Take Your Hands


Yeah come on... take your hands
Oh yeah...

Yokubou darake no LIFE kimi wa nani wo motomete iru no? Kanjou muku mama
You're gonna try it
Butsukari atta-tte saigo ni nokoru no wa kuukyo na kimochi to kizu dake
If you wanna feel it,
Daichi wo koete umi wo koete Just take your hands now!

* Go! Mirai wo IMEEJI shinagara Go! Kagayakeru ashita e
Go! Go! Kokoro wa tsunagaru sa go!

Junsui na hitomi no oku ni wa kagayaki tsuzuketeru yume ga aru darou
You're gonna make it
Kitto omoi wa Don't stop!
Itsu no hi ka wakari aeru darou
So take your time

Ikusen no negai uzumaku sekai de take your hands everybody
Tsutawaru heart to heart
Umi no mukougawa tsuzuku michi ga aru just close your eyes
Listen to their voice

So beautiful eyes chiisakute mo kagayakeru you can feel in your body
What you want, what you need taisetsu na koto
Don't hesitate, now take your hands, go!

** Go! Jibun no tame dake ja nakute tomo ni ayumu chikara
Go! Go! Sekai wa tsunagaru sa go!

Sorezore no kokoro ni egakareta DORAMA
I believe kanashimi dake ja nai darou

Don't you forget love

Osorenaide kimi no ai wa dareka mune de hikari ni naru
Onaji sora no shita ikiteiru just take your hands now

* Repeat
** Repeat

Credits: http://lunatunalover.livejournal.com/ Alicia


In this desire filled life, what are you searching for? As you face your feelings
You're gonna try it
You say "I've taken them on" but in the end all that's left is an empty feeling and scars
If you wanna feel it,
Cross over the land, cross over the ocean, just take them in your hands now!

* Go! As you imagine the future, go towards a tomorrow that can shine
Go! Go! Our hearts are connected, so go!

Deep within those pure eyes, there's a dream that keeps shining isn't there?
You're gonna make it
Make sure those feelings don't stop
And someday we'll be able to understand each other,
So take your time

There are thousands of wishes in this whirling world, take them in your hands everybody
And spread them from heart to heart
There's a road that continues on the other side of the ocean, just close your eyes
Listen to their voice

Eyes so beautiful, even if they're small, they can still shine
You can feel it in your body:
What you want, what you need, the things that are important to you
Don't hesitate, take them in your hands now and go!

** Go! Not just for your own sake, go! Together we have the strength to move forward
Go! Go! All the world is connected, so go!

I believe the story etched into every heart
Isn't just one of sorrow

Don't you forget love

Don't be afraid, your love will become a light in someone else's heart
We're all living under the same sky, just take your hands now!

* Repeat
** Repeat

Credits: http://lunatunalover.livejournal.com/ Alicia

Translator's Notes

I feel this verse remains pretty literal but there are a few things I feel I should point out. The very first like (yokubou darake no life) has a negative implication from the word 'darake' that I'm not sure comes across in the English. The idea is that pretty much the only thing life is, is lust/desire/the human appetite for something or another, and that's why the question of 'what are you seeking/searching for?' is so crucial. Also, 'butsukari atta' is rather hard to translate o.O Usually, butsukariau is used in some sort of physical fight and is sort of like 'strike back at your opponent.' Here, since we're talking about feelings/emotions, I felt the idea of was more of a taking yourself on, facing yourself and how you feel. And this idea of a fight is why I felt 'scars' was a fitting translation for 'kizu,' which usually means wound(s) or injury. It can mean scar and I felt that fit more in this context; the idea that you may say you've come to term with yourself/how you feel, but maybe you haven't really successfully done so, thus an empty feeling and 'battle scars', so to speak. Finally, I think the last couple lines are going for an idea of 'If you want to feel like you've won the battle with yourself/your feelings, it's not necessarily easy. There are obstacles (the idea of having to go to the ends of earth, overcome great distances and so on) but then you can grasp them, make them your own.' This is just my interpretation, but I felt the vibe here was an overcoming of not so much the land or the sea, but of oneself and a coming to terms with the uncertainties of oneself, thus the encouragement to "take them in your hands now" and start to do so.

