Chae Nhum (Xiah Junsu)

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[Original by: Big Mama]


Haengboghae sseo neowaui shigandeul
Amado neoneun himdeuleoss geji
Neoui maeumeul molradeon geon
Aniya nado neuggyeo eojiman

Neol bo naeneun ge neol ddeo nabo naeneun ge
Ajigeun ig sughaji ga anha
Geureohge bagge halsu eobsdeon niga weonmang seureoweo

*Wae mal anhaeni
Anim mohan geoni
Jogeum do nal saenggag haji anhani
Joh ah handamyeon saranghandamyeon
Ireohge ggeut nael geo myeonseo
Wae geureon mal eul haeni

Neol miweo haeyaman haneun geoni
Ani myeon nae taseul haeya man haneungeoni
Shiganeul dolril suman idamyeon
Dashiye jeoneuro dola gagoshipeun maeum bbuniya

Repeat *

Geurae deo isang mudji anheulgge
Nae gyeot eul ddeona goship damyeon
Dol a boji malgo ddeonaga
Nunmul eun heulriji anheulgge
Gwaenhi maeum manyaghae jinigga
Naege seo meol eojin nimoseubi heuri hageboyeo
nunmul i nanabwa

Neol manhi geuri weohal geo gata
Cham ayaman hageji
Ijhyeo jilsu idorog
Dashin sarang gateun geo haji anheulrae
Maji mag sarangeul dol aseon neo ege ju goshipeoseo
Haengbogha gilbarae
Naboda joh eun namja manna gireul


I was happy, the times I spent with you
Perhaps it was difficult for you
Its not as if i didnt know how u really felt
I felt it as well

Letting you go, Letting you leave me
I can't get used to it yet
I can't help but resent you for having no other choice

[Why didnt you say anything
Or was it that you couldnt
Did u even think of me at all
If you liked me, if you loved me
If you were going to end it this way
Why did you say those words?

Do i have to hate you
Or do i have to blame myself
If i can turn back the time
I only have thoughts of returning to the past]

repeat [..]

I wont ask again
If you want to leave me
Dont look back as you leave
I wont shed any tears
It will only weaken my heart
Your shape is getting blurry as you walk away from me
I must be crying

I know will miss you greatly
I guess i have to suffer through it
So that i can forget you
I dont ever want to love again
I want to give my last love to you who turned away from me
I wish you happiness
I hope you meet a better man than me


Anonymous said...

XiahJunSu I Love U're Voice...

lord_jedi said...

DBSKer, do you know the original singer who sing this song? When I saw Jun Su's live performance at the Rising Sun Showcase, I kinda know this song, but couldn't tell who is the original singer. Can you tell me?

DBSKer said...

Hey there lord_jedi. Thanks for all your comments. 7 in a day! I really appreciate them. Anyway, Chae Nhum is originally by Big Mama. I do like Junsu's version better. Maybe cos its Junsu and I'm biased. Hehe..

lord_jedi said...

Thanks DBSKer. ^_^ No one can deny that Jun Su has a beautiful voice. Plus, he sounds really great during live performances. The members can always depend on him. You like Jun Su the best right?

Anonymous said...

Hi there..thank u sooo muuuch before..
but could you please reupload the song?..bcoz I can't download it..T_T
Please DBSKer...
thanks..u r so great!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks so much
i LOVE this song but umm
can you reupload the link
again because i cant
seem to download it =(
thanks much your site
is GREAT <3

Anonymous said...

i super love his voice!!!
Junchan saranghe!!

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