When I First Kissed You (Changmin)

[Original by: Extreme]
Performed by: Changmin in 2nd Asia Tour Concert 'O'

New York City can be so pretty
From a bird's eye view
Because up there
Yeah that's where
I first kissed you

A modern day romance
A perfect performance
Acting like two fools
Saying silly things
Whisper sweet nothings
Like young lovers only do

I was shaking
You were breath taking
Like the Empire State
My voice was so far
Not quite Sinatra
Singing songs so great

The clock struck one
The night still very young
In the city that never sleeps
Then a whirlwind blew
When I first kissed you
nearly swept me
Swept me off my feet

When I first kissed you
That's when I knew
I was in love

Because up there
Yeah that's where
I first kissed you


Shim Leo said...

omg! i so love max, this song, and his english! so cute! do you happen to have an .mp3 file available for download when max sung this song? please let me know! thank you! =^_^=

P. S. you and DBSK are so awesome! I love your blog so much! thank you ever so much for sharing DBSK with us! =^_^=

Anonymous said...

wow changmins english is really good~~
not to mention he sounds really good singing an english song~~~

三女花子 said...

I love this song! First because Changmin sings it and also because it soo pretty. When I ever I hear it I go into full fan girl mode. Yeh,in NY was where Changmin kissed me ^_^
Thanks for the lyrics :D

Anonymous said...

omgs so sweet<3 come to n.y and ill be there:D

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