Ep. 103][Ep. 104][Ep. 105]

FM Yokohama Dancing Groove - Five In Spring {GOE-SS}

[070328 - Jaejoong][070411 - Yoochun][070418 - Yunho]
[070425 - Junsu][070425 - Changmin]

070917 Iple Talk - Star Live Boy Radio (E)
070919 Iple Radio Behind the Scenes (E)

080929 KBS-R Cool FM Kiss The Radio - Super Junior with TVXQ {GOE-SS} (E)
081007 SBS-R Power FM MC Mong's Radio Show - TVXQ {GOEss}

CF/CM/Commercials + Making of

Ting CF {LQ} 2.55MB
Airsket CF
BBQ Chicken (1) CF (15s)
BBQ Chicken (2) CF (15s)
BBQ Chicken CF (30s) [Making on MBC 060113]
LG Mobile 2006 (English) (60s)
Matdongsan CF (Making)
RAMODO CF [Making]
Samsung Yepp CF (Junsu + Micky + Yunho) {LQ}
Samsung Yepp (2) CF
SMART S 2005 CF (30s) [Making on MBC]
SMART Natural Slim Style 2005 CF
SMART CF 2006 {LQ} 1.26MB
2nd Live Tour Five In The Black Merchandise CF
Smart CF Photoshoot (060323 - KM No Cut Story)

[TRAILER] Cinnamonroll Movie (with TVXQ's "Together" as main theme song)

Yamaha Nouvo Elegance (Motorcycle)

~ CF shooting in Thailand ~
[30 second version] [15 second version MQ (500x375)] [ 15 second version HQ (720x480)] [Making (E)] [Press Conference]

Samsung's AnyCall cellphone - Anyband (feat. Junsu, Boa, Tablo, Bora)

~ CF shooting in Brazil ~
[9 min version] [60 sec version (feat. Junsu)] [Making of]

Samsung's AnyCall Haptic cellphone (feat. SNSD/Girls Generation)

{dennygirl87} *Eng Subbed
[15 sec version][30 secs version]
Opening - Let's Haptic
Ep. 1 - Battle
Ep. 2 - Scandal
Ep. 3 - Dance
080523 Mnet Ent. News - Anycall Haptic Motion CF Making

PINK Anycall Haptic - Yunho + Junsu
BLUE Anycall Haptic - Jaejoong
WHITE Anycall Haptic - Yoochun + Changmin

081102 SBS Inkigayo - Say No! Save Life! Campaign

Samsung's HAHAHA Campaign

Featuring the NoKy Brothers - Uknow and Micky: [CF 1] [CF 2] [CF 3]
Featuring all DBSK members: [School Ver.] [Studio Ver.] [Acappella Ver.]
Making of HaHaHa School Attack & Dance Version

081203 YTN Star News - TVXQ's Samsung Hahaha Campaign
081203 ETN ENU News - TVXQ's Samsung Hahaha Campaign

Lotte Seolleim

Lotte Seolleim CF (15s)
Lotte Seolleim CF (30s) {GOEss}
090528 Making of Seolleim CF {GOEss}

[TRAILER] Subaru Movie - Website Trailer (feat. Tohoshinki) with "Bolero" OST Theme Song
[PREVIEW] Heaven's Postman (Jaejoong) {GOEss}
[TRAILER] Heaven's Postman (Jaejoong) {GOEss}

Infinitely Yours, Seoul

Infinitely Yours, Seoul (Korean) (30s)
Infinitely Yours, Seoul (Japanese) (15s)
Infinitely Yours, Seoul (Mandarin) (15s)

Fanmades Compilations

Step By Step Parody (by wonka, bakaneko007, luffa)
Yunho and Micky (HoChun Love)
Xiah Junsu's Five Habits
A Cappella Solo Best Album [Part 1][Part 2]



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But in any case, thanks for this list! It's great.

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Umm..could you please re-upload Tokyo Holiday NG & Finding Lost Time and The Uninvited Guest NG?Kamsahamnida!!Thank you 4 sharing all the DBSK stuff here!

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Hi Lynn,

Hope all is well, I love how you have re-organised this it looks very neat and tidy! I guess it was inevitable as it was over-flowing with goodies!
Everyoone keep supporting this site it is the BEST!

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*Sigh...i just love you, guys. haven't seen U personally but thanks for making things easier for most of us. love ya! (esp. w/ D mp3's) -Reef64

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^^ I can't thank you all enough... I love how you can be so dedicated!!! THANK YOU so much !!!~

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Thx for ur sharing!
But u found a problem in this :
SBS Xman #45 Episode 101
(Softsubs credits: Amicus, Upload Credits: Tag)

link file .003 is subs file ????
Check it plz!! Thx u very much :D

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hi umm i downloaded the herione 6 videos and was going to put them together in one file. if is ok with that is so everyone can download the full episode.

