Footsteps (JaeJoong)

[Original by: Emerald Castle]
Performed by: Jaejoong for Rising Sun 1st Asia Tour & X-Man Episode 152


Hae jilmuryeob nal kkeulgogan balgeoreum
Nun ddeoboni ijeun jul aratdeon gose
Ajikdo neo-e daehan miumi
Nama itneun-ji
Ijen jay-ur-opgo shipeo
Shiganeun haegyeor-hae jurira
Nan mideotji keugeotjocha eo-riseogeo-sseulgga
I-jen heulleo-ganeundero
Nal matgillae neowa sangg-wan-eopjanhni

Cheoeumbuteo noran jonjaeneun
Naegen eopseosseo
Niga naegen haetdeushi
Kieoghae naega apa-haetdeon mankeum onjengan neodo
Na anin nugu-ege ireon apeum gyeo-kkeul teni,
Mianhae ireohke bakke
Hal su eopjanhni cheongmal ireol su bakke
Neocheoreom dashi shijakhal su itneun
Keu dari ogil,
Neoreul saranghal su eopgo
Neoreul miwonhaeya haneun nal wihae

Cheoeumboteo neoran jongaeneun
Naegen eopseosseo
Niga naege haetdeushi
Ki-eoghae naega apa-haetdeon mankeum eonjengan neodo
Na anin nugu-ege ,ireon apeum gyeokkeul teni,
Mianhae ireohke bakke
Hal su eopjanhni cheongmal ireol su bakke
Neocheoreom dashi shi-jakhal su itneun
Keu nari ogil,
Neoreul saranghal su eopgo
Neoreul miwonhaeya haneun nal wihae


That day when the sun set,
My footsteps took me,
Opening my eyes to a place i thought i had forgotten
Whether I still have some hatred towards you left
I want to be free now

I believed time would solve everything
Was that in itself a foolish belief?
Now, I want to just go with the flow of things
It doesn't matter to you anymore

From the start a person like you
Never existed to me the way I didn't to you
Remember one day, you'll hurt as much as i did
From someone other than myself
You'll experience the same pain

I'm sorry, this is all I can do
Really, it's the only way I can be
For that day to come,
When i can start over like you
For me, who can't love you
And can't help but hate you


Anonymous said...

...this is a sad song. i like the lyrics though coz it's very deep... and of course, jaejoong sang this song. his rendition of the song was quite good...has a very soothing yet powerful voice...

Anonymous said...


thanks for sharing..

i've been looking for this lyrics..

lord_jedi said...

I love this song so~ much. Jae Joong sings it flawlessly at the Rising Sun Concert. His vocal power is shown when he sings this song. He really did an excellent job singing a rock ballade that he loves so much. :)

BTW, I love his version better than the original singer. JJ's voice is just more nicer and sweeter...

gatubelo said...

YOU ARE THE GREATEST!!! XD I really appreciate you taking the time and effort to upload all of this music =]]]

Anonymous said...

개궁 sang well in this song... it is so nice that i don't feel tired after listening to it so many times...and he looked so 잘샘긴 in the concert... :)

Anonymous said...

Ehhhh...these lyrics are mean!! I thought it was a nice love song, a guy apologising (i only understand 'mianhae' in Korean xD) but he's saying that he hates her!!! :O

Oh welll, JJ is an awesome singer so i guess its okay.

Anonymous said...

After so many years, I just can't get tired of this song...

Somehow, I always believed that JJ suited this song very well. Eventhough JJ's personality is quite the opposite from cold and blunt like the song itself. :$

Thanks for the lyrics and translations~! <3

Anonymous said...

ya and i can feel it coz i really feeling that towards my ex...this song makes me cry

Anonymous said...

this is just awesome...
i love the lyrics, so deep and full of meaning...

jannie lee farnazo said...

very touching song... specially jj sang it like his been hurt a lot......

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