Forever Love

Composer: Ichiro Fujiya
Lyricist: Ryoji Sonoda
Arranger: Jin Nakamura


Massugu futari wo terashita
Yuuyake kirameiteru
Ima made kanjita koto nai kurai
Mune no fukaku ga atsui

Hitori demo heikisa nante
Iikikase nagara
Jibun ni uso wo tsuite

Sugoshite kita keredo korekara wa
Kimi dake wo hanasanai

Nandomo nandomo okuruyo
Kimi ga sagashiteiru mono
Mayoi mo subete wo tokashite

Sakamichi nagai kageyosete
Nigitta te no kanshoku

Yasashiku yawarakaku setsuna sa wo
Keshite yuku mitai datta

Donna mirai egaiteru no
Osanai koro no kimi no sugata wo sora ni

Ukabete mitsuketa ichiban boshi
Ima kimi ni ageyou

Nandomo nandomo utauyo
Taisetsu na kimi no tameni
Kono yo de hitotsu no tashikana
You're the only love forever 

Tatoe donna toki datte
Mamori nuku jishin aru sa
Kokoro ni sasatta toge wo
Nuita nara dakiatte
Hateshinai yume wo miyou

Nandomo nandomo kanaeyou
Kimi ga nozomu koto subete
Kono yo de hitotsu no tashikana

Nandomo nandomo okuruyo
Kimi ga sagashiteiru mono
Mayoi no subete wo tokashite
Ikite yukou futari de

You're the only love forever

Credits: my_reinbou@dbsgLJ


Shining right before our eyes,
The glittering sunset
Inside my chest, a profound love
Like nothing I have ever felt before

If I say to myself that I’m fine on my own,
I’m telling a lie

I’ve been passing time like this,
But from now on,
You’re the only one I’ll never part from

Time and time again
I'll send it to you, what you’re looking for
All your hesitation will melt away,
Let’s live and FOREVER LOVE

With shadows inching closer on a steep path,
The feel of your clasped hand
It seemed like that gently, tenderly erased the pain

What kind of a future are you painting?
The image of your young self
Finding the first star of the evening
Now, I’ll give it to you

Time and time again I’ll sing for you, my precious one
The single most undeniable treasure in this world,

You're the only love forever

No matter when
I’m confident that I’ll protect you forever
The thorns stuck deep within your heart
If they’re pulled out, I’ll hold you close
An endless dream

Time and time again I’ll grant it for you,
Everything that you wish for
The single most undeniable brilliance in this world,
Time and time again I’ll give it to you,
What you’re looking for
All your hesitation will melt away
And let’s live, together

You're the only love forever

Credits: aamonya@dbsgLJ


まっすぐ 二人を照らした
夕焼け 煌(きらめ)いてる
今まで 感じたことないくらい

言い聞かせながら 自分に嘘をついて
過ごしてきたけれど これからは
君だけを 離さない

何度も 何度も 贈るよ 君が探しているもの
迷いの全てを 溶かして 生きてゆこう Forever Love

坂道 長い影寄せて
握った 手の感触
優しく・柔らかく 切なさを

幼い頃の 君の姿を空に
今 君にあげよう

何度も 何度も 歌うよ 大切な君のために
この世でひとつの 確かな 宝物 Believe in love

You're the only love, forever...

たとえどんな時だって 守り抜く自信あるさ
心に刺さった棘を 抜いたなら 抱きあって

何度も 何度も 叶えよう 君が望む事すべて
この世でひとつの 確かな 輝きを Believe in Love
何度も 何度も 贈るよ 君が探しているもの
迷いの全てを 溶かして 生きてゆこう 二人で

You're the only love, forever...


lord_jedi said...

Love this song... ^_^ The guys keep getting better. They sound really passionate and deep. They give me the same feeling like when I listen to SuJu K.R.Y songs. The setting of the MV is beautiful and with beautiful lyrics sing by beautiful guys with beautiful and amazing voices. What more can you ask for?.. :)

Martina said...

is that girl chiyaki kuriyama??? i love her!!! please tell me it's her :D

Lina said...

OMG OMG OMG!! I wanna be that pianist...or even one of those violinist!!! No..I don't wanna be the girl that sat next to JunSu. I wanna be one of those instrumentalist in the vid!! Damn that vid is sad. I almost cried..they convey it so well, and I don't even understand what they were singing about (until I read the lyrics of course)

Anonymous said...

this song is so sad... thanks for the translation you guys are fast ^^

DBSKer said...

I gotta agree with you Lina. It'd be so cool to play instruments alongside them. So if you'll play the piano, maybe I'll learn to play the cello. HAHAHA..

Anonymous said...

i wanna be the violinist! i play the violin :D
i love this song! they look great in this mv! theyre so skinny now though...

i love dbsk! <3

Anonymous said...

I love the tune to this song. It's got such a bittersweet sound, and the lyrics are so sweet.

I actually cried the first time I heard the song.

Thanks for sharing this! <3

tricia07_ann said...

love this song nd MV..thanx 4 sharing..this site is the best!!=D

weikie said...

nice song! why i can't find this song at this website for download one?

Louisa said...

Powerful, deep, heart-wrenching.

All inadequate words to describe Forever Love. One of the rare songs that the guys have sung that moved me to tears and deep thought.

The MV's rather odd, since Changmin looked especially emo and his hair...

I prefer the Bell&Snow edit, but the original one is also touching...

But yes, thank you very much for posting up the lyrics and translation!
[My best friend and I have fun watching their MVs together too much :D]

Anonymous said...

is it just me or do all of them look very good looking? their singing really does continue to amaze me. esp yunho.. he's improved a lot neh? but their harmony is.. WHOA

Anonymous said...

Matsugu is actually "massugu". I can tell because I can read the hiragana for it in the Japanese lettering of it. XD

chocolate_xinh94 said...

i need you can sent for me 1 transcript of song "forever love" by piano .If you sent for me I'll very happy.I live in VietNam so i can't find it.I hope you'll hepl me find it. If you find out ,you can sent for me by address:
thank you very much and I love you

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