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New Xman Episode 2 , 5 , 6 ? are they new ? if it's not oo much trouble, can you tell me which episode starred who ? :) i've checked ot out online , and new xman 5 features Yunho and JaeJoong ?

what about xman episode 100-101 ?

sorry ! i'm abit confused ! can u help me out ? :)

Anonymous said...

Do you have Free Your Mind concert performance?The one during the 1st Rising Sun concert,or if there's any other concert perfs. If it's in here,plz let me know,coz i cant find it.I downloaded the 2nd promo clip version at the MVs section already though.My e-mail's

Your site rocks like hell!!!It's a DBSK heaven~

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One awesome list. *whistles* This is like DBSG heaven for me right here. 8D

Unfortunately, I can't download anything yet, but thanks for all the hard work~ ^^ Keep it up!

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You are amazing. I never will get all of your vids because there are coming so many new vids >.< and now MU will only let me load one vid and that was it -.-
But your site here rocks!!!!! I truley love it

tOgTaG said...

New Xman is a following season of Xman and guest lists for uploaded episodes are as follow.

New Xman Episode 2 : Micky Yoochun and U-know Yunho
New Xman Episode 5 : Hero Jae Joong and U-know Yunho
New Xman Episode 6 : Xiah Junsu
New Xman Episode 7 : Micky Yoochun and U-know Yunho

For Xman Episode 100-101, Xiah Junsu and U-know Yunho were the guests.

Enjoy watching ^_^

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Hey... I LOVE YOUR SITE!! Thank you for sharing so much DBSK goodies!!! I just wanted to tell you that My Little Princess Chinese version is not in the zip... can you please add it... it says it is there but it isn't THANK YOU SO MUCH

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Making of Rising Sun (Credits:*~tOgTaG~*)

Is it the JaeMin part?


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(Oh, and just to let you know I think the subbed Miss You vid is gone from filefront... T_T)

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Wow, your website is AMAZING! The mp3 downloads on 4shared are surprisingly fast and very convenient! However, could you try uploading the videos in sources other than MegaUpload? They only allow one download in like 6 hours or so... And I did read your solution in the FAQ section, I don't think it works very well though T_T (is it possible to upload videos via 4shared?)

Anyway, your dedication simply amazes me. You deserve to win some kind of award for this, seriously!

DBSKer rocks hard =)

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I love you're website
But can you re-uploading (??) the video concert heart,mind and soul?
Thank you ^^

Sorry for the English because I'm french

pigbbong said...

sry.. may i ask???

History In Japan Vol. 1 (E)

Where is it?? I can't find it..hix!

DBSKer said...

Its under DVD Specials under Video. Just above History in Japan Vol. 2. Enjoy!

potterky said...

HEY! thank you for uploading all these but can someone please upload all their dramas into other uploaders (instead of megaupload) to probably Mediafire/zShare??

pigbbong said...

Ya.. i got it.. thx u very much.

But ...
History In Japan Vol. 1 (E)
[Part 1][Part 2][Part 3][Part 4]

Where's part 2 ???

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Korean Digital Single - Yeo Haeng Gi [Click]

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use our search engine to find a file or folder:

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Hi! thanks for ur wonderful site! makes things easier for me to find the dbsk things i didnt have! Loving this site lots!

But the link u gave for dbsk's new korean single dl, it didnt work...juz for information!

thanks lots for your site on dbsk! =D

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Thanks again!! <3 You rock! XD

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Thank you very much ^^ i can down Yeo Haeng Gi!

But have problem in here....

Xiah Junsu - Chae Nyum/Resignation (Ver.1)
Xiah Junsu - Chae Nyum/Resignation (Ver.2)

The file is suspected of illegal or copyrighted content. Please contact link publisher or
use our search engine to find a file or folder:

Same problem with Yeo Heang Gi!

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Firstly,Thank you so much for upload many clips.
I really happy to see your website because there are many old clips that too hard to find for download.
But now I have some ploblem to asking you.
Would you re-upload some clips?
Because there are expired.

1.Miscellaneous Rips and Remixes
2.Perfomance Concert - Korean - this some clip can download but many clips are expired.
I 'm waiting to see you re-upload.