This verse too is pretty literal. There's definitely the idea of keeping dream(s) alive and having that be a sustaining force. Usually 'kitto' is used in a very positive sense and translated as 'surely' but with 'don't stop' following behind the 'kitto omoi wa' (literally, surely this feeling...) part, I felt it was better to translate as 'make sure...' Literally, it would be more like "I'm sure the feelings don't stop" but that doesn't make the most sense ^^;; Also, there's the idea of not giving up, continuing the whole 'overcome' concept from the first verse and the encouragement to move forward, to go, that's in the chorus, all so someday (we'll) be able to understand each other. I would also like to note that I feel these notes are making less sense than usual, so I apologize if that's the case! ^^;;;

Once again, this verse is rather literal, but once again I didn't leave the 'take your hands' part unmodified. I really think they were going for an idea of holding, of sharing, of connecting, and for that to work in English, you need to have something that's going to be taken into one's hands. I got the feeling the idea here was of trying to grasp these wishes, share them, spread them, use them to help people connect. Also, with the 'there's a road that continues on' part, the word 'michi' (path, road) usually has more than one layer of meaning. It isn't necessarily that there's literally a road on the other side of the ocean, but more of a 'the journey continues, even after you've overcome one obstacle such as the sea.' There's the idea of a personal journey here, but also that there isn't just one path and it isn't yours alone; everyone is trying to progress through life.

I moved the English words around a bit in an attempt to make it less awkward sounding and the first line is otherwise left rather literal. I think of the second line goes with the third, hence the colon to show that what you can feel in your body is what you want, what you need, etc. And here again, we see the idea of taking hold of what you want.

This 2nd version of the chorus was interesting primarily because of the verb 'ayumu.' It's usually translated as 'to walk' because that's the kanji ('aruku' is the more common verb form) but it has connotations of something larger to it. There's the idea that you aren't just walking around, you're experiencing, you're living, moving somewhere; put simply, it's a prettier, more poetic verb. Because of this, I translated it as 'move forward.'

Finally, this pair of lines that was quite hard to figure out how to work with!! XD First of all, I did move the 'I believe' part because it sounded much more awkward in English when left in the second line. These lines would literally be something like "The drama painted in each heart, I believe it isn't only sadness/sorrow.' Doesn't sound particularly pretty does it? The problem is, the Japanese is veeery pretty but getting the idea into English is rather difficult >.<

I hope all this helped make things clearer and didn't just make things more confusing ^^;; Yoroshiku ne!


Yeah come on... take your hands
Oh yeah...

欲望だらけの Life 君は何を求めているの?感情向くまま (You're gonna try it)
ぶつかりあったって 最後に残るのは 空虚な気持ちと傷だけ (If you wanna feel it)

大地越えて (Woah)
海越えて (Just take your hands now!)

Go! 未来をイメージしながら Go! 輝ける明日へ
Go! Go! 心はつながるさ Go!

純粋な瞳の置くには輝き続けてる 夢があるのだろう (You're gonna make it)
きっと思いは Don't stop!
いつの日か解り合えるだろう (So take your time)


幾千の願いうずまく世界で take your hands everybody 伝わる heart to heart
海の向こう側続く道がある just close your eyes, listen to their voice

So beautiful eyes 小さくても輝ける you can feel in your body
What you want, what you need 大切なこと
Don't hesitate, Now take your hands, Go!

Go! 自分為だけじゃなくて Go! 共に歩む力
Go! Go! 世界はつながるさ Go!

I believe 悲しみだけじゃないだろう

Don't you forget Love

恐れないで 君の愛は 誰かの胸で光になる
同じ空の下生きている just take your hands Now!

Go! 未来をイメージしながら Go! 輝ける明日へ
Go! Go! 心はつながるさ Go!

Go! 自分為だけじゃなくて Go! 共に歩む力
Go! Go! 世界はつながるさ Go!


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I absolutely love this song. Before actually knowing the words, I knew it had to have a positive meaning to it by the sound of the music. Thank you for translating this for us!

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