[The Grace] Just For One Day - feat. Jaejoong

P/s: I don't know where DANA is in the song. I didn't do this particular who sings what part because I really can't tell the CSJH member's voices apart. SORRY!


Hitori heya ni modoru karada shizumeta sofa
Me wo tojireba mata I see your face
Ano hi no youni tonari ni kimi wo kanjite itai

Tooi sora wo nagame hitotsu dake onegai
Anata no te de nee furete
Ano hi no youni yasashii asa no kaze wo yobitai

Ai wa doushite hanareyuku hodo setsunaku
Kagayaki modosenai to shitte motomeru
Just for one day

Mouichido meguri aetara
Kanarazu hanasou omoi wo
Takarabako no nakami ga nai mama de
Dakishimete iru ima mo

Kimi no namida no wake kiku kotomo shinakute
Kizutsukeau tabi Lost your love
Hontou no kimochi kakushite shimau okubyou dakara

Machitsuzukete itawa anata kara no kotoba
Itsukara fuan ni natte ita
Mienai ashita ga toki ni kokoro midashita

[Stephanie] Chigau
([JJ] Kimi wo)
[Stephanie] Mesen de
([JJ] Aishite)
[Stephanie] Shinji kirezuni ushinau
[Stephanie & JJ]
Dareyori mamoreru hazu datta futaride
Just For One Day

Mou ichido meguri autame aruite yukou kono michi wo
Tsuyoku negai kiseki ga okiru nara
Yakusoku shiyou ashita wo

Yoru ni chiribameteku kirameki
Hitotsu hitotsu hikari
Tsunagatte yuku kako kara mirai e
All I want is just to be with you

Mou ichido meguri aetara kanarazu hanasou omoi wo
Takarabako no nakami ga nai mama de

[Stephanie] Aruite irukara
[JJ] Kimi wo mitsuketai kara
[Stephanie] Itsu no hi ka mata yume wo

Credits: yesung13cherish @ cyxion + Ariel @ soompi forums


return to the room alone, a sofa that I sank my body in
When I close my eyes I see your face
I want to feel you next to me like that day

Looking at far sky, I have only one wish
With your hand, please touch
I want to call that tender morning wind like that day

Why is love more painful as we part
I wish for it, knowing that shine won’t return
Just for one day

If we can meet again, let’s share feelings for sure
Treasure box is still empty
I’m still holding it tight

I didn’t ask for the reason of your tears
Every time we hurt each other Lost your love
I hide my true feelings because I’m timid

I kept waiting for your words
Since when have I been uneasy
Invisible tomorrow sometimes disturbed my heart

Different (you) eyes (love)
Not being able to trust, we lost it
With two of us who should have been able to protect
Just for one day

Let’s keep walking this path so we can meet each other again
Wish hard and if miracle happens
Let’s promise for tomorrow

Sparkles strewn on night
They shine one by one
Connect from past to future
All I want is just to be with you

If we can meet again, let’s share feelings for sure
Treasure box is still empty
I’m walking
I want to find you
Someday again, dream

Credits: *~ARieL~* @ soompi forums


Hawnu said...

Thank you for te translation! It's a beautiful song ! I love Jaejoong's voice *o*

Anonymous said...

it's a very sweet song! but... where is dana??? T.T

DBSKer said...

EH? I dunno.. I didn't do the lyrics. I can't tell CSJH's voices apart either.. LOL.. If someone can tell me, I'd be happy to edit. ^_^

Anonymous said...

excuse me.. is dana in this song?

Anonymous said...

i love how you guys update so fast, this song is so much love <33

Anonymous said...

hi....love the song so much... by the way i think (i just think) that dana's voice is not in the song.... i think only sunday,lina and stephanie's voices were included... ^_^ anyway thank you very much for uploading... keep it up!!! ^_^

amaliaR said...

dana sing this bit:-

Takarabako no nakami ga nai mama de

which at the first chorus..then she only sing in chorus..she didnt hae any solo part after that..

Lina and joongie voice is sooo gorgeous

midori-estel said...

Thank you so much!
I love this song! especially with
Jaejoong in it!
I love CSJH & DBSK!
Thank you for all your work!

imie^schweetzel said...

the song is kinda sad ne...thanks for the lyrics n translations! ^^

Anonymous said...

i absolutely lobe this song!
and dana sings 'Yoru ni chiribameteku kirameki
Hitotsu hitotsu hikari'
not lina. just to let you kno
i kno it doesnt sound like dana... but when i watched the performance she was singing that bit and it sounded exactly like the mp3

Anonymous said...

Yoru ni chiribameteku kirameki
Hitotsu hitotsu hikari

yup, i think dana sang this part..at least she does in the live korean version with suju's kyu hyun.. i think it was in sm town 08.

Anonymous said...

she only sang this Takarabako no nakami ga nai
mama de
but in Korean version she sang Lina's part and lina sang Dana's part

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