By the way,How I know you are re-upload already.Please tell

Thank you so much
Best regard,

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Hey, thanks for sharing with us DBSK fans who don't understand Korean ^^ you're the best! You've got stuff with english subs! YAY!

Anyway~~ I did get to download alot of the videos and such, but now-a-days there seems to be something wrong with the videos I want to download? I don't know if it's just me or anything, but I was tryin to download Over the Mountain, Across the river and the page wouldn't come up...maybe it's just my computer ^^ But could you check it out for me?

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hi. Can you upload a link for the English Version of Xiaj's Timeless? BTW, I love you! I love your blog. It's my manin source to DBSG files. I owe it all to you. I LOVE DBSKer!
Acknowledge me if you already posted a link thoough my email:
thanks again.!^^

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Hi. Can you post a link of Timeless English version?. Btw, i love you ang i love your blog! It's my main source of DBSG files. I owe it all to you! I LOVE DBSK and DBSKer!^^

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This site is amazing. I've been searching for DBSK mp3's for about three weeks, but I couldn't find anything that had all of DBSK's music. This archives site has everything fan a could want. Thank you so much.

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For example,I've downloaded both Xman Christmas Special and Happy Day,all of the parts,but only part 1 can be played.When I tried to play the other parts,Windows Media Classic says it couldn't render the file.And I cant play it on VLC,Real Player,and WMP too.Are the files alright?Do i need to dload other codec or something?I'm sorry if this problem has been posted but i'm kinda in a hurry so i thought i'd just leave a message.If the problem's been stated already,plz tell me. TQ!!Kamsahamnida!

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That is an awesome list of downloads! Thank you for uploading so much! This has got to be the best downloading site for fans!

DBSKer said...

You need to join those files with HJSplit. I gave a link in the FAQ post. Please check there.

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Thnx!I was able to get the Happy Day files joined.But I wonder why I couldn't do that for the Xman X'mas Special?I was surprised to find the files were in avi format and not .001,.002&.003. T.T Hmmm...I'll try to fix it again.Thnx alot!One question,does the Banjun Drama "First Love" contain eng subs?

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Such a nice blog and awesome collection of materials ^^
Keep up the good job!

By the way, "2nd Asia Tour Concert "O" Album"'s "Speaks Man/유노개인기(feat.슈퍼주니어 동해)" (CD2 - last song) is labelled as "suspected of illegal or copyrighted content" >_<

Thanks a lot again for your efforts!

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ps: still waiting for THSK's performance and talk in Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ Fall Special on 24th September 2007. I have the whole file but couldn't cut it.. Hopefully I could contribute something here someday..^^

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Thx for the info... I'm newbie here ^^

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But can I ask for you to upload a .wmv format of Vacation ch1? I can't play .avi formats.. T___T

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penana said...

hey lynn, you're so awesome for collecting all the vids of our boys... i LOVE this Site So Much > <
THanx for your hard work ^o^ I've downloaded a bunch of their vids from your site... =D haha Now i can feel that it's right for me to get a MU premium account, it does worth... thanx u so much ^o^

Aniway, i found an expired link from this one
070424 MNet 21c Artist (Interview Cut)
[.001] [.002] [Softsubs]

the .001 file is expired i think > < please check it... thanx lots!!!

Anonymous said...

Speechless... I wanna have your children! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

i just wanna ask, is there a 1st Live Concert "Rising Sun" DVD??

and does Five in the Black concert include behind the scenes?

and thanks a whole lot for sharing all of these ^___^

Anonymous said...

FINALLY!! I found a place where I can download some DBSK clips! Especially Vacation. keep up the great work! I really APPRECIATE it! :D

Anonymous said...

very AWESOME site, i cant imagine how long it took for all your hard work, great job! Thank you for making a place where DBSKer's can get together and obsess about the boys.
1 favour to ask...can you re-upload "we are curious about TVXQ's JaeJoong part 3" it seems to be expired due to inactivity :) thankx again for everything!!!!

Anonymous said...

just found this site today...

such a massive collection...i'm speechless..

i was just wondering..

is there only TVXQ in the M-ON PREMIUM CONCERT 06 or are there other artists as well??

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful site it is!!!
Thank u soooo much for u..
this is the biggest archieve i ever see!!!
I can't stop screaming now!! XD
Thank you 100000x!!! u're so great!!!
*deep hug*

Anonymous said...

omg!!! thank you so much!! i seriously cannot thank you enough for uploading all this!
but the yeo haeng gi download thing on fileberry doesnt work because the site is not available anymore

Anonymous said...

do any of the video files come in wmv? thnx so much for sharing! i <333 you for all of this XD ive just added so much to my music library XD

Anonymous said...

