Nae Gyeote Sumsiur Su Ittdamyeon

White lies...
Lyrics, Composed by Xiah Junsu
Arranged by Lee YoonJae

Composer:김준수(Kim Junsu)
Lyricist: 김준수(Kim Junsu)

Eormana horryeoni haengbokhaetdeon
Neowa hamggaehan shigandeur..
Ijaeneun ddeona bor su eobseurtaendae
Haneobsi eorin neor dugo

Neor bomyeon oseoye haneundae
Hwanhan misoreur boyeoye haneundae
Jaggu nae saenggagae nunmuri na

Ijaen ijeoya haneundae
Gieog sogae jiwoya haneundae
Ijaen neor ddeonaga

Dan hanbeon mannar su ittdamyeon
Geudae nar barabor su ittdamyeon
Nae modeun geor dangshingge boyeo jurgeyo
Ijaeggeo sumgyeowon nae sarangeur...

Yi saesang na eobseodo
Neomaneun haengboghagireur barargae
Wurjima Jebar wurjima
Daggajur suga eobjana

Nar Borggabua neomu duryeoweo
Nae mami deowug seurpeojirggabua
Na neor nugo peonaya haneunde

Saranghanda heunhan marjocha
Yijeggeot marhaji moshettneunde
Neor saranghandago

Dan hanbeon mannar su ittdamyeon
Geudae nar barabor su ittdamyeon
Nae modeun geor dangshingge boyeo jurgeyo
Ijaeggeo sumgyeowon nae sarangeur...

Na peonarge neo eobneun meon goseuro
Yidaero neor naeane jiweo gargge

Shigani horreo neorbor su ittdamyeon
Geongmar dan harumanirado
Neor manjir su ittdamyeon

Yeongwonhi ddeonaji anheurggeoya
Nugumoda deo saranghan geudaer...

Ne gyeote sumsuir su ittdamyeon...


How much time passed since our happy memories..
I cant even try to leave now
Leaving the tender you

I have to laugh in front of you
I have to have a bright smile in front of you
But when I think of you I start to cry

I have to forget you now
I have to erase you from my memories
I leave you now

If I can meet you just one time
If you can see me
I will show you my everything
All of my hidden love...

Even if I am not in the world anymore
I will only wish for your happiness
Dont cry, please dont cry
I cant even wash them away for you

Im afraid because I might see you
Because my heart might become sadder
Im going to have to leave you now

Even the common words of I love you
I couldnt say until now that I love you

If I can meet you just one time
If you can see me
I will show you my everything
All of my hidden love...

I'll leave now to a place where you dont exist
Like this I'll erase you from me

As time passes if I can see you
If I can just touch you for one day

I wont ever leave
My love for you that surpasses everything
If I can only breathe next to you...


Pyin said...

wow.. how did u get the translation so fast?? the other sites haven't even begin getting all their lyrics... I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH!! hahaha.. thanx for this...
u gals rock!!!! =)

Anonymous said...

the lyrics!...*sniff* this song made me cry...


Anonymous said...

DBSK -Talent and all are great looking guys.
Yunho is a good leader and love their outstanding collaboration on each performance.

Anonymous said...

wow! xiah composed this song?! it's great but so sad. T_T

lord_jedi said...

This is one of my all time fave from the guys. DBSKer, I found this video at YouTube months ago. It's an excellent fan made video. Maybe you can put this at your page so other people can hear and read the lyric of this amazing song. ^_^

TVXQ - White Lie

Gwen said...

The lyrics made me cry.... I can't believe Xiah wrote this ok I totally can believe it... he seems like the type of guy to be that romantic and ahhh i love it

Wee Rainbow said...

Thank you so much for these lyrics, they're beautiful!
How could they be anything else though, coming from Junsu :o)

Nadja Cintron said...

