Beautiful Thing (Xiah Junsu)


It's feel like beautiful thing
Darui geurimja arae seon na
Gwitkka-e maemdoneun baram
Nareul eodiro deryeogalkka
Hayake bameul yuyeonghadeut
Gureumeul geonneun yeonghon
Saebyeogi chaja-ol ttaekkaji
Bami jamdeul ttaekkaji

Time of love o na-ui salme
Heorekttwen nareun eonje-ilkka
I sesang geu eotteon geottto
Areumdapjji anheun geoneopsseo
Salmeun modeungeol aragagi-eneun
Neomu jjalbeun yeohaengingeol

Gyejeoreun tto ogetjjiman
Shiganui gangdo heulleo
Huimihan sesang bicheun
Gi-eongman namge dwego
Harureul nan gamsahamyeo
Jageun gido-ui soneul mo-a
Geojise garyeojin modeun geoseul
Saranghage hasoseo


It's feel like beautiful thing
Below the moon’s shadow
The wind whispers in my ear
Where will it take me
Making the night turn white
A spirit that walks on clouds
Till the dawn comes
Till the night goes to sleep

Time of love, Oh my life
When will be the chosen day
There is nothing in this world
That is not beautiful
For one to know everything in a lifetime
It’s too short of a trip

Though the seasons will come again
Time also passes
Life’s faint light allow
Only the memories remain
I am thankful for each day
So I put my hands together in a small prayer
Everything that is hidden in lies
May I love please


It's feel like
beautiful thing
달의 그림자 아래 선 나
귓가에 맴도는 바람
나를 어디로 데려갈까
하얗게 밤을 유영하듯
구름을 걷는 영혼
새벽이 찾아올 때까지
밤이 잠들 때까지

Time of love 오 나의 삶에
허락된 날은 언제일까
이 세상 그 어떤 것도
아름답지 않은 건없어
삶은 모든걸 알아가기에는
너무 짧은 여행인걸

계절은 또 오겠지만
시간의 강도 흘러
희미한 세상 빛은
기억만 남게 되고
하루를 난 감사하며
작은 기도의 손을 모아
거짓에 가려진 모든 것을
사랑하게 하소서


Anonymous said...

One of the most beautiful and sad I've heard.

Xiah has an endless voice power.

Anonymous said...

I really love the way Junsu sings this song! He delivers it with such power and emotion. He is such an awesome singer. <3

Anonymous said...

i totally agree with them..
this song shows Xiah's ability in his vocal..and now it becomes one of my favourite song.

Anonymous said...

beautiful lyrics.
Junsu's voice is amazing in this song. He conveys the emotions so well... the way he sings it makes me want to cry, especially at the end...

Naru-chan said...

I've heard this song before... (the melody) from time to time it ressembles another song... i just can remember which one was it... (At first i though "Kiss from a Rose" but then i heard it and it's cloes, but it isn't the song i'm looking for. Would you happen to know wich one is it?)


love junsu's voice *¬*

Anonymous said...

theres a rain ver song for this...its really nice too

xiah~~~!! love his voice so much

Anonymous said...

Junsu has such a wonderful voice and such a cute personality. I love how deep he can be also. Xiah is awesome.

LiquifiedBeancurd said...

Xiah's voice is versatile and powerful. He delievered this piece with such emotion, soul and understanding. Together with his humility and caring personality, Xiah Junsu is unstoppable. And that's why I love him so. We all do. ^^

"예수 사랑 Junsu-oppa."

Kathryn said...

Its been said that you only fall in love once. I don't believe it because every time I hear him sing, I fall in love all over again.
Junsu's voice is absolutely phenomenal. If he were ever to go solo (not that I am encouraging DBSK to split up anytime soon) I believe he would do very well. Especially with songs like this one. An enchanting melody and deep, thoughtful lyrics that express so much and his ability to get so drawn into the song as he sings is extremely captivating to watch and his vocal range captivates the ears. Strive forward Junsu oppa! We're all behind you!

Kathryn said...

They say you only fall in love once, but I don't believe it. Every time I see you I fall in love all over again. Junsu's voice is phenomenal. If he were ever to go solo (not that I am encouraging DBSK to split up anytime soon) I do believe he could make it. His warm, sunny personality, contagious laugh, silly humor and breath taking voice filled with the depth demonstrated in this song could make it anywhere in the world if he just strives for it. The world is in your hands, keep singing to us with such sweet words! We'll be behind you always! Oppa Hwaiting!

Anonymous said...

Just 3 words to describe jun su:
i <3 jun su

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