Hello i was just wondering if the audio for the drama the way u are is in sync? Coz u wrote on top tat u hav repaired it o smting for the full version..and i just wana dwnload the way u are..thx neways for so many videos..ur doing a great job! ^^

mahominamino said...

Woah , just scrolling down the menu makes me 0.0
Your list of stuff is really wide ! I applaud your effort in promoting our oppa yo~!
Keep it up ! Hwaiting~!
Love ya~!

PS >> I've just get Yunho's live of crazy life . Thank you very much XDXD!!

Anonymous said...

hey..i kind of crazy of dbsk..especially yoochun..!!
reli thanks alot 4 ur pic,lyrics,video,songs and etc...
reli appreciate them..
reli reli thanks alot ya...

Anonymous said...

heyy there!
This site has everything i need of dbsk here. It's great! :D
Though there is just a bit of a problem. For 'Yunho's tokyo holiday', file 003 doesnt exist :S
Just wanted to inform you if you didn't know. If you can fix it that'd be great! :D

Anonymous said...


thanx a lot for all these vids^^

i just wann ask, why is it super viking ep 7, part 002 n 003 cannot be opened?i tried with vlc n others, but still couldn't...

neway, thanx a lot!!

Grace said...

hello! wow you have a really extensive collection of dbsk media coverage!! im feeling really excited :D but i always cant download due to the limitations that megaupload set for my country so i always ont get to download. and im getting the jitters..its like the videos are so near..yet so far!! it would be totally great if you have time to make an alternative link.. :] BUT on the whole , it is a uberly great collection and great work you've got here!! keep up the good work :]

Anonymous said...

ohhhh.... great site u have there but where is micky's part of vacation?
the MF download thingy.....ummmm...if u could upload 'eternal' i would be soooooooooooooooooooooo happy!!!!!!!!!

by the way.. I LOVE UR SITE!!!!!!! >3<

Anonymous said...

This site is truely awesome,although im just wondering what the .001 and such mean. I started to download the Five in the black concert, after i downloaded part 1 .001 i downloaded .002 but i couldn't open it, i even tried with vlc media player but still couldnt. So if anyone could explain why it cant be opened or what the .00s are for then that would be a big help :P.
To who ever made this site and compiled it all, thanks for making such a great site and an unbelievably awesome collection

MixedAznGurl said...

Do u have the KBS Gayo musical junsu did.

Anonymous said...

Hello,may i ask if the link for the Last Angel video clip is still alright?Bcoz i've been trying to dload it(d HQ type) about 5 times but d connection gets cut off.T^T

Also,is d softsubs available for New Xman ep6?I've just realized it doesnt have any subs.Silly me...My Windows Media Classic cant play any softsubs,but I'll try to dload d Storm Codec you mentioned.

Anyway,thank u so much!!!You're awesome!

-Belle Nomura-

Anonymous said...

your site rocks!! Thank you for uploading all those dbsk stuff. You really make my day. I don't know when I'll finish downloading evry single one of those videos. haha.. Love you as much as i love dbsk!! hihi. Saranghae!! X)


Anonymous said...

This is a really great place to get all the DBSK stuffs! Thanks a lot!
I was just wondering.. Do you still have Junsu's 'We Are Curious About TVXQ' Part 1-3? Coz there's not link to the download for that.. Thanks again for providing all the downloads!! ^^

Anonymous said...

Have I mentioned how much you ROCK SOX?

Anonymous said...

I must say that your hardwork and that of others is greatly appreciated by this fan. *hugs* i hope you will continue doing what you do and THANK YOU!!!! ^__^*chu

Lindi said...

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! haha omgomgomg I am soo happy that I came across your site. You have absolutely everything I'm looking for.. and I found out about DBSK about a year ago as well but I still can't believe how much you have done.. I love it hehe. THANK YOUUUUUUUU

Anonymous said...

This is awesome!!!Thanks for sharing anyway...You're the coolest!!!

Anonymous said...

DUDE! YOUR FREAKIN AWESOME!!! You have everything! LOL thank you sooooooo much for your hardwork! It is VERY, VERY appreciated! Again thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! You have no idea how much I searched for a site that offers free DBSK downloads. THANKS AGAIN!!!

Daisie said...

U HAVE SOOOOO MANY SONGS!!! and other stuff XD yay!!!!!! more downloads!!! my computers going to explode soon XD

Anonymous said...

thanks for the Premium Solos!

Anonymous said...