OMG!!! This song is so beautiful and so sad..... I LOVE IT! Thanks for the lyrics.... Junsu is such a good song writter and his voice is unique, I love him so much!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you guys might want to add the Hangul for this? ^^

네 곁에 숨쉴 수 있다면(White lie...)

[최강]얼마나 흘렀니 행복했던 너와 함께한 시간들
이제는 떠나 볼 수 없을텐데 한없이 여린 널 두고
[시아] 널 보면 웃어야 하는데 환한 미소를 보여야 하는데
자꾸 네 생각에 눈물이 나
[유노] 이젠 잊어야 하는데 기억 속에 지워야 하는데 이젠 널 떠나가

*[영웅] 단 한번 만날 수 있다면 그대 날 바라볼 수 있다면
내 모든 걸 당신께 보여 줄게요 이제껏 숨겨온 내 사랑을
[믹키] 이 세상 나 없어도 너만은 행복하기를 바랄게
울지마 제발 울지마 닦아줄 수가 없잖아
[유노] 널 볼까봐 너무 두려워 내 맘이 더욱 슬퍼질까봐
나 널두고 떠나야 하는데
[영웅] 사랑한단 흔한 말조차 이제껏 말하지 못했는데 널 사랑한다고

*[시아] 단 한번 만날 수 있다면 그대 날 바라볼 수 있다면
내 모든 걸 당신께 보여 줄게요 이제껏 숨겨온 내 사랑을
[최강] 나 떠날게 너 없는 먼 곳으로 이대로 널 내안에 지워갈께
[믹키] 시간이 흘러 널 볼 수 있다면 정말 단 하루만이라도 널 만질 수 있다면
[영웅] 영원히 떠나지 않을꺼야 누구보다 더 사랑한 그댈
[시아] 네 곁에 숨쉴 수 있다면

Anonymous said...

the lyrics made me tear up!!! TT~TT yeoppotda!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! Love you!

Junsu is so awesome! He composed and make lyrics of this song by himself!! Saranghae Junsu-oppa~~

enchae said...


Lola said...

I just recently found out that this is about Junsu's first love. When he was 20, in 2006. Poor poor guy, if you watch 'Come to Play' with DBSK he explains the relationship a bit. He never told anyone he wrote it about himself but Yunho kind of gave it away in one of the performances when they were singing it.

Anonymous said...

This has now become one of my favorite if not my favorite song of DBSK. As Lola said above, it indeed is about Xiah's first love. I think I found 2 great videos of this. Both from the same concert. 1 includes "Come to Play" with DBSK in the beginning and him singing with DBSk later on in a live concert. The 2nd is the same concert with fan cam to show him tearing up and his minor reaction to Yunho changing the lyrics.

Yoochun - faces Xiah and sings "don't cry..."
Yunho - changes "my heart" to "Junsu's heart"

Very touching. Enjoy!

White Lies LIVE by DBSK

Fan Cam of Junsu during the song: (same LIVE)

Anonymous said...

Actually I think Junsu wrote this song thinking of his girlfriend... It's really a sad yet touching song... I hope he'll find a girl that he can be happy with... Junsu Oppa HWAITING!!!

Anonymous said...

Even though it was a brief relationship it must make a lasting impression on him. I think this also helps him become the singer that he is because he always pours his emotions into his songs and lyrics. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

ohmygodsun! my favorite! i was going to cry not see korean lyrics ...
but thank you for the post! as i scroll down i saw what i have been looking for!


Amirul Afiq Mohd Zainuri said...

This song is beautiful beyond words. T_T

I'm new to DBSK. This is the 2nd song that i like after Mirotic. Thanx for sharing the lyrics and translation. =)

jy1314 said...

i just can't hold my tears..junsu oppa,you're such a great man.i love u more than ever.of course i've dream for you to be with me,but if you can find someone who u really love and she loves you so,i hope you will live with's hurt for me to se you sad..i'll pray for your happiness..saranghae

Anonymous said...

i love Junsu oppa!!!!!

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