Foxrain / Like Weather (믹키개인기) 여우비

Composed by: Micky Yoochun
Performed by: Micky Yoochun for Rising Sun 1st Asia Tour
Included in: Rising Sun 1st Live Concert CD, group version


Yeo Wuh Bi

Jogeum pureujianheun
Neomu heurijido annneun geumoksori
Naerineun geuapeume
Pihal usanjocha junbi motago

Babo gatdago ajigeun cheomira
Babogatdago haedo
Geo isang heurul su eomneun nae nune goin
Nunmuldeulman garigo

Naesarangui misoreul
Algehaejun geushigan sogeseo
Eojjeom geureoke mallagagetji
Eoje geu bitmulcheoreom

Mal hanmadi deonjin geu sunganmada
Deoisang heureulsueomneun naenune goin
Nunmuldeulman gamchugo

Naesarangui misoreul
Algehaejun geusigan sogeseo
Eojjeomgeureoke mallagagetji
Eoje geu bitmulcheoreom

Ireoke jiujimotae
Gaseumman deouk jeoryeoojiman
Eojjeom geureoke gidarigetji
Ajik nan heurinikka

Ajik nan heurinikka..

Malgeun haneure
Hanbangul hanbangul
Nan ulgisijakhamnida...


Foxrain / Like Weather

Inside the narrow shadow
Is a voice that does not flow
I couldnt even prepare an umbrella
To avoid the pain like a falling rain

Like a fool,
Since its the first time yet
You may call me a fool
I just hide the tears that cease to flow
Welled up in my eyes

From the time I was able to know my lover's smile
How can it just dry up like yesterday's rain

It was agonising everytime the words were thrown
I just kept the tears that cease to flow
Welled up in my eyes

From the time I was able to know my lover's smile
How can it just dry up like yesterday's rain

I can't just forget it like this
My heart just becomes more numb
How can I just wait..I'm still falling apart
I'm still falling apart

The sky is clear,
Droplet by droplet,
I start to cry..


DBSKer said...

*tears* T__T

I love your composition Yoochunnie.. Especially now..

Give me strength! T__T

fions said...

the sky is clear, droplet by droplet, i start to cry..

this is the last sentence xiah said :) in the song..

DBSKer said...

Thanks dear! I've edited it..

fions said...

Sorry for leaving so much comment, didnt notice that the comments have to approve :).

Anonymous said...

i love this song..
especially at the beginning..
the lyrics is good too..
thanks 4 share it :)

Anonymous said...

Ra...Chunnie oppa, you're going to kill me with your awesome composing skills. Seriously, when I saw him singing it at the Rising Sun Showcase I about died. I love the lyrics, the meaning, screw that, I love EVERYTHING! Thanks for the lyrics + translation. I've just fallen in love with that man [YooChun oppa] even more...if possible...

Anonymous said...

uhm, do you have Korean lyrics? not romanization? thanks in advance ^^

Ayumi said...

this is EXACTLY why i luv that beautiful man *cries* his songs, never fail 2 make me cry

sin ying said...

hi, can anyone send me this song please? :))

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