Emmm..Excuse me,can i suggest something? Can you attach the download link to every video or song you upload in the new section?Bcoz i have trouble of finding things by scrolling down.I cant find the TVXQ Nonstop-Mix Volume. Or maybe you can also put a section tag beside every new stuff you list down,or maybe just put the red "NEW!!!" tag beside the new videos in their respected section.Just a suggestion though. Thanks for reading!XD

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

im in love with DBSKer.
thank you so so much!


i downloaded HISTORY IN JAPAN
VOL. 2

but part 6 link has expired ;(
is there a way you can re-up??

anyways...thank you!

sabrina said...

thank you soooo much for all the uploads, this site is the best dbsk site on the planet i swear. lol.

also is there any way you could re up part 6 of the history in japan Vol 2? thank you so much!

nat said...

Thank for your kindnesss

it 's my favourite site

i really love TVXQ and you

Anonymous said...

oh wow! your site is truely amazing! the collection of DBSK media available is so complete and current. lOVE lOVE~ thanks so much for your hard work =D

Eileen said...

Thank you VERY much for uploading all these videos and music and other great dbsk downloads :D.

Just wanted to say - the softsubs for the 2nd part of the FITB live tour aren't working :D

Thanks again~

Anonymous said...

hi u noe dat dbsk concert in stadium merdeka today???
hope u go coz i wont be going...wuuuhuuhu...*sad* if would be nice if u can record the concert...thou they said we cant bring in any form of recorder...

delymma said...

hi DBSKer! it's me the DBSK nebie fan again... mmm.. wondering if it's just me. i'm trying to DL the "070729 TBS 2nd Live Tour - Five In The Black" (Eng Hardsubbed) but there's a problem with Part 1 file 002. i have tried to play it with all the media player & even VLC media player can't play it! (T_T) is there any problem with the file, or it's just my PC refused to play it.. kindly appreciate if you or anybody's here could help me. thanks in advance! m(_ _)m

Anonymous said...

hey... i would like u to teach me.. how do i dl those videos from the archives... u see... when i click the link... it comes out the "mega upload" thingy... and i dunno what should i do T.T help pls... thx

RanNy said...

OMG!!! U kicks!!! This blog is js awesome... Thx for all the download link... love it so much!!! thx alot for sharing... really appreciate it!!! keep up the good work!!! Hwaiting~

Anonymous said...

Thanks a ton for the downloads
I love their christmas music, it's so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! my eyes are spinning from all those dl items.. haha! thank you for
all the download~ u n DBSK rawkss!!!

Anonymous said...

thank u so much for all these great downloads!

*louise* said...

thk alot for all these uploads,
but i wanna know if i can get the download for the score for junsu's beautiful thing, cause i heard the piano version of it which i just downloaded...
thk alot:DD

Anonymous said...

hey, umm...i was searching for a song called 'Magic Castle' but I can't find it. I can find one with screaming fans though. i don't want the screaming fans. do you have that song? thanks~

mickysxcness said...

omg ur videos section is INSANE!!
i think it's gonna take me forever to watch them all...
haven't tried dl-ing them but hope they work =))

great job with the site!!
im sure DBSK will love you for it ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi, yesterday I uploaded We Want To Know JunSu Part 1-2-3 in MediaFire. And, rather than the links gone to waste and to save you from re-uploading, do you want the links?

If you do, please contact me at ^__^

Anonymous said...

I noticed that you don't have the acapella version of Forever Love. SO if you want it can you just post a comment here? If you want I'll just upload it for you. ^.^

DBSKer said...

Hey.. Thanks.. I do have it. Its up at the Japanese Singles section although I haven't included it into the zipped full single. Will replace it when I have time. Thanks for the offer! Appreciate it loads.

Hokensongirl said...

May I know where are the piano versions from? Because they sound amazing and if they were played by a fan, she/he is a virtuoso!

delymma said...


thanx a lot for all these vids^^

i just wann ask, why is it super viking ep 7, part 002 n 003 cannot be opened?i tried with vlc n others, but still couldn't...

neway, thanx a lot!!

i hope it wasn't too late to help the one who posted this! since i'm facing the same prob before, so i'd like to help. no one told me before that splitted file can't be played directly on any player you can find on earth! all you have to do is join the splitted files (they come up wih name .001,.002,...etc) using software called hjsplit. you can find it free on any browser! i'm sure the files work if they don't have any other problem!

Anonymous said...

Greetings, DBSKer~! I am so grateful to you and your site ^^; it is heaven on earth for me! I just wanted to comment on your continuous hard work =D

P.S. Your "O Jung Ban Hap - Version D [DVD] .004" seems to be unavailable(?) I'm not sure if it is my problem or that it has expired..If you have time to check it out, it would be appreciated =P

DBSK fans, hwaiting~! <____<;;

falnamax said...

Hi,can I ask you something?
I had already download the Megaupload Toolbar but when I want to download MV or video,it's fail.Why?and how to solve it?

nadieya said...

congrats 4 the hardwork...
n thanx 4 all of DBSK songs n etc...
can u pretty plz re-upload 061209 Super Viking Ep. 06 (E)[.002]...

st3lla_yo0chun said...

ur sites is awesome...
eh,i wanna ask somethin
why did u delete the Anyband full concert??
or maybe I didn;t see it properly...
I really want it!!^^
Luv Jin Bora's play...
aniway,thx so much 4 sharing!^^

Panda said...

Ahh, your site is so amazing. It really has everything, you're the best. ^___^
O___O But I have a question. Whenever I try to download something on your site from GOE [ehm ehm.. like Jihwaza EP 2] at Megaupload it says "Octet streaming file" or something and won't let me connect it with HJSplit. Do you know why this is? .-."

yoyoyozzz said...

erm i'm just wondering if u can upload the anyband concert cuts on talk play love and promise u? cos i really love these 2 songs! thanks in advance!!

Adrian said...

Super thanks for the downloads; finally an organized place which i can dl my favorite songs safely!

i was wonder if you have 'Evergreen' written by changmin in the SM winter album 07

thank you!

Mrs. Jaejoong said...

i love this site with a burning passion lol YOU GUYS HAVE EVEERRYYTTHINNGG<3333

i hope you upload the stuff from Junsu's Bday concert soon
thanks in advance :D

Anonymous said...

why its always be the megaupload who came out. i can't do download. pliss help me..... hiks....

Hwayoung said...

i'm trying to dl the heart, mind, and soul concert and part 2 doesn't seem to be completely uploaded.. could you please check?? thank you so much! :o)

you are simply amazing!!! god bless!!!

Anonymous said...

thank you so much!!! i can finally organize and complete my dbsk music collection.

Fan Girl Mitz said...

YOU ARE SO AWESOME! Thanks for compiling all these!!! ^_^

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for sharing =)

Anonymous said...

Love your WebPage! Your so awesome! filling all your blog with all this!^^ Must be hard for you. I'm sorry I could only give comments and can't do much for you and your hard work, but I really appreciate all the work you put into your stuff.

NT's LOVE said...


is it possible for you ot re-up
[060601 TNC Peace 7]?

thank you very much!
this site is like my 2nd home... ;p

Jay said...

Hello, you're so awesome for putting these up and you have a crazy amount of dbsk stuff!

I don't want to bug you too much but when you're free, can you re-upload:
"060601 TNC Peace 7 (E)" &
"060815 TNC Peace 13 (Bowling) (E)"

Much appreciated and thanks in advance!

Yvonne said...

Wow, this site is so great.
I haven't heard of it until now.
But thank you so much for this huge compilation of DBSK media. It's greatly appreciated!

Rei said...

this site is pure love.
Thank you so much!
I've been looking for a lot of pictures of them!

Anonymous said...

aaah, thanks for the downloads....i downloaded the extra perfs for FTIB concert, but they don't seem to join with hjsplit...can someone help me?
my email is
i would really appreciate it ^^

roni said...

ahh, I hadn't realized there was so much STUFF here ♥♥
i'm just wondering - where is dbsk singing wheesung's with me from?
(akshd;lfa. WHEESUNG. SADH;FWITH ME. i love this song)

dbsklvr said...

wow there are so many videos... where do u find the time? lol...thnx! do u get them on ur ipod? (the videos i mean)...i cant figure out how...plz reply to email is:

Anonymous said...

umm...can yo please upload 'Shine Artist Book DVD Clip' 'softsubs' again pls??

thanks in advance ^ ^

~*Shannon~* said...

Do you have the Song "Kkomaya" ?

lindi said...

thank you soo much for uploading everything!! spread the dbsk love! do you have hero jaejoong's footsteps? i;m unt sure if its under a korean name or not cause i can't find it.

gennaaaa said...

hiii lynn! thankks soo much again! I STILL love this site :) always come here to read the blog and snag some goodies. hehe but I haven't left a comment since the summer time -____- I just wanted to know if you wanted the PURPLE LINE track from a radio rip :) I have it if you want it :) I could send it to you through email ^_^ just email me at if your interested! I'm always willing to help you out in anyway possible! :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks soo much for everything!!
You're dedication is awsome. =]

Just a note that the MU link
Heart, Mind and Soul Concert Part 2 001 keeps comming up with 'temporarily unavaliable'

Anonymous said...

do you know what player i can use to watch dbsk season 2? I bought the dvd set,my computer is set toregion 3, but i can't find any player to watchit!!

Kim said...

Really, You rock !! Thanks for uploading and spreading the Dong Bang love ^^ I love your site ~ Hwaiiting

Anonymous said...

hey thank you so much for uploading everything of dbsk here

Rurumurasaki said...

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!thnx a billion for u..XDD
GBU always..

Shanny said...

really a big thank you for everything. and a big hug too.
i think all the people who comes here owe you a big thank you.
really really THANK YOU SO MUCH.


Anonymous said...

thanks a million!!!!!
hopefully you can upload more the recent talkshow and performance with english sub.
thanks again....

Anonymous said...

this site has EVERYTHINGG.
wow, i love it<3

Anonymous said...

I tried to dload the Premium Mini Live cuts and interview but the link won't let me save the file. It keeps restarting from where you have to type in the 3 letters. o.O

Also, Exploration of the human body, file 001 was temporarily unavailable. Can this be fixed? Thnx!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You've fixed the errors i mentioned! Thank you~~~~~~~! XD *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Hey There!
WOAHH this is truly one AMAZING site! Im just overwhelmed at the amount of materials uploaded...THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR YOUR EFFORTS n anyone else who helped made it possible!!! ^_^

BC said...

WOWWW!! this site is sooo amazing!! thank you so much for your sharing^^ hugssss!!

Anonymous said...

The file 'Peace 13 (Bowling).003' has been expired. Could you please reupload it?

Thank you for your hard-working and sharing.

bean said...

this site is AWESOME!!!! thanks so much ive been looking everywhere for some of these songs and vids and now have found them thanks

Eldorendon said...

In MEGEUPLOAD link it say "The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable"
Is this because of my computer or the website? Anyway,this site is awesome. I search for everywhere where can I download and your site have all stuff that I really want. Thank you so so so much

Alpha said...

you are amazing for this :) thanks a bunch!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I think there's something wrong with the O Sei.Han.Gou mv. It wouldn't play :| I do hope you can fix it. And super thanks for all of these stuff! You really are wonderful :D

Mai said...

Good work as always!! I just wanted to let you know that 080106 Exploration Of the Human Body Ep. 9 Part 001 has expired.


- LoveStoned said...

WOW! The most complete downloads or achieves of DBSK I guess? Hahahaa, thank you anyway, I'll be back and grabbing some stuffs, since I'm busy right now. ;p

Anonymous said...

Lynn, thanx for all the download~!
Because the list of download seems to be longer (a lot longer) than last time i see~! XD
Wish you a nice day and e-mail me if you need help~! XD

-Ladysu aka Su

Natalie said...

i was wondering if u had the variety show that dbsk hosted themselves? btw keep up the great work!!!.. your site is truly amazing everytime i com eon there is something new up i love it!!!

Anonymous said...

hello lynn...nice job here..really appreciate it very much.
juz wondering,do u hv mp3 version for their performances at soul power?thank you..keep up da good work :)

Anonymous said...

can you upload mashup musio tv programme?
i really want it..
million thanks to you!!
keep up the goo work!

Anonymous said...

Omg. This is a good website :) I prefer watching videos/shows/MVs of TVXQ right here as compared to youtube and etc. It's much clearer! :D Thanks so much! :D

Pikachu said...

Yay, u'r 1 of Gods Of The East too ^^
so grateful to u ^^
ah uhm, i have the MV Diamond HQ, would u wanna take it? I already uploaded it to MU, but dunno should i post the link here or in another way... ^^'

Fan Girl Mitz said...

OH SO MANY NEW ONES! I'm so glad you posted up the links here from the dbsg@LJ comm, thanks to jaejin and the others for sharing it. ^_^


Anonymous said...

wow ,your collection is amazing! thank you so much for sharing !
i really enjoyed the remix of Xiah Junsu - I Loved Your Pain Too (Original by Jo).
could you tell me who composed that song?
was is brian JOO from ftts ?
bye,bye <3

DBSJ said...

Here cause I see you don't have it. - Heyx3 Purple line - Yamaha CF

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for creating this site n keeping it alive
you're awesome
many many thanks 4 your hardwork
DBSK rocks!

dfiz said...

ooohh...u are rock!! soo many collection of dbsk!!!

thanx a LOT!!!


Anonymous said...

tengkyuuuuuuuuuuu very much

really love this blog coz almost everyday I downloaded from here ^_^

keep the hardwork to spread the DongBang love to the world...Fighting!!

Love DBSK with all of my HEART,MIND and SOUL


Tetsu-chan said...

Kyaaaaa~ i thank u so much ** this blog is the best i ever found *_* love DBSK so~ omg~ thx thx thx for ur hard work~ *hug* <3

wai said...

amazing blog, everything is so organized and easy to navigate! thank you for sharing and maintaining the site! Loves itttt!!

Anonymous said...

lynn annyong! hehehe... haven been posting comments here for some time, and this comment is for the missing track "Through the forest" under the Summer/X'mas Singles + SMTown Summer/Winter Tracks
SM Town - Hot Mail (여름편지)

if i had posted this in the wrong thread.. chesongyo!
hope ur cny celebrations rock!
someone told me astro showed DBSK kl concert yesterday for an hour ^^

ka nyaw mu po said...

Hi..i really thank you for your help in providing dbsk materials. All the best to you!!!

Tetsu-chan said...

i have problems with playing some of the Videos/MV's on real player >x< can someone tell me with which player i have to play the MV 'MV Only Love - SMTOWN [naboa]'

i tried also with windows media and windows classic T^T

Anonymous said...

Hello there, the TNC Peace Bowling episode for file 003 has expired. Wondering if you can replace it. Thank you, love! XD

Anonymous said...

hi..great list....but I had a problem with a dl, when I tried to play it, it played but with out was the perf for I Yah! and Rising Sun..... and nothing I could think of would make it have sound.....

Anonymous said...

M.Y. G.O.D. this is like THE HEAVEN for all things dbsg!!!!!! why didnt i find out bout this site earlier?!!!!!!! u simply rock! keep on the good work n lastly, kamsahamnida!!!!!!!!!

lizzie said...

Thanks so much for doing all this!!!

Just one question - is the Nonstop remix album supposed to be individual songs? Because mine came out as one huge hourlong thing...

Anonymous said...

i have some leftover mediafire links that you can have. i don't need/want any credit though for them. i just thought it may help out some people who have problems with mu sometimes. :D

THSK & The Gospellers Fancam singing Towani

080128 Hey!Hey!Hey! (HQ; English hardsubbed)

080202 Music Fair 21 Purple Line (HQ)

2008.01.29 Waratte Iitomo (HQ; English hardsubbed)

20080126 TBS Kings Brunch Date Master (HQ; Raw)

20051106 TNC Peace Episode 4 (HQ; English hardsubbed)

070301 Gyao Interview talking about Five In The Black. (MQ; English hardsubbed)

btw, is there anyway you could reupload the softsubs for the shine artist book dvd clip? the place where it was hosted shut down. if not, it's okay though. thanks for sharing so much with db fans. :D

Anonymous said...

oops, i forgot one.
080206 Gyao Midtwon (Two Hearts/Wild Soul promotion) (HQ; Raw)

also, the date for that gospellers/thsk fancam was 070811 at the osaka soul power summit. (i accidently deleted that when copying+pasting sry) :D

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

Your blog is awesome! Thanks heaps for sharing all these cool stuff!

Kudos on the great job! :D

DBSKer said...

WOW! Thanks! Whoever you are.. Wish you left a name though.. People should always be credited. HUGSS.. ^_^

Oh.. for those looking for TNC Peace 13 bowling, I kinda lost my own file so I can't re-up for you all till GOE;SS replaces their expired link as well.. Sorry..

Haru said...

your side is truly heaven! thanks so much for uploading all this and spending probably ages on it!

*gives big bear hug* THANKS!!! <3<3


Anonymous said...

Umm i downloaded the unforgettable love banjun drama and for some reason when i opened it.... it was upside down and mirrored O_O... so i'm' wondering if its just me and if it is, how can i fix it? But i also want to say, thanks for all these amzing upload!! xD

fi0naLee said...

this site is heaven! you're awesome! thank you!!! *big hug*

Cherish said...

I've always come here and download songs but never said thank you for sharing this with us....anyways...i was wondering if you have all of their new FIVE singles...i notice that you have Two Hearts but i want to know where the other four are....but if you are busy to put them up then i'll wait...i guess i could wait for it...i'm not in a rush here....but i hope you listen to it pretty soon...i come here to check for new songs every 3 days a week...and again thank you a million for sharing...i would have no idea about all their songs if it wasn't for you....

Anonymous said...

Oh! .... Thank you for your sharing ^_________^ I honestly thank U very much ^^

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